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If the world is a stage, is the play a tragedy or a farce?

Asked by King_Pariah (11484points) September 19th, 2011
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And would it be because the play is unrehearsed and everyone is ad-libbing their lines that it is so hard to tell?
Inspired by Calvin and Hobbes.

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It alternates between the two.

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I’m finding it to be a comedy as often as not…

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It’s a dark comedy.

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It’s that very tarantino-esque kind of story where there is no real plot just events in chronologic succession.

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It’s a Mexican telenovela. I don’t understand everything that’s going on but it’s so dramatic it becomes laughable.

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I’d say it is a farce, but I’m not expecting a deus ex machina (or any kind of deus at all). Perhaps it’s a dramma giocoso.

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It’s scripted improv.

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If my dad was still alive, he’d probably say something like, it’s rehearsal. We spend our history fucking each other up in wars and oppression, but this has a purpose. We get meaner and tougher, and this will come in handy when aliens decide to come and invade us. We’ll kill them all.
His own funny little way to mock everything. XD

But I guess I have to have my own answer…it’s a tragedy, but a really stupid one, and George Carlin would give it two thumbs down, and smack me upside the head for this great misuse of the word tragedy. XD

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I’d say it was more of an EPIC SAGA!!! Wow, listen to that echo.

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