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What do you know about satanism?

Asked by sophiesword (2294points) August 29th, 2011
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lately I’ve been a bit intrigued by satanists.

Do satanists act normal in public and what are your views about them?

Where does this belief or culture originate from?

Would you keep your distance form one? why or why not?

What do you think of this?

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That the “original” satanists weren’t Satanists. They were deemed that by the catholic church. They believed that “god” and “Satan” were two sides to the same coin and that man should take part in pleasure as much as he did in good will

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@King_Pariah okay wow, I did not know that!!

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Satanists don’t worship the devil. They are typically hedonists who, very much like @King_Pariah said, believe that Satan simply represents the opposite of Christianity. Relishing in this life, taking joy in all of the “good” things life has to offer… rather than abstaining from many that Christianity tends to preach against.
No, I wouldn’t keep my distance simply because someone considers themselves to be a Satanist. It’s just a belief system, and it is no more disturbing to me than any other. I do know Satanists, and they get up and go to work and have kids and are “normal” people in every way imaginable. The religion that speaks to them just so happens to have a scary name.

Of course they “act normal” in public. Most of them probably act normal in private, as well. This glorified, Hollywood version of devil worshipers sacrificing babies is pretty much nonsense. Satanists do not worship the devil, they worship themselves, and this is very clearly stated in the Satanic Bible.

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It’s as silly as any other religion. I suspect it mostly appeals to people who feel like outsiders and has a sort of juvenile appeal the same way that emo kids get suckered into spending lots of their parent’s money on expensive goth crap and bad music to feel like they belong to something.

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@King_Pariah Who were/when are/where are the “original” Satanists?

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There are different kinds of Satanists.

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For more information about what Satanist believe read Anton Lavey – The Satanic Bible

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Another gimmick, like christianity.

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