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Does the Big Mansion really have the sweetest Berries?

Asked by Blueroses (18248points) August 27th, 2011
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Blackberry moved up. Well, we’ll miss you down here but you are amazing and funny and…. omg… just the best!

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Ring! Ring! Ring! Who’s damn phone is ringing in the mansion! Congratulations, Blackberry!!

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Awww, yeah! A silent admirer, over here. You rock, dude!

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For once the time dif played in my favour and I’m in the top 5 well-wishers. Congratulations!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *


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Right on bro!

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Muy congrats, muchacho!

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Congrats, lol!

bob_ (21165points)“Great Answer” (13points)
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To answer your question, now that Blackberry is in there, YES.

Also, I got something he’s gonna love. :D

If he hasn’t seen it already.

Yeah if anyone gets offended, wtv, I ain’t here to ruin a party.

Congrats Blackberry, you just keep on being awesome, insightful and wise. We don’t talk too much, but I honestly do appreciate and admire your presence here. Cheers, man. :)

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Isn’t it odd how we seem to be in the middle of a mass migration?
Ah well. Best of luck to you, Blackberry! Give my regards to the rest of the gang.

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Great to see you reaching 10K. Wonderful @Blackberry jelly!! Congratulations.

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@Bellatrix Yo, he reached 20k.

bob_ (21165points)“Great Answer” (11points)
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Well, urrm…...... DOUBLE all those congratulations. Sorry @Blackberry… have a whole bunch more congrats! Ty @bob_

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Ummmm….mansions have autos that look like big berries. So while you all are drinking the sweet juice of them berries I will steal a spin around the horse stables out back. Great going… mansion you get s boat!

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Congrats on 20K, to one of the most affable jellies.

I hope Irene decides to bypass your party. ;-)

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Dude, you are one of the most level-headed and likeable people I’ve ever ‘met’ online. So glad you hang out with all of us. Congratulations!

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If Fluther was high school you’d be voted jelly with the cutest smile, Blackberry. You make this place fun to visit. Congrats! =)

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\m/ Blackberry, you rock! \m/


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“In the gravy, you can fiddle with your peas, in the gravy”….......fuck it, I got the words wrong!!
Congrats man! :¬)

ucme (50037points)“Great Answer” (11points)
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Congratulations to an awesome jelly, you are one of the people that I really look forward to seeing around here. Way to go on the 20k!
@jonsblond, right on, that is an awesome smile.

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Congratulations! :))

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Ahh…I’ve fallen for you before I even knew it. You got me burning up inside, honey! Shall I pick one of your Blackberries? Cuz they’re grown beautifully, just like you!

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Awww, I was watching, too! That bitch Irene distracted me… Congrats, Blackberry! You were the first to answer my first question on my first day. You took my Jelly virginity! I will always love you for that. And yes, folks, he was very gentle with me!

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Congrats on the 20 Grand @Blackberry! Fun Stuff!

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Yay @blackberry! Welcome to the mansion. You’re a great contributor here and I enjoy your posts.

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Congrats! You’re one of the best!

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Wow. That was pretty quick. Congrats to you. Good to know our armed forces have level headed folks like you at the controls.

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Félicitations, @Blackberry, and much respect! You are always the eye and never the storm.

What… too soon?

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Mmm..mmm…mmm… m.m


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Congrats Blackberry, I enjoy your posts and you’re a pretty cool guy. :-)

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:D Thank you, everyone. Sounds kinda cheesy, but I found Fluther when I was googling a question, and I was taken aback by all the smart, informative, and non-yahoo-like answers on the website. I’m glad I stayed ^^b

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And…,......OMG…....the best and…......ooohhh…...we all…….. totally love you


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What a great guy!

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Woot woot! yeah! it seems like just yesterday you were a little jelly floating around the pond. Look at you now!

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syz (35649points)“Great Answer” (9points)
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YOWZA! 20K. Enjoy your day!

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No idea this was a party thread, thought it was a serious question about berries….
Well done @Blackberry , good job.

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I know I know I’m unfashionably late. Congratulations BB!

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Nice one ☺

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Late, late, late,
But I’m here to say
You’re GREAT!

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Oh congrats mon frere! I’m quite the fan!

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20Kongratulations! Enjoy your new status and the pride it brings.
You should be able to win every arm wrestling contest you enter,
but don’t brag.

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I’m not going to apologize, because it’s not years later, and it isn’t trivial, in fact it’s Fantastic!

And yes I am biased, because I lurve @Blackberry!

At this party we aren’t gonna raise the debt ceiling, but we are gonna raise the roof!

And No, being a parent isn’t the hardest job in the world. The hardest job in the world is trying to get all of this stuff that I ordered into the mansion, in time for your party. I was dumb enough to use caterers and florists and DJ’s from up and down the Eastern seaboard. My bad. We may have to make due with breaking off a slab of marble from the mansion’s hearth and loading 3 delicately placed Funyuns onto the platter and serving that and calling it nouvelle cuisine!

And it’s totally up to you whether or not you want to have sex with the landlord (that would be Auggie by the way!!!).


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Congrats dude!
May your berries stay firm and juicy and your vine never wither. :-D

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Congo Rats! Terrific job!!!

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I’m thinking I should have some say in the ‘landlord sexcapades’. If I do, I’m in.

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@Kardamom O.o Thanks for the hardwork putting this together :) By the way, I’ve been wondering what a Karda mom is….

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Congrats to you @Blackberry!

A certain Berry is awaiting you poolside

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@SpatzieLover : Oh, good call, I was afraid it was gonna be Chuck.

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@SpatzieLover Thanks for not making it Chuck. :)

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Berry nice! And I’m berry late to the party, but I’m wearing my little black dress. Bountiful congratulations to you, Blackberry—I always loved you more than the iPhone ;-)

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Wow! Impressive! I was wondering when he would make it to the mansion! Congrats, berry!!!

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Congratulations! You’re a Real Asset to Fluther !!

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Sorry I’m so late @Blackberry, but I brought you some melted chocolate to dip your sweet berries in, LOL!!!

Congratulations, sir!

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@WillWorkForChocolate Lol! Ooohhhh, yeeaaahhh. Thank you. :)

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@redfeather Haha! Thanks Redfeather :)

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@Blackberry…..Well…look at you! You made my mansion party a lot of fun, so it’s my turn…now, where’s the main table, clear the canapes, I’ve brought my dancing shoes!

You make me laugh and you always tell it like it is….Congratulations!!!!


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Congrats man. And thank you for your service to your country!

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Dammit, @Blackberry – you go and hold a party while I’m away… took me a while to realize CONGRATULATIONS were in order!

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Late to the party again! Congratulations, @Blackberry! You are a beloved member of the community.

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Sorry I’m late, settling in at school has kept me busy.

Anyway, Blackberry is one of my favorite Jellies because he is hilarious, completely unpretentious, and generally awesome. *tips hat.

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