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Why do (seemingly) so many Flutherites leave the site?

Asked by plethora (9579points) August 24th, 2011
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When I answer an older question I so often find names that were very active on the site and I check to see if they are still here and they are gone. These are people who were very active at one time, but have left. Any ideas?

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They probably have lives. Some people do.

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We all can’t Fluther for our entire lives. People move, move on to more important things, don’t have time for it anymore etc. I thought I was going to play online video games “forever”. I would just keep my account in case I wanted to come back, but one day I realized I’m not going to do this anymore and it’s just my time to move on.

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Two words: The Rapture.

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Something about heat and kitchens, I’m guessing.

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Some people get their fill, and feel they’ve seen all the questions before and they move on. Some people have a life changing event (new baby/new job/start college/graduate college/get married) that eats up their formerly free time. Some people have love affairs here that end badly. Some people get in a tiff with another member, and leave over it. Some people don’t like change/growth. Some people are ‘escorted from the premises’ for bad behavior. In short, there are as many reasons as there are departures.

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No idea.

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I’m never gonna leave, and unlike @zen I’m going to keep the same account. I wonder what the award for 100k lurve is.

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They were run out of town with the sting of rubber hoses on their backs, and white hot pokers about their buttocks.

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I’m sure there are many, many reasons—including, but not limited to, the fact that some people are really good at . . . .leaving.

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It’s a free world. That’s part of the attraction of the site.

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Many leave when their contracts are up for renewal and they can’t negotiate more pay.

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Maybe they’re tired of me lecturing them. :)

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Nah, that wouldn’t do it. I like your perspective on life.

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@Adirondackwannabe Yeah, I didn’t think that was the reason for many leaving either, but you never know.

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It is the nature of the Internet; a very fluid and everchanging medium. What’s more amazing is how many people stick around.

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I am reminded of the term “familiarity breeds contempt”.
Some people find conflict with a few people here, and leave rather than ignore it, or deal with it.

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I stopped coming around for a few months and my reason was that I felt like I wasn’t contributing to the collective. Not that I’m a lurve whore or anything, but I noticed I was getting fewer and fewer GA’s. I figured, if no one was finding my input valuable, why was I wasting my time?
I don’t remember why I came back, probably to ask a question, but I’m feeling the lurve again, so its all good.

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Stuff happens & my next pearl of wisdom is…..

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As many idea as there are people. Each person has their own reasons from being kicked off to just wanting to cut down on the Internet.

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They talked about pancakes one too many times and @augustlan sent them off to be eaten by the Fluther gods.

Oh crap, I just said pancake again.

Oh shit, I said it again!

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Sometimes it’s my fault. I’ve been told so. Sorry.

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Life gets in the way of Fluther. ;)

Sometimes, people just get bored and move on.

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@Judi I am glad you are still around; you contribute to me. However, many feel unless you can contribute something that can be felt, smelt, heard, seen, measured, or tested you can’t contribute much to them. ;-)

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Due to the nature of the site you will often meet people with conflicting views to your own and if you’re not careful it is very easy to think that because someone is attacking your answers they are attacking you. It’s happened to me and I bet that everyone here has felt that way at sometime or another. It’s very easy sometimes to just rage quit the whole place instead of just clicking the “Stop Following” box and having a nice cup of tea.

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Attention span.

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Jesus told them to.

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They didn’t all leave. Many changed their names a multitude of times. Some of them we still know some haven’t told us who they once were.

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They don’t love us anymore..

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They need time off, they find it as a potential distraction in the next few upcoming years, etc. and so on. Personally, If I stop fluthering, it’s because I blew my brains out or something of that sort. But that’s just me.

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I do think it’s odd that there seem to be so many deleted profiles, not just profiles of people that never seem to come around anymore.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Some of those are people we’ve banned, but most of them are probably people who ‘self-ban’, so they won’t be tempted. We even have some members who ask to banned (temporarily) so they can focus on something else in their lives for a while. We’re addicting! :)

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Well, it’s 4am and I’m here… so, I can’t argue.

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See? :p

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Ask to be banned? Wowzers!

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@FutureMemory More than one!

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Maybe some have gotten caught up in the Yarn pocalypse.

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Because the only constant in life (on Fluther or elsewhere) is the certainty of change.

Life changes, Fluther changes, and I’ve seen the same absence of once-frequent contributors on many other forum sites. It’s certainly not unique to Fluther.

There are as many varied reasons as there are users but it still basically boils down to the fact that change is inevitable in most of life, Internet included.

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But I always love it when you show up, @Buttonstc .

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Thanks :)

Likewise, love seeing your avatar sitting on your iceberg.

(...especially on a hot summer day…)


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It does keep the tushie cool!

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@janbb Nothing worse or maybe better than a penguin with a hot ass.

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A blushing penguin, perhaps?

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Question! <raises hand> If I ask to be banned, @augustlan, will you come over with your whip?

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Over the last four years that I’ve been on this site, there have been a lot of people that dropped off. Usually I don’t think of them for months, and then when I look and wonder what happened, I see they’re gone. Sometimes they have had some drama, but I usually don’t get the story of what happened (I’m out of the loop!).

jca (36054points)“Great Answer” (3points)
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@WillWorkForChocolate Whips are for fun, rubber hoses are for business, that is why they use rubber hoses.

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@Hypocrisy_Central But hoses are only for noses… and I don’t like that idea…

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Up your nose with a rubber hose.

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