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How did you like Room by Emma Donoghue?

Asked by desiree333 (3219points) August 22nd, 2011
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I am currently reading Room by Emma Donoghue and am really enjoying it so far. I’m not done the book yet so please no spoliers, or at least warn me! Here are some questions I’m curious to hear your opinions on:

1. If you were Ma, would you have also taught Jack that Room was all there is and that everything else that was “TV” was not real? I probably would have let him know that the Outside was real from the beginning, but I wouldn’t let him know why they are in Room until he was his current age in the book.

2. Don’t you think that after 11 years (I think) of seeing Old Nick punching in the keypad every night, Ma would have seen the code? I always wonder how she never sees it because the keypad is almost beside the bed, and must be visible when he punches the code in.

3. Did you find yourself wanting to know more about Old Nick? I never did but I sometimes felt like he was sort of…nice. I was surprised that he was capable of going to such lengths to keep them captive. I think Donoghue should have made him more evil and heartless. Although if that was the case maybe the reader wouldn’t understand why they needed Room.

4. What was your favourite part of Room? Mine is Eggsnake and Plant.

I love this book and just want to talk about it!

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I read this for a book club for work and really enjoyed it at first.

(1) It’s hard to say what I would have done in her position – she was just trying to protect her kid and she was very young. It was probably easier that way… kids like to ask questions.

(2) I have no idea… but even so, she didn’t know what the situation was outside and would probably be too scared to try to escape.

(3) I did want to know more about Old Nick… how did you find him to be nice??? I suggest finishing the book before you ask this question.

(4) I think my favorite part of Room was the skylight. I do really love how creative they got with their games & toys.

The book overall was really sad and I was pretty disappointed at the end. I couldn’t put it down and really enjoyed it all together but am surprised it was so widely talked about and acclaimed.

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@SamIAm I’ve always secretly wanted to join a book club. I always thought Ma knew the situation outside, she knew they were in a garden shed in his backyard. She also knew when he would be at work because they only played Scream on weekdays. I can’t justify how I sometimes think Old Nick can be nice. I know he is a terrible, evil person. Its just, he could have been a lot worse. I do hate him at the same time though. My coworker is also reading this and she agrees. I wish the author made Old Nick a little more scary.

I like how Ma used the leaf on the skylight to prove that the Outside is real. I think it was so widely talked about because it is more than just a kidnapping story. There is also the theme of a mother’s love for her child, even though he was a product of rape. It also shows how even though Room was their prison, they also clung to it for comfort. The novel also shows how Jack can be so developmentally advanced yet so behind in things that would be considered “common sense” to the reader. I love the line when Jack says “I’m out of Room. Am I still me?” (I think that’s the line)

I probably should have waited to ask this question until I am finished the book…

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I recently bought this book. I am very much looking forward to reading it.

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