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You're shipwrecked, and only one other survivor makes it. You may choose someone - living or dead - to spend the next X amount of years with on the island. Bonus lurve for why you chose that person.

Asked by zensky (13418points) August 28th, 2011
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I would choose Jesus. He’s my best friend, a great companion, always has words of wisdom & encouragement. Since he’s a miracle worker he could also help me in the food & good clean drinking water department. Plus, he’s my protector so he’d keep me from grave harm. These are the reasons why I chose him.

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I would choose either the love of my life, the one who got away, yes that guy, because he’s smart and tall and athletic and fun and if it were just the two of us, stranded, he would have to choose me over her and he would get over her eventually, over time, what choice would he have? Or my father, his 55 or so year old self, not his 82 year old self though I love that one too but he had gotten kind of fuzzy around the edges towards the end, because he was smart and handy and had an almost genius of a mechanical and problem solving mind and he was funny and interesting and I adored him. The rest of the people I know, well, as much as I love them and they love me, we would probably drive each other nuts in a sole survivors shipwrecked on an island scenario.

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To be 100% honest? Incendiary Dan.
He knows way more than me on how to live off the land, so he’d be able to show me how to not die via hunger/exposure to the elements. He also seems the type you’d be able to talk to for horribly massive amounts of time without getting the least bit bored. So Dan, you feel like taking a boat ride?

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@Prosb He seems like a good person to have around.

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My boyfriend. Because he’s the person I love more than anyone in the world.

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I would choose my girlfriend, but I wouldn’t want to put her in that position…

So, I’d choose Tom Hanks. Only because, he’s done the ‘stuck on a desert island’ thing before. He knows exactly what the score is!

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My husband is very practical and we get on exceedingly well, so I would take him.

If not him that man from the TV…Bear Grylls. He seems to be able to survive any situation!

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My best friend because he always wanted this kind of experience on a lonely island where she would be able to surf and swim.Plus survival is more fun in two,especially if your best friend is from the opposite sex,so who knows?

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The professor. If the man can make a radio out of a coconut, then I’m set. Plus I can make one hell of a coconut cream pie.

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@Bellatrix seeming to be able and actually being able to do stuff is a lot more different. Just know that most shows are done with the ambulance next to him in case anything goes wrong he could ride the chopper to a hospital [but until he gets there to get some medical treatment he has doctors around too].

I’d go with picking any old timer writer. If he has more than 10 books published he has a wild imagination so we can talk about a lot of stuff.

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I wouldn’t wish any friend or family with me. I would like a few celebrities like jedward, and Paris Hilton. You know the one’s that are as thick as two short planks. So that I could tie them all together to build a raft and get out of there.

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Someone who knows how to build a boat and the basics of navigation.

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Well, other than the standard/default option, namely the missus, i’m going to choose Angie Jolie as my hump cushion…......island companion. Why? Err…....coz for! ;¬}

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My girlfriend. Not only is she the one I love most in this world but she also took a wilderness survival class with me last year and helped teach it this year so she can hold her own in the wild.

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If we are talking years, Sex is going to have to be an option.
I’ll go with Marilyn Monroe.
Everyone talks about how there were 2 of her: the public figure everyone lusted for, and the private, insecure one. I would like to get to know that private side.

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My hubby is not only my best friend, but he’s a regular McGyver. I would need him or I would die of exposure or starvation.

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Bear Grylls. He’s sexy… Oh and he can help me survive.

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Well, I’m tempted to say that hottie chief that is a food network commentator for many of the cooking challenges. For one, well… did I mention she’s a hottie? Also, as far as survival partners go a person who can turn darned near anything into haught cuisine is handy to have around.

Alas, the fact of the matter is I would choose my wife. We make a great team!

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@Hibernate I feel the same way about bear grylls. He’s more of a stunt man than a survival expert to me. Id be more trusting in Les Stroud (though after my survival course, watching that show is upsetting and i spot a lot of flaws in what he does too) Cody Lundin seems to know his shit better though.

