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What kind of dogs have you owned?

Asked by Berserker (33548points) August 28th, 2011
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Been reading about different types of dogs due to one of @Dutchess_III’s questions.
Mostly Wiki entries, but it’s interesting learning about different breeds. So a very simple question for dog owners, past or present, what kind of dog have you owned, or do you own?

I’m dead scared of dogs, even little ones, so I’ve never owned any. I did babysit someone’s chihuahua (a mixed breed, but I forget with what) before. She had a big head, so whenever she was eating, her back legs would lift in the air lol.
So I never owned any dogs, but years before I was born, my dad owned a malamute named Gandalf. Apparently that dog would dive into swamps and drag back shit he found on the bottom. My dad also used to playfight with him, and he never won lol. The dog was too hardcore. XD
He had to get rid of it when he moved to a bigger part of town, since that dog needed a lot of space. So he gave it to a farmer.
That’s it for me. You?

And if you don’t own a dog or never have but would like to, what kind would you like?

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Mixed breed luvable mutts!! Best kind and always happy to see ya!

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I’ve had 3 boxers, one dog of questionable heritage, and we had a poodle when I was young.
I hated the poodle as it was a one person dog. It loved my mom but wouldn’t have anything to do with the rest of us. The mutt was very sweet and lived 16 years. The boxers were all very sweet, but two of them died too young.

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Scottish Terrier.Nancy was all attitude with sharp teeth.My sister put my panties on her and it pissed me off.My sister is also all attitude with sharp teeth.
Then there was “S” who peed on the Xmas tree.He was a brilliant mixed breed dog.
Mel was a German Shepherd who was one of the sweetest dogs ever.He was an excellent travelling companion.I miss that Bubba. :(
Bebe was also a German Shepherd who was also very sweet and beautiful.
The dog we have now is Gracie.She is a German Shepherd too and has ALOT of energy.Smart and beautiful.
She does my taxes.

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Mutts, German shepherds, and toy poodles.

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As a child, I had a German Shepard, a Doberman (both for about a week; my mom hated them), and a toy Poodle (meanest dog ever). As an adult I have had 2 Cocker Spaniels. Those are wonderful loving companions.

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I’ve lived with a Dachshund, many Brittany Spaniels, a Shipporke, a Bull Dog and a Shelty. A fair amount of time was spent with a sister’s German Shepard. Every one of them has had their own personality that wasn’t necessarily related to the stereotype of their breed.

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«—Willow is a Genuine American Generic Brown Dorg.

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Usually Collies or Shepherd mix. My most beloved one Akita/Chow on her mothers side, and Rottweiler dad. The one I have now came to me from a neighbor, and his is short haired, Queensland Heeler.

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My parents had a mutt that was just beautiful. My first dog was a cocker spaniel and now I own Standard Schnauzers. All lovely dogs.

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My son had a cocker spaniel that I’m sure was inbred. That dog was dumb as a post but he loved her.
Then there was a mutt dog who was left behind at the house we moved into. It was hell trying to move in with her barking and snarling at us. My boy got in good with her and that solved that. Then she sort of evolved into my dog. I took her places to run, she riding in the truck. She died last year at 11 years.
And the 2 dogs we have now, one I paid money for and the other I rescued not long after. Both of them are mutts, well the pup is a hybrid so technically not a mutt( the one in my avatar). I’ll probably be too old to get any other dogs if these two live out their lives to full life expectancy. I hear dogs become depressed if their owner dies. That wouldn’t be right.

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Dalmatian Pete
Matt Rags
Mutt Dusty
Cocker-Spanial Dusty II
Cocker-Spanial Dustyy III
Cocker-Spanial Roudy
Cocker-Spanial Dusty IV
Yellow Lab Megan
Sammoiy Sam
Black Lab Max

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I’ve had schnauzers and a rottweiler/cocker spaniel mix.

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The only dog I’ve ever had as an adult on my own was an Australian shepherd. Died at 17 years old. Smartest and most devoted animal in the world.

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I just got my first dog, ever, in my whole life about 4 months ago; she’s six months old now, a mixed breed. I’ve always had cats before and it’s been quite an education. I really love her and we have a lot of fun together. I like that I can take her in the car and traveling with me. I had the greatest cats a person could ever ask for but it’s kind of a different thing, having dog.



