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What is going on with the bottom of my MacBook?

Asked by deni (23125points) August 27th, 2011
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I bought a MacBook in March 2010. The bottom on it is different from older ones, it’s not plastic but….god I can’t think of what you would call it. If you have a new MacBook you probably know what I’m talking about but anyhow it’s bubbling….like, it’s coming unattached from the bottom of the computer and….bubbling. Big bubbles. I really don’t know how to explain this….does anyone else have this problem? Can it be fixed? I think my warranty was only for a year…..

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Umm, wtf? Sounds maybe like teflon, anyways, call apple, see what the price is, and see if there is one on ebay for part. It has to be overheating.

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Is this a metal-cased MacBook?

The older white ones were known for severe delamination issues (which Apple will fix for free), but these primarily affected the handrest areas, not the bottom of the computer. And I’d certainly call those MacBooks plastic.

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This is a known problem. They will replace/repair it even if it is out of warranty. Just make sure you back up your data first onto a external drive.

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