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Guess what kind, compassionate member just moved into the mansion?

Asked by mangeons (12281points) August 31st, 2011
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It’s Mariah, of course!

Mariah, you’re definitely one of my favorites around here, with your intelligent answers, kindness, and compassion. You’re one of the nicest, most understanding people I’ve seen around on here. You’ve been through a lot, yet you still take the time to help other people on the site as much as you can. There’s no doubt in my mind that you deserve this achievement! Congrats, Mariah! :-)

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Congratulations! I gave you a GA at 9995, I’d like to think I contributed to the giving of this reward…lol. :D

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Congrats @Mariah!!!

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Help yourself to some chocolate and make yourself at home! The pool is around back, there’s plenty of liquor in the bar, and sexy men are EVERYWHERE! Try to avoid the camel though, he bites.

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Congrats. You’re one of my favorite warriors.

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They call the wind Mariah—and you are truly the wind beneath our tentacled wings. I lurve me some Mariah—congratulations!!

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Congratulations @Mariah, who is not Mariah! I love your contributions here, welcome to the mansion!

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Your mind is as beautiful as your heart! I enjoy your sense of beauty and of course, your adoration for Pokemon! Shine baby! Shine like a star!

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Way to go!!!!!

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You are a shining example of how true compassion can only, truly, manifest through ones own trials and suffering. You are a beacon of light here and I admire your courage and compassionate nature immensely!

I say prepare the finest of rooms for Mariahs stay in the mansion!

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coolness factor +10 !

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I admire her intelligence and poise. She’s also remarkably wise. Oh, and really cute.


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Congratucation @Mariah !!

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Yay! Congratulations!

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I’m glad you got all better just in time to party, Windy Girl, I’m so glad to have had this chance to get to know you a bit!

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Congratulations @Mariah. So well deserved. I always enjoy your kind hearted spirit.
10K High fives o/\o o/\o o/\o o/\o o/\o o/\o o/\o!!!!!

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Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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C O N G R A T S K U D O S V I V A M A R I A H Y O U A R E O N E A W E S O M E J E L L Y ! ! !

: ) : ) : ) : ) : )

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Congrats Rachel…..I mean Mariah.

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Congrats on the 10 Grand Mariah!

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Comescratchulation. I’m sorry.

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You are a huge inspiration to me. You are very wise and such a beautiful person! I am very happy to have met you! :)

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Mariah, this is a great achievement. I’m so happy for you! Enjoy the party. Aloha.

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ConGoRats @Mariah!

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Congratulations Mariah

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Well done, Mariah! You are living proof that brains, beauty, strength, wisdom, kindness and a killer sense of humor can all reside within one young soul. Peace… and PARTY ON, DUDE!!!

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Congrats, Broriah.

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You are a remarkable person. Congratulations!

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Congratulations, @Mariah! You have more guts than anyone I know. You have suffered your health ordeal with grace, aplomb, and spirit! You are a great addition to the collective.

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Way to go! Congrats! Well deserved :)

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10Kongratulations It is nice having you around.

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Girlie, just for your sweet self, we’ve rigged up a giant 20 gallon colostomy bag filled with Margaritas! So get out your specimen jar and have a little drinky poo.

We’ve also scoured the countryside to find a few of the hottest (looking) and most talented doctors that specialize in conditions of the bowel and we’ve brought them here to give you a “private and fun filled” examination before you settle in.

We’ve got your room all set up with every conceivable medical device that you might need while you’re here, but we tried to make it look all gorgeous and spectacular kind of like this. See, you can’t even see any of the monitors or alarm systems because we’ve discreetly hidden them into the design work.

We knew your mom would want to come along too, but both of you need your own space and mom needs a little bit of pampering and TLC, so we’ve set her up in an adjoining room, but we gave her room a little bit more traditional style. We’ve also set her up with a gourmet “cooking for patients with bowel disease” class, and a pedicure and a hot rock massage and bunch of other activities that she can choose from.

We’ve also installed a personalized college lecture-style classroom complete with stadium style seating, computer monitors built into the desks, headphones and a full wall sized instruction “tablet” for the teachers, and special areas for hospital-style beds to be able to be moved in an out when needed, and we’ve invited all of your classmates to attend school, here at the mansion. We’ve got fantastic dorm rooms set up for any and all of them that want to come. And we’ve wooed some of the best college professors across the country to come to the mansion to give you and your friends your four year’s worth of schooling and the professors will get credit for taking a sabbatical and then writing about it.