Bordie Collie mix

Shetland Sheepdog

Mixed breed dogs (mutts, strays)

Presently, a big male Akita (Japanese type).

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Bassett Hound : Daisey
adopted from a woman with waaay too many pets and kids

Yorkie : Pantoof
homeless older dog we found in the street on a dark and rainy night

Havanese/Maltese : Bailey
we bought from a friend of a friend who had puppies

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Dachshund mix
Terrier mix
Border collie mix
German Shepherd/Queensland X
Walker/Plott hound cross

I have been dog-less by choice for the last 14–15 years, but I love my geese! ;-D

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Owned and Bred Dalmatians

Owned Bernese Mountain Dog and Border Collie mix

Own possible purebred Queensland Heeler

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My first dog my parents bought it was a shihtzu. The dog was afraid to be left alone alot, she turned into an escape artist. We could lock her in any part of the house when we got home she would be out.

Then I had a staffordshire terrier when I first moved out on my own. It was sad for me really it was when the pitbull ban started in my town, I had no idea this girl pawned off on me a dog that everyone would hate. I was quite young and ignorant and was trying to do what I thought was best. Ended up my landlords told me they could not allow me to have the dog in the apartment with me. I was told dog out or me those words. I was torn but I had no extra money to afford to move so I had to give Montana AKA Monty away.
Now I have my 2 dogs that I’ve had for 6 & 7 yrs.
A choc lab and lab shepherd. They are getting everything I wanted to give and didn’t give to Monty, wherever he is I hope he’s proud.

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None. Just cats. :)

If I wanted a dog, it would probably be some kind of a lab. My neighbors have a white lab and it’s an excellent dog.

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When I was a youngster, we had a mutt. My parents and sister picked her out while my brother and I were at camp. Despite our having no say, she turned out to be a very friendly and well-mannered dog. She would go on long bike rides with us, and she would try to herd the cows. Lots of fun

She died when I was at college. My parents buried her in a hole in the woods I had dug one year, when trying to build an underground fort. I haven’t had another dog since. Nor any other pet, for that matter.

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Had several standard dachshunds since childhood. Then we had a mixed breed pointer. We called her a garbage hound because she ate garbage like a connoisseur and pointed cockroaches. My daughter who lives with us has a cross between a mini dachshund and a yorkshire terrier. That makes her a Dorkie! XD Very sweet dog, but hard to train.

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I did have a Dudley once and I am looking for another one


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Sorry, you’ll have to indulge this doting, first time dog mom in posting a few pics …

These are two of the pics my friend kept posting on Facebook that made me decide I was going get Lizzie even if I had to drive out to Indiana from the East Coast to pick her up:

Puppy Lizzie 1

Puppy Lizzie 2

This one is Lizzie at 5 months, chilling out on her favorite patch of dirt behind the house. She’s on a tie because I hadn’t gotten my yard fence in yet. Never had to do that for the cats.

… and, not so as not to slight my dear boys, who I adored and who were best friends:

Bugsy who lived to 18yrs

and Casper who lived to 21 years.

R.I.P my little guys. You were the best cats a person could ever, ever ask for or want. I miss you both very much.

All the photos were already on photobucket so what the heck? They are and/or were terrific animals.


Japanese Akita puppies are the cutest. I wished I owned more than one.

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I do want a Jindo dog though… Shoulda added it onto my last post.


@King_Pariah I would like one too. They’re almost like Akitas. Cute puppies too.

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I personally have owned mutts, English Cocker Spaniels, Cairn Terrier, Scottish Terrier, Min Poo, Min Daschund, Bouviers, Akitas, Dobermans. I think that is it. But in my career as kennel owner, trainer, handler, etc. I have handled just about every breed of dog there is. My favorites are the ones who think which would be the Bouvs and Akitas. I would have said there are no breeds smarter than those 2 but now I have a dingo and I would have to add her to the list. None of the 3 are particularly easy to train, they are too smart, but they do have a thought process and when you look into their eyes, there is definitely someone home, they never just smile and say duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Living with them is a shared adventure and worth every aggravation and annoyance they cause with their smartness!

