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How to view someone's aura?

Asked by tigerlilly2 (1250points) September 2nd, 2011
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I’ve only done a minimal amount of research when it comes to auras. From what I understand, they are a form of energy that with the proper amount of focus and technique, anyone can visualize. I have tried countless times to view an aura on a number of people/objects, but have yet to succeed. What exactly is an aura and how can one manage to view it properly?

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Welcome to pseudo-science. There’s no aura, and you can’t view it.

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That is indeed a possibility, but based upon the electromagnetic field, there is an unknown energy that surrounds living objects and objects that cannot always be viewed with the naked eye.

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<slaps hands over mouth>

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@tigerlilly2 Yeah, radiation.

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If you don’t have an answer to the question that is somehow relevant, why waste time to answer? I obviously believe their are more energies in the universe than radiation and thus will have to disagree.

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@tigerlilly2 Ok, keep staring at people until you see something. Come back when you finally succeed.

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*there are

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Auras can apparently be viewed , but it seems a little far-fetched to me.

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Infra-red photography.
What? You’ve seen The Matrix; we produce a lot of heat.

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I don’t know if you can “see” it per se with your eyes. . . Maybe it’s more of a feeling than imagery.

I have definitely felt at peace with certain people, even if I don’t know them. I have definitely felt love, and I have most definitely felt evil on certain people without knowing them.

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@tigerlilly2 [OP] …based upon the electromagnetic field, there is an unknown energy that surrounds living objects…that cannot always be viewed with the naked eye…What exactly is an aura and how can one manage to view it properly?
@tigerlilly2 [after getting no straight answers] If you don’t have an answer to the question that is somehow relevant, why waste time to answer? I obviously believe their are more energies in the universe than radiation and thus will have to disagree.

To claim the existence of an aura that can detected (not to mention seen) in a reliable & repeatable way, with agreement among multiple observers—and moreover to claim that it’s specifically an electromagnetic phenomenon—is a scientific hypothesis subject to testing and verification. Likewise when you refer to “energy.” This has been done in numerous ways and the results are null: There is no scientific evidence of auras such as you describe. The skeptical literature on this topic is vast. Here’s one place to start: Skeptic’s Dictionary.

Disclaimers: (1) There are tiny low-frequency electromagnetic fields generated by heart, brain, and muscles which are studied for medical diagnosis. They require tight skin contact and powerful amplifiers in order to “see” these signals. (2) In Kirlian photography a high voltage is applied during photography to produce what appears to be an aura surrounding the subject on the developed film. This also works with inanimate object such as keys. (3) Infrared imaging makes people appear to glow against a dark background because we are warm-blooded & usually hotter than the environment.

Look, @tigerlilly2, the “aura” is an enduring part of ancient mythology and art that fascinates lots of people. I think you somehow have to come to grips with the fact that it has no connection to physical reality. You are entitled to believe what you want. Your world view might allow for existence outside physical verification (as with religion—a magical “leap of faith”). There’s nothing wrong with that but it may be hard to enlist support.

Read Why People Believe Weird Things by Michael Shermer. Good luck on your quest for enlightenment.

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Meditate and I mean 30–60 mins of deep super unconscious meditation where you tune into your own energy and work on visualizing this aura energy field and once you tune into your own energy you can then work on seeing others energy. Some see it some are better at feeling it like me.

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A teacher on my faculty said she could see the auras of her students. I noticed that the only color she ever said she saw was black. I never commented because I didn’t want to start an argument. But then, I know people who talk to ghosts and get them to leave a haunted house. And there are people who see a kind of vision (it has another name, which I can’t think of right now). They see things they know aren’t really there, like a small angel or an army cot with a pair of shoes under it. I’ve never had the experience, but the people I’m speaking of are not strange or peculiar in any other way..

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@tigerlilly2 There are people who don’t believe in auras, ghosts or anything extrasentient, and there are people who experience seeing auras or ghosts and… how do they explain it, especially to those who don’t believe they exist? There will always be people on both sides offering evidence to support their perspective.