All of us including @incediarydan, @josie, @Jleslie, @yarnlady, @adirondackwannabe, @sarahhh, @crisw, @earthgirl, @marinelife, @hawaiijake, @wundyatta, and @Coloma and many more have gotten together to throw you and your mom and introductory potluck luncheon. I unfortunatley, have absolutely no concept of math or calculus and so I ended up making 10,000 gallons of potato salad instead of 10lbs. My bad.

After we all wait a half an hour after we eat, we will take you to the indoor pool (that is heated above 88 degrees) and you will get a series of swimming lessons from the yummy American Olympic gold medalist Cullen Jones

Then we’ll have a jaunty singalong (with strange lyrics that we never quite understand) and stories by the campfire and you will come to know that the moral of this story is: when you’re a fantastic person like @Mariah, people will flock to you and love you! You are loved, dearie!

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Congratulation Mariah,

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Congratulations. You have passed Go. Oops, wrong game.
Keep up the good work.

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Wheeee, I finally made it!

@mangeons Oh dear, thank you for all those kind words. You’re one of my favorites around here too, so very mature and insightful for your age. Thanks for hosting my party!!
@Keep_on_running Haha, I noticed somebody boosting me up when I got close!! Thanks! :)
@Judi Thank you! :)
@WillWorkForChocolate You’re…you’re offering to share your chocolate with me?? Wow! I feel loved. Thanks!
@Jude Thanks! :)
@Adirondackwannabe “Warrior” eh? I like that word. Thank you very much! :)
@picante “Wind beneath our tentacled wings,” love it, haha! Thanks so much :)
@ANef_is_Enuf Haha, maybe I should change my name to “unMariah.” I love your contributions as well, thank you so much, dear!
@Your_Majesty I find that about one half of the people I meet share my lurve for the pokemans, and the other half think it’s silliness. However, the first group is far more fun! :D Thanks for coming to my party!
@Dr_C Hey, thanks!
@Coloma A hefty compliment coming from a fine jelly such as yourself! Thank you very much, dear :D
@rOs Sweet, I finally hit a coolness factor of 10! XD Thanks!
Well I think @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard is pretty kickass and talented. And cute.
Thank you for coming to my party, @lucillelucillelucille!
@rebbel Merci!
@Vunessuh Thank you muchly, dear!
@josie Hey, thanks!
@erichw1504 Thank you!
@syz Thanks!
@JilltheTooth Ahaha, okay, now I understand @picante‘s message better! XD The feeling is mutual, Jill. Thanks so much to one of my favorite jellies.
@AmWiser How sweet, thanks! {High fives back}
@Lightlyseared Thank you!
@mazingerz88 T H A N K S Y O U T O O !
@ucme You can call me Rachel! I’m kind of starting to feel like a weirdo for using this fake name. Thanks!
@Cruiser Why thank you, sir!
@KateTheGreat I inspire you? What is this crazy talk? So very much appreciated, thank you dear. I’m very glad to have known you, too, I look up to you!
Thanks @Hawaii_Jake! Let’s have a luau!
@SpatzieLover ThAnKyOu!!!
Thanks for coming, @DrBill!
@Blueroses Oh my goodness, what a list! You flatter me! Thanks so much, dear :)
@Blackberry Broriah? Really? XD I lol’d! Thanks Blackbrorry.
@bkcunningham Thank you, you are too!
@marinelife Really now, keep in mind I have no colon….I’d say I have less guts than the average person! XD Thank you so much, very kind.
@FutureMemory Hey, thanks so much!
Thanks @flutherother, you too!
@Kardamom LMFAO the thought of drinking anything out of a colostomy bag is making me gag. Hahahaha. But what a thoughtful party you’ve arranged! Thanks!
@Sunny2 But I wanted to collect $200! Oh well, thanks!

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ROFL, a 20 gallon colostomy bag filled with margaritas. I don’t know whether to gag or make a toast, but that made me laugh out loud.

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Oh yay! You are truly an inspiration, @Mariah. Wait, Rachel? You give me hope for the future, girlie, you really, really do. Congratulations on this well deserved milestone! What a fantastic week you’ve had. :D

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CONGRATULATIONS, MARIAH!!!!!!!!!!! Such a great young woman you are! I admire your spunk, spirit and kindness. Looking forward to sharing the mansion with you and hearing all of your great college stories.

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Congratulations @Mariah!! I am so glad you made it to the mansion. You are a great contributor here and you are an inspriration to all with health issues. You go girl!

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Congrats @Mariah :-)

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Congratulations Mariah. You rock!

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I don’t know who you are, so you obviously can’t be important.


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Congrats Mariah !!!! I admire you for how you have persevered through so much adversity and yet show no bitterness and just keep on forging ahead with your future. I wish you success in achieving your dreams and deluxe accomodations in the Fluther mansion! (do they have a spa? and if so, can you have guests? hint, hint)

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(I agree with all of the above responses.)