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@Prosb Thank you!

But I’d go with my partner. I originally asked her out in high school because we could always talk, and that hasn’t changed over eight and a half years later. Plus, she’s pretty handy with survival stuff too, including being better at building fire structures than I am. Not to mention the sex.

@uberbatman I watched an episode of Survivorman in which Les Stroud dug up a cattail in winter and didn’t eat the shoot. Didn’t even try for the root. I was aghast.

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@incendiary_dan Yup I saw the same thing, drove me nuts. What really fuckin killed me was the episode where he is IN THE FUCKING AMAZON and drank water straight from the river. Then two days later he goes ohhh look at that I have an empty can, I should boil the water now >_<

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My two favorite Bear Grills gafs:

1) He’s in Africa and showing how you can squeeze water out of elephant dung, while in teh background you can actually see a pond! Yep, that’s survival for you, why drink from the watering hole when there is a good pile of elephant sh!t to squeeze water out of!

2) He’s on an island and as part of his explorations finds a fishing net. So… later he is (unsuccessfully) trying to catch a shark with a pike made of bamboo. I just can’t help but wonder if that fishing net might have been a better tool for the job…. :)

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Mmmm mmmm. Dung juice. Freshly squeezed.

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I’d have to choose my husband!! Despite my desire to bang Johnny Depp… repeatedly… my hubby has everything I’d want in a shipwreck companion! I’m already comfortable with him, I like having sex with him, he’s a great guy, and he frequently makes me laugh so hard that my sides hurt.

Plus, he has enough handy smarts to figure out a workable blueprint for a boat to get us home.

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If I didn’t have to worry about survival, I’d take Steven Pinker. It would take me X years to learn from him and getting the undivided attention from a one-on-one teacher who studied with Noam Chomsky… a linguist’s dream! I wouldn’t get bored!

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Sarah Palin. I want to die of aggravation as soon as possible.

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Kiefer Sutherland.

Hey rebbel, wanna play some beach volley?
– ”No. And stop talking so loud all the time….

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@mazingerz88 She would drive me stark raving mad. She would turn me into a cannibal (if you catch my drift).

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Carol Wellman. She is a survivalist and a ultra light backpacker.

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My friend Amy. We’re both hopelessly indoorsy, but living together was so fun and she’s just a joy to be around. She’d do an amazing job of staying positive in that situation- we’d just pretend it was a fun tropical beach vacation until we got eaten by bears or something.

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MacGyver. I feel positive that he would get us off the island.

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My husband knows his outdoor stuff. Plus I, you know, love him and all. So, yeah, I’m choosing him.

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@uberbatman He has knowledge about many things but when it comes to the real deal he might forget a lot of his knowledge. The show is good and all because it offers a lot of information [has a practical use] but still it’s a show. When thing get tough the survival instinct takes precedence in most of us. I recommend you to watch 2 movies.
One I forgot the name but I’ll post it later when I’ll remember it.
The second one is Into the Wild

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The first [or second] movie I was talking about is 127 hours

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Ive seen both. The kid in Into the Wild was pretty friggin stupid imo

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@uberbatman There’s a lot of evidence that shows the guy that that movie was based on wasn’t nearly so retarded. But it makes a more interesting story for the book and movie, and in a sense it helps perpetuate some of the “fear of the wild” stories that keep being retold in different forms. In an academic sense, it’s interesting to consider as the continuation of a cultural meme.

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I was in Alaska shortly after the book came out. The natives I talked to thought the show didn’t make him out to be stupid enough.

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@incendiary_dan ahh that makes sense. Still if he killed a fuckin moose there is no reason what so ever that he should have starved.

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@uberbatman According to the locals that found him, he used cedar/pine instead of Birch to smoke his moose, which is what ruined the meat.

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@WestRiverrat I believe he left it in huge chunks as well and tried smoking it like that. cedar pine or birch its not really a good idea to go about it like that. He should have made jerky.

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A well-qualified therapist, please.

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