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Who's the newest jelly to make their way to the 10k mansion?

Asked by mangeons (12247points) September 13th, 2011
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It’s XOIIO, of course! Congratulations, I often enjoy reading your great answers. Keep on fluthering! :-)

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Congratumalationitarianism @woodcutter !!

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Sweet jesus, everyone is hitting 10 or 20k today. Congratulations, broseidon. You are a cool little dude.

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Congrats. :)

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Congratulations, @XOIIO! You are always an original.

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Congrats, XOIIO!

Gotta love someone who primarily posts on impulse! :-D

BTW, seventh!

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Well done, young man! You are terrific, and deserve this!
Woodcutter is in the hot tub, and his side is just a little warmer, you’ll notice.

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Congratulations! :)

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@XOIIO : Thanks for giving us an excuse to party! Congratulations!

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@XOIIO by the way, that “First!” just kills me!

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Congratulations! The mansion is looking smarter already.

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Congratulations on your arriving at the door of the mansion!

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Welcome to the 10K mansion. o/\o o/\o o/\o o/\o o/\o o/\o o/\o o/\o o/\o 10K high fives!

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Congratulations @XOIIO who’s first to 20, you or @woodcutter?

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Congratulations @XOIIO!!! :D:D

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Dude! Have a richeous day. We thought you would like this for your quarters during your stay at the mansion.

Enjoy and congratulations!

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Told you so!! Welcome !!! Party time!!

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Congratulations inverted triangle with a smaller triangle inside! Hee hee!!

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Lurve comes in threes, lurve comes in threes, when you have lots of good friends, mansions are a breeze…... No wait no more. Kudos to you…wooo hooo , wooo hooo!

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Congrats on the 10 grand….seems like yesterday!! ;)

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Thanks @allofyousuckers xD

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I know lol

@filmfann Eww, and good lol.

@Kardamom It’s perfect, how did you know?

@WestRiverrat Come on, its not about the competition. But he’s GOING THE F*CK DOWN!!!!

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Way to go little bro. About damn time!

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Congrats, youngling! Your room has all the computer crap you could ever want. Enjoy!

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@augustlan Thank you

:3 Hurrrrrr

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Nice job @kiss, hug, penis, hug!!

wait…what, @XOllO doesn’t mean that?!?!

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Congratulations and welcome to the mansion! Very nicely done!

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@cprevite, Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

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You are definitly not putting kisses anywhere near my penis XD

@AshLeigh on the other hand..

lol jk, but maybe we should throw NSFW in the title XD

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Congratulations :)

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O___________O @XOIIO… WHAT!?!?!

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@AshLeigh Hey, at least your female XD

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Top Job congrats !!

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Congratulations! :-)

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@filmfann Break out the bubbly !

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“You are definitly not putting kisses anywhere near my penis XD

@AshLeigh on the other hand..”

‘Gotta love someone who primarily posts on impulse! :-D’

Thanks for the corroboration. ;-)

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WOIIO HOIIO! Congratulations!!

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Congratulations on 10K and getting to the mansion. Bring a broom, The butler quit yesterday and your room needs sweeping.

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Good job, you mad tinkerer, you! Your Tesla coil is in the mail.

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Félicitations to @XOIIO, my fellow spam hunter! Welcome to the mansion!

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Way to go @XOIIO !

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@XOIIO… As far as you know. ;)

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@AshLeigh Prove me wrong xD

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@XOIIO… This is getting inappropriate. :P
It would be weird for both of us if I tried to prove you wrong. O___O

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[NSFW] [NSFW] ;-)

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@AshLeigh True, you being all the down in 3k and such.

We don’t belong together, but we don’t care, we’re in love!

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@XOIIO :P Don’t dis the 3K kids. I was deprived of the site for too long! D: Why did no one tell me!?!?!?!

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@AshLeigh We were going to wait till you were old enough.