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@Mariah I knew, That was why I deliberately said it. And it is true.

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Congratulations Mariah!!!!!

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AIROW represent! Congrats your 10K and I hope you make a speedy recovery from your final surgery.

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F√©licitations, @Mariah! It is wonderful to have you in the mansion. Just don’t leave us when your life gets back to normal whatever it was before you found Fluther.

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Congratulation on the 10^4, 1/10^-4, 100^2, 10*PI()/(10^-3*PI() )...K
Mathematically speaking of course.

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Congrats!! Glad to have you here!!

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Yknow, I did the math, @worriedguy Is right, that formula is the universal code to lurve.

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I’m sure you’ll make the mansion positively glitter! ok, that was bad

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Well it’s time to Paint Your Wagon, @Mariah. I dedicate “this song”: to you. I hope Rachel likes it too.

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Congratulations, Mariah! I’ve known you since you were 13 and on AIROW and I remember that you were always very intelligent and I remember feeling jealous that I wasn’t as smart as you even though I was older (it’s true, I felt that way haha). You’ve always been one of the smartest and most interesting people I’ve known online and I’m glad you and I are still on the same site. :D

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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 10k mansion! Your rooms are all ready for you. Always good to have another Aiworian around, especially one as insightful as you.

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Congratulations, @Mariah! I love having you around in the tide pool. You’re everything a Jelly should aspire to be, and you deserve every single point of that lurve! xoxo

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Congratulations @Mariah !

You are such a smart, thoughtful and pretty gal!
I admire you so very much!

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@Mariah – Congrats!!!! Enjoy the good life in the mansion! (SO jealous)

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@YARNLADY * * * THANK YOU ! ! ! * * *
@tinyfaery Thanks! :)
@augustlan Thank you so much, dear! I’m not just sucking up when I say you’re one of my favorite fluther friends, promise. This week has been a show-stopper!
@tedibear Aw, thank you to one of the sweetest jellies I know!
@chyna Thank you now and always; you’ve been such a dear friend to me!
@stardust Thanks for coming to my party!
@filmfann Why thank you, sir! (High five)
@shego Thanks a million!
@XOIIO Damn, burn! Well I know who YOU are! At the risk of seeming a creeper, all I mean by that is I’ve seen you around and recognize your name. Bahaha.
@Earthgirl Such kind words, thank you so much, dear!
@PhiNotPi Even @XOIIO?? :o Just kidding. Thanks for coming to my party, my favorite co-math-puzzler!
@Kayak8 Thanks!
@Michael_Huntington Thanks so much, friend. Should we start saying Jyver represent now?? It doesn’t feel quite right.
@SavoirFaire Aw, I definitely won’t leave altogether, but I certainly won’t have the kind of free time on my hands that I’ve had. Thanks for coming to my party!
Thanks a million, @Simone_De_Beauvoir!
@worriedguy Haha, looooove it!
Thank you, @linguaphile, you too!
@bob_ Thanks buddy!
@dappled_leaves Haha, thanks! (glitters)
@zensky Thank you, zen!
@ETpro Thanks to one of the first jellies to welcome me and make me feel at home!
@DominicX You what?! Dang, write it off to low self-esteem, ‘cuz that’s crazy talk! I appreciate the compliment very much, though. To this day I love hearing your insights; it’s been fun sort of growing up together on these sites! :)
Thanks @Nullo! Very glad to have you around too. I know we usually disagree in debates, but I hope you know that your insights often give me pause, and the healthy debate is very much enjoyed. Thanks for coming to my party!
Thank you @Seelix, you’re such a lovely jelly. I love having you around as well.
@wilma Golly, thanks so much! So very kind of you to say that. :)
@Bill_Lumbergh Thanks! Don’t despair, you’ll be here before you know it!

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Don’t mind me down here, just gonna catch all the lurve drifting down from above

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Trickle down Fluthernomics.

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nom nom

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You’re a sweetie @Mariah. A great role model for young girls.


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@Mariah Drat. I left out the link to the song somehow in my answer up here. One more time, from Paint Your wagon, a song dedicated to Mariah.

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Um… @ETpro… been there, done that

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Good for you. Congratulations.

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Now it all adds up.

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@JilltheTooth An honest mistake. I actually searched to see if anyone else had posted it, but I didn;t second guess the keywords. Oh well, no harm in linking to a grat piece of music twice.

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Ohh theres one


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@ETpro : Just jerkin’ your chain a bit, and like you said, fun to hear it twice! I sing along… ;-)

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