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What is the rate Chicken egg production decline by age?

Asked by tomdorn (17points) September 6th, 2011
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My chickens are in an open field and lay eggs in several multiple nest box structures [12 nesting cubicles per structure]. I can not determine which hen is laying or not. My hens lay eggs in nest box where others have lain/laid/dropped their egg. One box will have 5 eggs and another none. As my hens age, they will probably produce less. I understand that hens normally on average lay an egg every day and a half on average when they are at peak production. [I think the record is seven eggs in a day!] My question is what production ought I expect as my hens age? The answer will help me calculate a hen replacement scheme—although I will keep all my hens until they drop naturally. I want to maintain egg production at about 50 to 60 eggs per day. Thanks!

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Production stops during molting and lowers/ stops for several months in the winter as well, unless you are keeping lights on for a full 12–14 hours.

It also depends on breeds, but most hens will slow down after age 3 or so. You can still get an egg every other day for many more years. Lifespan is around age 10.
For more intense flock management there are plenty of online resources. If you introduce new pullets each year you will stagger your production but also end up with a lot of chickens. lol

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