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Is it OK to laugh at your jokes every now and then?

Asked by Blackberry (33948points) September 14th, 2011
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This is supposedly one of things people shouldn’t do, but occasionally I can’t help it. The opportunity is right and the thought just comes.

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@Blackberry Hey, if you don’t find them funny why tell them?

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@Blackberry Oh man, you’re thinking about dicks again aren’t you?

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I do it most of the time….especially if I’m sleepy.

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I try not to in front of women.

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My husband laughs at me because I crack myself up all the time…to the point of uncontrollable, snorting belly laughs! Obviously I think it’s great that you take yourself lightly @Blackberry.

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I laugh at my own jokes sometimes, if they strike me as particularly funny.

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My favorite people laugh at their own jokes. Most of the time before they are even done telling it.

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@SpatzieLover Me too! But people think you’re strange if you do that. Or….if I randomly remember some bit a comic did, I’ll start smiling and try to contain my laughter…....that’s not weird, is it?

@mazingerz88 Uh oh, I don’t remember that. Did I make a dick joke I forgot about on Fluther?

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@boxer3 Going for that James Bond thing

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Not weird…Light-hearted!

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought , haha youre a coconut.

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My jokes are funny though! :)

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I laugh at a lot of my jokes. I don’t give a fuck if it’s okay or not though. It could be worse lol. :D

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@Symbeline I start out not caring (hence laughing at the joke initially), but once I get the looks, I go back to being serious, arrghh. Lol.

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Life is too serious. If others are taking you too seriously… Make ‘em laugh! :D

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@Blackberry Aaaw…I find that people’s reactions to crap I have to joke about is the funnest part lol.

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@Blackberry , all of us seem to do the same thing, maybe the ones giving you the looks are the weird ones. After you’re finished laughing at your hilarious joke, look at them like they have three heads and say what!? I’m sorry but that was gold.

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I laugh at my own jokes quite often because if I don’t there is no one else around to laugh at them.

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@Blackberry Well, it does seem that to deliver a joke effectively you can’t laugh before, during and yeah, maybe not even after. Any pro comedian does not do any of that, see? But we’re not pros so I think it’s fine as long as it does not ruin the joke.

Although there is this one joke that I find impossible to tell without guffawing before it ends. It’s the one about the 80 year old couple. In telling this joke, you need a glass of water or milk. See, he finally bamboozled her into giving him a blow job. She reluctantly removed her false teeth and set it on the table. Then, while doing it rather expertly, the guy keep thanking her and praising her performance that finally she stopped blowing and say something to him. Now what did she say?

After your audience asks, What?, you take some milk in your mouth and say, as the milk pours out of your mouth like it’s jizz, “How the hell can I keep sucking when you cant stop yakking?!”

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Sometimes, especially when I’m driving alone, I come up with some pretty funny stuff and sometimes I do LOL. I don’t think I would do that if I was with other people around, I’d feel all self conscious.

One of my best friends is hilarious, she’s always coming up with zingers and really clever, dry, quiet observations that crack me up. She likes that her material amuses me and she’ll often say, “I love me.” which makes me smile even more, ‘cause I love her and her humor.

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It’s OK to laugh at anything that strikes you as funny, regardless of of the source.

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@perspicacious Hell yeah. :)

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I do it all the time…and giggling like a laughing Hyena right now!! ;)

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Why not? Everybody else does (in one way or the other).

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Everytime I tell a joke I usually laugh haha :)

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Why the hell not? I do all the time, I can crack myself up all by myself, it’s called having a good sense of humor!

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@Coloma I would too and then some with a tray of your brownies in my lap! Nom…nom..nom ;)

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@boxer3 are coconuts sexy and do-able?

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Laughing is never a bad thing, well maybe if it’s directed at mourners at a funeral.

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hahaha, @Imadethisupwithnoforethought , I don’t know if I ever used that description of a coconut, but hey you never know..

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Being able to laugh at yourself is hallmark of a healthy personality. :-D

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