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German Shepherd.

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I own a Beagle! :) Only problem with Beagles is they always have their nose to the ground! :P

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“Bugsy who lived to 18yrs

and Casper who lived to 21 years.

R.I.P my little guys. You were the best cats a person could ever, ever ask for or want. I miss you both very much.”

Wow, your little guys had some long lifespans. You must have taken excellent care of them. :-)

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I once owned a whole tin of hot ones

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That’s a harsh way to describe ex girlfriends, anyway yeah…....

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3 Pointers, 2 Belgium Shepherds, 2 Afghani Hounds. Might have a Dutch shepherd on the way.

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2 times as the owner of Japanese Chin, 1 times as the owner of Pomeranian, Miniature Daschund, Belgian Tervuren, and currently a Pomeranian again (Most were family dogs that I had in my childhood).

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I’ve always been around dogs. We had beagles, mutts, strays people dropped off at the farm, a St Bernard, and when I moved to my house a couple of Golden Retreivers adopted us. They’d been dump by a guy that couldn’t make any money breeding them.

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We had two chihuahua cross dogs that were brother and sister. The brother was the runt, and he was definitely stupid compared to his sister. She spent her life controlling him, and then would arrange <I swear it!> for him to get the blame. I have lost count of the times he got punished for stuff she started, encouraged him to do as well, and then disappeared before she could get caught too.

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Noel- cockapoo
Amber- golden retriever
Jet- flat coated retriever
Jeri- golden retriever
Drake- flat coated retriever
Cody- mutt
Rio- Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever
Rufus- golden retriever

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All dogs I have ever owned have been mutts.

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Had a Japanese spitz named Pags for 11 years till he died. Smart and cute. I’m agnostic and wishfully thinking, yeah, I would love love to see him again if there’s really something out there after death. Have to say proper goodbyes, you see.

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Chihuahuas, poodles, GSD’s, St. Bernards, mini-dox, very high percentage wolf hybrid, and currently an overgrown Malamute puppy. All, except the first two who were ‘family dogs’, were rescues.

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I currently have a Jack Russell Terrier and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

In the past my family and I have had Flatcoated Retrievers (my Aunt breeds them so we have had many over the years), Collies, Field Spaniels, a Rhodisian Ridgeback and a few mixed breeds.

Two of the collies, the mixed breeds and my current Staffy were rescues. The rest were from breeders (obviously, all of the Flatty’s were from my Aunt).

I have some amazing memories of all of the dogs that have been in my life.

My favourite breed is the Skye Terrier and I have every intention to own one in the future.

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I’ve always kept Russian Samoyeds or Spitz.
They’re absolute dolls when they are pups and you don’t have to worry about walking them regularly.

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Boston bull terrier, Bunker, who kept running away. We gave him to the lady he ran to.
Irish Setter, Timmy, who was crazy. He kept nipping at us kids. He was given away too(?)
Springer Spaniel, Nicky, for whom we found a new home when we moved.
2 Kerry Blue terriers, Mike and Molly. Molly died of a stroke. I went off to college and don’t remember what happened to Mike. That was the end of my having a dog. Actually, they were all my parents’ dogs. They chose them, named them and brought them home as a surprised. Then I had to feed them, walk them and help care for them. Didn’t seem fair to me. I liked them, but they were never ‘mine.’

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Thanks for the many responses, peeps. Very interesting, and now I have more dog breeds to read up on. :)

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Our family has a year old Shiba Inu named Bama. He’s the first dog I’ve ever owned and is not easy to take care of. I didn’t expect him to be so destructive—he has destroyed every piece of furniture in the living room and dining room as well as some baseboards and windowsills. I’m not sure if I got a dog with anxiety issues or not, or why he’s like that and am afraid to be stuck with shredded furniture for the next 11 years.

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Two words- crate training!

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@linguaphile This is an active, intelligent and independent breed. I’m betting that he’s either bored when you aren’t around, or acting out his spite for your leaving him behind. Shiba’s aren’t exactly a starter breed. Crate training could really be the answer for this little guy, it doesn’t fix his issues, but it saves your furniture. He’s only a year old so it’s also a good helping of ‘bad puppy’ in there as well.