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Yaaaayyyy!! @XOIIO congratulations. Your funny and enthusiastic and so pleasant to come accross on this site. Bravo!

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@XOIIO how old is old enough? I came along at… 16. How long did you plan to keep me in the dark? :(

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@AshLeigh hmm legal here in Canada.. Oh, umm, nah your good.

Now where was i? ... Oooohhh yeeeaahhh

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@XOIIOLegal here in Alaska too. :P
Oh, now I’m good? Am I normally not!?!?! D:

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@AshLeigh Oh baby, your nothing but the best.

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@XOIIO NSFW!! I’m not even sure how to respond to that. O___O

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@XOIIO @AshLeigh I almost feel like I’m intruding, getting a bit hot and heavy… Maybe I’ll unfollow the question.

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@Jellie, don’t do it:)
I enjoy your company.

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@AshLeigh Shh, your my favorite

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@XOIIO This is the strangest conversation I’ve ever had on Fluther. O.o

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You’ll arm up to it XD

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I don’t know how this happened. Haha.

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@XOIIO I’m only into threesomes where it’s all girls. Thanks for the offer anyway..

@AshLeigh How you doing…

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@Jellie Give me a few weeks of surgery.

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@Jellie…........... I’m fine. HOW ARE YOU!?! (Awkward)

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@AshLeigh hahaha getting hit on by all sorts today. Must be your lucky day.

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@Jellie… No.. It would be your lucky day if I was hitting on you. Don’t flatter yourself, darlin’. ;)

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@AshLeigh I already got “lucky” in the morning. Teehee.

Think we should arrange a Fluther orgy. A Florgy.

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I got hit by a car last monday while I was biking, my bike didn’t even need a new tire, but i did take out the sideview mirror and the side passenger door was crushed it.

Oh yeah, I’m gonna throw this on in the mansion when I walk out in a bath robe.

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@Jellie I doubt it. ;)

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@AshLeigh Don’t worry, I’ll do a hair swoosh, shoot a gun at you, blow the smoke off my finger and wink before I walk away.

Feel free to faint

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@XOIIO… That was impressive, but I don’t faint. :)

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@AshLeigh Oh really?

Whips off bathrobe

*distant thud *

*smirks * thought so

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@XOIIO…. Oh my gosh. >.<

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@AshLeigh Shh, shh, you need rest after a shock like that.

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@XOIIO…................. Fine. XD

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@AshLeigh We can get to that later, I know your eager XD

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I had a stroke so only one side of my face works properly, thats why I smile like xD

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You totally adorable, cutie! Man! I like you!! I’m so glad you’re in the mansion… let’s rock and roll \m/ \m/!

you had me at “first”

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Hey XOIIOX or is it XIOXIO or XOXIII or… Anyway,. Congrats on the X*M K !

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<unfollows thread where 16 year olds are trying to flirt with each other>

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Congrats. Late to this party as well.

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Your fluther-handle is the perfect combination of hugs, kisses and binary code. Congrats on the 10K!!!

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syz (35649points)“Great Answer” (6points)
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<—Uncomfortable. O___O

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The young lady above looks pretty horrified. lol.

Congratulations on reaching 10k! I enjoy your contributions here. :)

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@ANef_is_Enuf She’s still in shock from the bathrobe and music xD

aww, sezure smile :(

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@ANef_is_Enuf, he lies. I’m just horrified! Haha.

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@XOIIO Yay! Congratulations! I’m a lot late to this party, but I see it is stil in full swing. You are a great contributor here and I’m glad you made it to 10K.

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Sorry to be late! CONGRATULATIONS!

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Congratulations to one of my favorite nerds in the Flutherverse (and nerd is meant as a total compliment to your techy smarts, by the way)

Welcome to the mansion.

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Aww, did I miss out? Damn :(

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Johnnycomelately again… Congrats all the same!!

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Congratulations, fellow Great White Northerner :)

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Have a little hair of the dog that bit you :)


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