There are people who will disagree with me, but I don’t think you can learn to view auras—you either see them, or you don’t.

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I’m going to be honest. When people tell me they can see auras with their naked eye, the only aura I tend to sense is one that smells of B.S. If auras were/are an actual phenomenon, I seriously doubt you could see them without any visual aid. To claim you see colors/lights others can not is claiming you have eyes that are superhuman, able to see heat, radiation or minor electromagnetic waves.
When people honestly think they can see what others can not, I would have to say that they probably believe to the point of their brain playing tricks on them. If it were to escalate from there, I would recommend them seeking medical assistance, hallucinations can be deadly.

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@Prosb What if 3 or 4 people see the exact same thing? Or see the exact same thing, at different times, without even discussing it with each other? Are they collectively hallucinating?

The reason I say this is—I lived in a rental house where I saw something, but didn’t say one word (because of people like you, no offense…). About a year later, I had moved out of the house, but friends had moved in. I visited them and their 11 year old daughter told her mom, in front of me, about seeing the exact same thing I had seen. Her mom scoffed at her, and again, I didn’t say a word. A few months later, the same mom was taking care of an elderly man who, out of the blue, described seeing the same thing the 11 year old girl and I saw. He had never talked to the little girl or me about what we saw—and the mom told me about this. After the elderly man told her, she believed her daughter.

A good 6 or 7 years later, the family had a visitor from another state. The old man had long passed away and the daughter wasn’t around much, being a teenager. The visitor, one morning, described seeing exactly what the 3 of us saw. Were we… individually-collectively dangerously hallucinating? I somehow don’t think so.

Ever since, I don’t strongly doubt or believe either way. The only thing I do believe is that…“There are more things in heaven and earth… Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” There are things we do not yet understand, that science has not even gotten close to proving or disproving, areas that have not even been reached regarding our minds, energy fields, our bodies, and how our eyes and capabilities might vary. I personally think it’s arrogant to say, just because one doesn’t experience it, that those that do are nuts when we really don’t know everything that the mind and body are truly capable of.

There are nuts out there who will make stuff up or believe bizarre things without justification, yes, but not all of the people who see stuff fall in that category.

Science is just now getting to where they say… oh yeah, meditation isn’t hokey, look at how the brain waves are working!! 10 years ago, a lot of scientists put the power of meditation in the same category as UFO sightings.

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@linguaphile Multiple people seeing similar or the same things doesn’t help that case. People in deserts can collectively see what isn’t there. And just as a note, schizophrenics have more common things they see or hear. They sometimes often hear the voices of angels, God, Satan and dead family members. Just because many of them hear/see the same or similar things, doesn’t mean they are correct.

You are very vague with your story. If you could expand on “seeing the exact same thing I had seen”, that would be helpful. I don’t know if the three of you saw glowing orbs, people who weren’t actually there or strange sounds that don’t seem to have an existent source. If you aren’t comfortable saying here you can send me a message or say nothing at all if you aren’t comfortable with it.
Also, many more than three people have sighted the exact same things at locations known for greater “spiritual activity”. Many all have stories where they all saw a woman looking out of a window, all describing her wearing the exact same attire, and having the same hair. This doesn’t mean they are right, with no conclusive evidence coming up, and purely witness testimony to go on. But it does make one wonder.

Science doesn’t as often go around trying to disprove things. The absence of evidence is the evidence of absence. If everything not dis-proven had to be true, or at least have merit, you’d have nothing to say against the FSM (Flying Spaghetti Monster), and all that have claimed to be touched personally by his noodly appendage. A child’s imaginary friend would be considered a very real possibility, after all, many children have them.

And, I don’t believe meditation has supernatural merit, but it does have mental benefits. I don’t think most scientists thought it was “hokey”. I’d think setting aside time to sit in silence and focus on something intently is something a scientist or anyone for that matter could benefit from. For those that get a spiritual enlightening out of it, more power to them.

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Simply add an L, then their name becomes apparent.

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They may or may not exist, I do not claim to actually know, that’s why I asked. But I have recieved some very insightful answers from both perspectives and I thank you (:

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