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@linguaphile What’s his background? Where did he spend his first year?

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@linguaphile My shepherd cross is 8 now he was exactly the same as what you mention your dog is. Dogs are hard work! He would run away, shred mail, eat furniture, dig holes in the backyard, eat the drywall, and he pulled apart a handmade archway trellis.

He was crate trained. He has anxiety issues. I can give you the best advice for you and your dog which helped my dog.

First you need to give your dog a daily walk for at least an hour or ½hr twice a day.

The most important thing for this kind of dog after you have connected on the walk is a timely schedule. Everything has to be scheduled at the same time, food, potty breaks.

Last you should buy this great bone your dog can chew on it instead of your stuff and it even cleans their teeth at the same time!
My dogs love it to pass boredom, I highly recommend it :)

If you get these things done your dog should not think about chewing your stuff. Once I accomplished all this stuff my dogs are beatiful and so is my stuff.
Good Luck :)

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@linguaphile As another first time dog owner, as mentioned my Lizzie is 6 months and I’ve had her for 4 months now, I can’t give a lot of advice but I will pass on two things I’ve learned 1) a worn out puppy is a beautiful thing. They are so adorable, like little angels, when they are sleeping and not destroying your furniture 2) trying to train a dog and correct bad behavior is one thing, but trying to get a puppy to stop doing something that is in their nature, something they may even need to do is pointless, frustrating and unkind, I think. Puppies chew and here are some of the reasons why puppies chew

So … I second @Meego on exercise, they need it, it wears them out, they like the attention. I’m lucky to have a no leash dog park near me and I take her there sometimes. It helps with her socialization and the other dogs run her around for me and I get to just sit around and talk to the other dog owners and maybe pick up some tips. I also second her on the chew toy. Maybe not that one, but there will be one your dog likes. It’s good to have a number different ones, I think, as they can get bored with their toys sometimes. Dogs will chew, make sure you provide them with an alternative to your furniture, or in my case, my Crocs and flip flops, rolls of toilet paper, my wireless mouse, my scrubbies and sponges, my cell phone … :-)

and @Meego, you’re dogs are beautiful!”

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Oh wow… didn’t expect to come on and find all this helpful information!! Thank you!! I feel like I derailed the thread… a frielly PM’ed me with a suggestion that I make a Q out of this and probably will… but I appreciate @Meego @lillycoyote @crisw and @bags’ suggestions.

@Adirondackwannabe Bama has been with us since he was 2 months old.

Back to the OP’s question—I’ll post this as my own Q.

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@Leanne1986 – omg, a Sky terrier! You are a glutton for punishment! :-)

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Desiree was a Shih Tzu. I was really little so I don’t remember much about her, but she lost an eye during the 1989 earthquake and died of cancer soon after when I was about 4. She was a sweetie.

I found Columbo on Columbus Day when I was 4. He was a poodle/terrier. He passed away when I was 20.

Lexi was an Australian Shepherd/Lab mix that I had for a few years before giving her to a friend.

I currently have two chihuahua/terriers. Blondee, my mom’s dog was born physically disabled. When she was a puppy she walked on her elbows. Now that she’s grown a bit, she walks more on her forearms. She is the happiest, friendlist little dog. My chihuahua is very sweet as well and is probably one of the most intellectual and emotional dogs I’ve ever had, but she’s a pain in my ass and barks all the time and when I threaten to put her in her crate for barking, she adds in one final bark because, like a bratty teenager, she has to have the last word. It is oddly endearing. And when she’s mad at me for working all day, she dumps out her food and spreads it across the carpet with her paw and I imagine is wildly entertained each time I pick it up. She’s quite sassy.

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@rooeytoo Don’t I know it!

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Thanks @lillycoyote :)

I’m also sorry if I derailed and went off topic by giving that suggestion :/

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Poodle, Black Lab, Poodle/Terrier Mix, Golden Retriever and, now I have a Chiahuhua/Pomeranian mix..

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German Shepherds
Doberman Pincher
Jack Russell

I currently have 2 pom-a-poos & one sheltie pup.

And have had cared for and trained family, friends and tenants dogs in almost every breed.

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