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How do you know you've had enough Fluther for a day?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37399points) August 22nd, 2011
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Do you have a limit set on your time on the site? or the number of questions you peruse and perhaps answer?

Maybe it’s the irritation factor: you quit when you get too angry at something on the site.

I leave Fluther on all day 99% of the time. It’s free entertainment.

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I come on and go off, coming back periodically throughout the day and evening.

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When I have no more activity for me and there are no more questions I care to answer.

Kind of like the feeling of licking your ice cream bowl clean. There’s just nothing left to enjoy.

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It gets kinda boring for me around 11 p.m. (EST) so I start browsing the news and e-mail than off to bed I go.

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When I start typing random and contiguous characters with my forehead. ;-)

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I browse and post on and off throughout the day. I don’t really have any real set fluthering “session” that has any sort of limit.

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What is this “had enough Fluther” you speak of? :p

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I tend to knock off around 11 in the morning, and then pick up at 11:10, and I’m good for the rest of the afternoon until dinner. I usually quit at dinner. Then between 9 and midnight I might get in a few extra answers. So yeah. I pretty much just take it easy. I’m not obsessive like that @wundayatta guy.

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@augustlan : Please, pardon my egregious wording, mistress.

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You are quite forgiven. Now kiss my ring. :p

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When I fall asleep. And that is in no way depressing.

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When I check the clock and realize I have to get up for work in five hours.

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My eyes glaze over and I find I have nothing to say. That’s it for then. Probably tomorrow I’ll be back.

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When I am given the service temporarily unavailable message.

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Usually by mid morning I have perused all the new contributions and return pm’s. After that I will spot check and as @desiree333 commented time for bed will be when I finally log off. Fun stuff!

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When I get bored. The only thing I seek here is some scrap of light-information that I feel curious about. I never get bored of competition that’s why competing for scores in other sites will never cease to amuse me.

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when I don’t feel like logging in.

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When the “company” is, well…..thick as pig shit!

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I call it a day when there are no more recent questions that I feel like answering. That’s when I leave for 12 hours or so and come back to a load of fresh questions.

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It’s not so much as having enough of it, rather than being in the mood, or not. I come here every day outta habit, but the heart isn’t always there. I should probably do something else at that point. Like, read George Carlin or kill zombies.
Otherwise, it’s mostly time that’s against me. Gotta go to bed some time.

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Sometimes I see great questions, but for some reason I’m not in the zone. I have to get off at that time, because I know I will have to labor over my answers rather than answering in the stream of consciousness manner that @wundayatta spoke of so eloquently earlier today on his question about editing your posts and other writings. I can’t be useful, helpful or amusing to myself or anyone else if I have to labor over every word. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I kind of feel like something has gone wrong with my brain, but it’s probably just hormones or low blood sugar rearing it’s ugly head.

P.S. Just reminding everyone to go all cartoony with your avatars for 24 hours to celebrate the Parallel Cartoon World question that was asked earlier today.

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@Symbeline I do the same thing, come every day out of habit even if the heart isn’t in it.

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When I click Great Question 5 times in a row without being able to think of anything to add to the discussion, it’s a no-zone day.

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