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Almost 11:00, How's the storm treating you so far?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36693points) August 27th, 2011
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Worried about some jellies. You?

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Well here in West Virginia it’s not even raining, but I’m a bit concerned about my dad’s house where we live during the week and every other weekend. We prepared the best we could, but I don’t know if it was good enough.

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Central NH here. Spit some rain hard for awhile, back to all quiet. 11:10 PM on Sat.

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She’s pretty much done with North Carolina, battering my sister in Virginia right now.

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Good luck and Bless you all.

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No storm here.

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I’m in Northern Delaware. I still have power but I’ve got water coming in my back door, into my kitchen. I’m not in the middle of big flood or anything but I have some real drainage issues in my yard. My pumps can usually keep up with it but we’ve had the wettest August on record here, the ground is totally saturated and we’ve had an awful lot of rain today and I’m not sure what’s in store for us yet. I was just about to update myself. I’ve kind of gone all Zen and chilled out about my kitchen and dining room flooding so I wanted to check the local stations to see if they have any news or factoids that will scare the pants off of me and wake me up. I don’t want to worry unnecessarily but I don’t want to over chill. The storm is spawning little localized cells, and few tornados, some of which are causing a fair amount of damage.

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Rain, intense at times. Not much wind yet as of 11:45. What it did is make the news on 24/7 and there’s no Saturday Night Live!

I have some friends (online friends) from another site who are going to a gathering in CT. I think it’s stupid and selfish, because if they get stuck on the road at night, they will endanger themselves and the lives of the emergency personnel that have to save them. Also, emergency personnel will be busy and there may be road closures due to flooding, accidents, trees down. It’s really selfish and stupid to try to go out now.

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Good luck guys. this is looking rough but doable.

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Battened down and waiting, which is exhausting. There is some rain but tomorrow will bring flash flooding, wind gusts up to 70 mph and in all probability, downed trees and power outages. There are huge tracts of wooded areas, many inaccessible.

I am about 45 minutes SW of Albany, NY, but in what is called the hill country, which gets more severe weather than further west in the Hudson river valley.

Friends in Virginia near DC and in the Boston area are reporting torrential rains and winds that are starting to pick up speed.

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Be safe, brave jellies.

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This one made me paranoid, so I spent a lot of time preparing. I filled the bathtub with water, made a ton of ice, bought non-perishable food and extra batteries, and brought in anything from outside that might fly around. The power went out for about an hour and then came back on; the utility said they wouldn’t be fixing anything until the storm passed, so I think it’s just a fluke. There have been some strong gusts of wind and a lot of rain, but otherwise everything is fine.

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@gailcalled Isn’t that the truth! The waiting has been exhausting. It’s been like some kind of water torture today, waiting for the storm to come. It started with a drizzle this morning, then a steady rain, a little breeze then stronger winds, heavier rains, inch by inch, in tiny increments all day long. Irene! Get here already! Let’s get this over with, O.K.? If you’re going to blow my roof off, or drop a tree on my house or destroy my travel trailer come on and do it. The wait is killing me.

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No storm for me, but for those of you threatened by it, keep careful, and I’m crossing my fingers for yall.

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I’m well out of range, but I have friends and family all over the Eastern Seaboard from Florida to Maine and on up into Canada, so I’ve been watching the storm’s progress on Wunderground maps and satellite images, hoping for safe outcomes for all. My son in Pa. is next on my watchlist.

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The rain/water has overwhelmed my pumps. Not so LOL, but, what the hell? My house is now making the strangest noises and they will no doubt get worse.

I live in a house, a cape cod, circa 1956, built on a cement slab, and, I guess, at that time, it was somewhat common to build the ductwork underneath the house. Not a great idea,m but not much one can do about it now. So, I have a sump pump, one of my pumps, in a cement well, dug and built below the footings that keeps the water out of the ducts, except when, rarely, on occasions, like this, it can’t.

When water gets into the ductwork and the heater/a/c is on, well… the ducts, the house makes crazy noises. Sometimes it sounds like a giant elephant farting, sometimes it sounds like I’m living inside a gigantic washing machine and sometimes, like tonight, it sounds kind of like a cross between fireworks or artillery going off in the distance and the living in a big washing machine thing. If the ductwork goes full washing machine on me I will definitely record on my phone and post it. You really have to hear it. It’s crazy.

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But @lillycoyote, sfx aside, are you safe? <worried>

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@lillycoyote Crazy? Sounds fuckin insane. You gonna be alright in there? Also I wanna hear the recordings later!

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@Jeruba and @Symbeline Yes, everything’s fine. I have yet to lose power, though my surge protecter had a little seizure, the rain has actually died down some and the winds are not at all bad. I don’t know if Irene has turned out to be a big tease, and nothing would please me more, or whether she just hasn’t gotten here, in earnest yet.

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Well I’m hoping it’s just a tease. From what I been reading and seeing on the news, this thing here sounds like an asshole. Ya gotta keep safe, or I’m kicking your ass! :D

Just some bit of humor. :)

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@Symbeline LOL. Now I’m a little afraid. If Irene didn’t scare me, you just did. Thanks for giving a shit! It’s heartwarming, really. ;-)

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It’s 5:46 AM right now on Long Island, NY. We haven’t had much more then some not too heavy rain and strong gusts.

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10 AM, tropical storm status, we should be getting the brunt any minute. My town (SW coastal CT) is pretty beat up, flooding getting worse, downed trees causing probs, power out for most. My neighborhood is OK, but I can hear it getting worse out there.

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