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Let's all give our staff a big hand, and show our appreciation!

Asked by XOIIO (18325points) September 9th, 2011
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I thougth that we should all let our staff know how much we appreciate their work, even if we don’t get the chance to tell her. They are the life blood of Fluther, keeping everything running as smoothly as possible. With all of the spam, trolls and site problems they must be under quite a bit of stress, but I just wanted to let you know that we are here for you! Try not to work too hard, we don’t want to lose you guys from you getting to stressed too much! Keep up the amazing work, we wouldn’t be here without you!

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Augustlan…fuck yeah!

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We love you Auggie!

You’re an awesome person! Thanks for all you do.

Let us not forget our mods either. They are awesome as well!

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Well, this is not technically a question…... I guess the best way to show appreciation is to do something so outlandish she will have to mod it, or maybe some well-placed typos will do, her and @K#####W### seem to keep busy with that.

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* * * T * H * A * N * K * * Y *O * U * * * G * O * O * D * * J * O * B * * *

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I can get down with some Auggie lurvin’. Yay Auggie, yay mods! xo

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Who? Lol jk

Thanks Augustlan for all ya do and all ya put up with.

Ditto for the mods

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Whip those spammers… whip them good. Cheers for Augustlan our Champion.

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Heard about all that spammy shit earlier. Ugh. I’d smack a bitch.

Response moderated
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Thank you! The mods have been working their asses off all day, and I know they’ll appreciate this. We lurve you guys. <3

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I love how Augustlan moderated herself. :)

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Did we seriously get spam on this question?

lol nvm

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@XOIIO No, Augustlan wrote something about how she had to delete your question because it had her name in it, but then the wording of the question changed and she moderated her previous statement.

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I lurve @augustlan and all the moderators. Mahalo nui loa!

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Since I responded here, I have been walking around my house humming “we love you Auggie, oh yes we dooo…”

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Awww. You guys are awesome. You deserve a song, too.

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@augustlan w…t….f?

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You’re the apple of my eye. My little cuppy cake.

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Whoop whoop, you guys rock! ;-)

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Yes. Thanks for your time you spend around with us.

We appreciate your efforts ^^

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Thank you mods :-)

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<<Golf clap>>

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Thank you one and all (but especially Auggie!) (and the fiddle bastard guy, he’s my second favorite!)

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Thank you Auggie, and Thanks you Mods! I know this seems like thankless work, but you guys help make this site what it is! You guys rule!

A song for you!

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Yep I agree (((((((HUGS))))))) for a job well done.

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You’ve worked hard the last few days (and always) and as a result I hardly even noticed the spam attacks that people were talking about. Job well done as always. Thanks to the moderation team!

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I have some differences with the mods sometimes, but I appreciate the work they do! Thanks @augustlan and all the mods :-)

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Thanks to Augie and all of the moderators. You do great and very difficult work!

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Here’s to the star mods! ( Let’s raise champagne glasses)

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Love ya momma Auggie.

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Eh, she and the mods know how I feel. :)

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Thanks for all the hard work all day and night!

It is so rare and special to have a web site that cleans it self up so quickly! That’s why we Lurve Fluther and the mods so much!

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Awesome job Auggie and all the awesome mods! :D

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I’m always grateful for @augustlan and all of the mods for keeping this place up to snuff. Askville became a complete pit of hell because there was no moderation amongst a few other things and I have not been back.

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To whoever has been helping clean up my questions, thank you for your patience and help!

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The crowd goes wild!!!! I lurve Augustlan and the entire Mod Squad!

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I couldn’t thank you all enough for all your effort to keep this site as beautiful as possible! I’d love to see if you all can polish this site so that it can shines so brightly and show its beauty in the web!

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Yay, Dog, glad to see you! :)

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Hey there, @DogIsBack! Haven’t seen you around in a while.

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Not only is Dog back, she’s helping us with the spam modding. Glad to have her back!

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Good Dog! Goooooood Dog!!!

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<<Throws Dog a bone>> Good to see you back!

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I’ve been away from Fluther for about 4 days. First my computer froze up so I took it into the shop to get it fixed. Then (being in Southern California) we had a 12 hour power outtage.

So I just got on here this morning and I guess I missed a whole bunch of spammy/weirdo stuff.

Just wanted to give big Kudos to @augustlan and the rest of the mods for being able to deal with it and get it fixed quickly : )

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