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What's the scene ouside your window?

Asked by Sunny2 (18842points) September 8th, 2011
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When you look out your window, what do you see? If you could change it, what would you like it to be?

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I’d like to have it as Matrix code, or the domes of Galifrey.

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Large sycamore tree, barns, corn fields, soybean fields, winter wheat field, maple trees, a local state route, lots of yard, some flowers.

If I could change anything I would add a north woods lake, other than that I’m happy.

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When I look outside my window many sights to see.
When I look outside my window so many different people to be
That its strange. So strange.
You’ve got to pick up every stitch.
Oh, no! Must be the season of the witch.

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My view is all about transportation. Furthest away is an airline flight landing pattern. Next is a railroad line with trains going by. Closest in are automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and skateboards’
What I’d wish, is more people going by. There are some, but not many. I like to be able to look out and see what people are wearing to get some idea what the weather is before I get dressed.

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Beautiful grass, trees, and a lake… So wonderful and quiet the only thing I want to add next summer is a patio. Otherwise its just plain perfect!!!

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Hubby just pulled up :-)


A nice suburban street lined with a neat row of linden trees, a couple of kids walking on the opposite side of the street, blue sunny cloudless sky,——that’s about it.

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The building next door. One of its windows is nearly perfectly aligned with my bedroom window, and it seems that I could easily look in there if I wanted. Sometimes I wonder if the people there look at me and then it makes me not want to be near the window. I usually have a big curtain though.
I can also see the street a bit. It’s night. There’s street lamps. I also like looking outside right before I pass out, and breathe in night air. I hate it in the morning when my drapes are open and there’s a buncha nasty ass Sun shining all over my bed.

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I had a friend whose bathroom window looked out on an airway. Across that airway was a window which could look right into her bathroom. She complained about a guy looking in. I asked her why she didn’t shut the shades. “I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction,” she sneered. ???

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Wow…I don’t know what to say to that. Lol. XD

I shut mine mostly, but I do enjoy having outside air in here, and the drapes I got now are really heavy, so it needs to be set aside if I want air to come in.

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A huge grassy common area that I can’t garden in.

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Outside my window, I see a little silhouetto of a man
Scaramouche, Scaramouche
Will you do the Fandango?

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There’s a single street lamp, slightly off-center, across the street, which emanates an orange glow that gently outlines the leaves of the oak tree in the yard of my neighbor. The lamp is the focal point of the scene, and reflects off the car in my driveway. The street is slyly visible in the glow, and the outline of the yard’s and houses are discernible. A few lights are on in windows or by addresses. The creatures of the night make their sounds, chirping in contentment. All is silent, otherwise. Day’s impression has left it breathless.

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@Michael_Huntington I think I remember something about Scaramouche from The Simpsons…but what is it?

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I was referring to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I was trying to derail the thread and make a Bohemian Rhapsody thread. My plan is foiled!

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No scene whatsoever. The huge vine growing on the side of my house blocks my view and I get barely any sunshine. Oh, and there’s a lovely flock of about a million little birds living in the vine that chirp to no end, waking me up at the crack of dawn. They also enjoy flapping in front of my window while staring at me/peering in even after I try to shoo them away. The birds think we are friends, they are mistaken…

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I have a red maple that is partly dead so it is a mix of bare branches and leaves, which I love because of all of the bird I get to see in it.

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One time I was showering at my friends house and there was a small “curtain” inside on the shower wall. It didn’t look like a curtain and I didn’t know there was a window behind it. I proceeded to move the curtain which fell off the window, exposing me showering to some people walking by her house. So embarrassing!!!

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@Michael_Huntington And you’d have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids..

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I have a beautiful view of the wetlands out my back windows and can even look out over them from the shower, It is so nice to see the sun rise from the shower!

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I see my neighbor’s kitchen window about ten feet away, it’s frame lit up by an external light. I wish the light were coming from the inside. She hasn’t inhabited that house in the two or so years since she bought it. She hasn’t rented it or anything. She doesn’t keep the house up, nor the garden, which is full of weeds that grow over into my yard. She doesn’t shovel the snow in the winter. She’s never around to talk about things such as our joint walkway that runs between our houses.

Even if neighbors are a pain, I wish she actually lived there. Maybe she’d turn out to be a nice person.

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@laureth Hopefully you’ll get your own garden soon. =)

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@Michael_Huntington Having just learned and sung Bohemian Rhapsody last January, I was going to say something. But now, having read the ensuing comments, I won’t.

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A nice-but-small back yard – call it fifty feet on a side. A driveway descends into it, kept apart from the dirt and grass by a retaining wall. The view is dominated by the large (and dying) tree that is not a magnolia.
What I want it to be varies from moment to moment. I’d like the view from the Illusive Man’s office in Mass Effect 2, but I could also go for some wooded scenery, or this glorious Tuscan vista, or some majestic Dolomites, or even the sprawling russet rooftops of Lucca. And in the dead of winter, I want this

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I see herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically across the plain.
I wish I could see naked women beckoning me onto a bouncy castle made from marshmallow.

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The window I can currently look out of has a lovely view. Green hills with a few horses and lots of trees. The clouds are currently low and dramatic which gives it a stormy feel. I love it.

@ucme That’s my favourite episode of Fawlty Towers!

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When I’m at work, this is my window.

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This is the scene outside my work window. It’s a green housing development. View from my back window. View from our vacation spot lake side window.

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Thanks for all the pictures. I didn’t expect that.

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Same as last time, only darker.

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@Leanne1986 Nicely spotted, give that girl a mars bar ;¬}

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I have a nice view of the river.

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