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Do you think google + (plus) will hold up against it's well-established competitor, Facebook?

Asked by glenjamin (2505points) September 21st, 2011
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So, I just joined google +, and I like the layout and flow better than facebook, but so many people are used to facebook so I wonder if many of them are going to switch….will this be a passing fad, where a bunch of people will try it out but then stop using it? Will this be a facebook killer like facebook was a myspace killer? Please give your thoughts.

In case you haven’t heard, google+ is a new social networking site from google, recently open to the public (beta).

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If facebook keeps doing stupid shit (like this new stalker feed thing) it won’t even need google+ to die off.

I personally do not like google+. I will not be using it.

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I was a big defender of Google+ when it first was released. However, it turns out that I didn’t really like it in practice. Also, because everyone I knew also figured out they just didn’t like it, it became a ghost town.
Also, Facebook is looking more like Google+ every day, so some of the initial things Google+ had no longer set it apart.
I mention Google+ to many people and they have no idea what I’m talking about. I don’t think it has a chance.

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Haven’t tried google +. Hardly ever use Facebook. Facebook is too complicated to figure out and it’s not worth figuring out because as soon as you do, they change it all around like they are supermarket stocking boys. You can never find anything in the same place twice.

What I need is an anti-social network.

Hmmm. Does that describe fluther?

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Not if Google continues with its policy of forcing the user to use his/her real life name as a screen name.
Not that I care, since I refuse to use either.

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I love Google+ and have a few friends and some close family members on it. I also follow some progressive journalists there. I don’t like FB but many more people are on it. So far I am sticking with both but would like to delete FB at some point; I don’t like the way they are run.

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My family uses facebook. My friends use google+ now. I find I check google+ more often because I’m already using google documents and google email, so it’s just another thing to check. I doubt google+ will kill off facebook. I think both will be around for a while and I’m glad there is competition.

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You have put your finger on the crux of it. Everyone that I have talked to who has used both likes Google Plus better, but everyone I know is still on Facebook.

It’s too soon to tell who will win.

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None of my friends currently use Google+ and I am growing sick of Facebook. I think I’ll stick to Twitter as my primary social network.

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I can’t figure it out.

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I don’t think it will appeal to users that already avoid Facebook, Twitter, etc, or be a Facebook killer, either.

Most of the people I know that use Facebook would be too lazy to log in to check another account, unless they’re internet whores.

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Speaking for the U.S, It’s showing a similar pattern so far. Facebook once seemed very professional, almost like an elite gathering. It looked much cleaner, and it was intimate, since you had to Friend people in order to see much of anything. While MySpace had deteriorated into full-blown mess of teenage hormones and poor layout judgement. At the time, I think there was a higher bar in order to have a Facebook profile. You had to be a student or a grad or something. I remember not being eligible for quite some time. Facebook felt like a ritzy private school while MySpace was the raucous public school. I got onto Google+ pretty early thanks to an invite from a German acquaintance of mine. Like my first impression of Facebook, it felt, as you can predict; “clean, professional, intimate”... But fairly empty. The userbase is of equal importance to the usability. Google+ has the usability part down to perfection, but as for the userbase; only time will tell (and if Facebook keeps making unwise decisions, there’s no reason they won’t go the way of MySpace — who completely dropped the wrench as far as usability went, which is what scared everyone over to Facebook.) And usability alone can’t save it, obviously, as I’ve used many social networks that I felt were inherently “better” than MySpace that never managed to emerge victorious. Internationally, I’m not sure what could happen. Facebook is the first social network that seemed to be accepted globally. In the MySpace era you had to maintain a Friendster, Hi5, Multiply, Mixi, et al. to keep in touch with global friends that just couldn’t dig MySpace. Surprisingly, all of those friends have adopted Facebook, so for the past few years it’s been the only basic social network worth using. As for myself, I will continue using both, until one or the other inevitably dies down.

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Google came with a lot of crap in the last few months. They ruined a lot of things that were working great and they didn’t need to get a fix. It will attract a lot of people just because it’s “google”.

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@Hibernate That’ll only last so long though before people realise not everything with the Google brand is golden.
Coming soon from Apple… iSocial

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I joined merely to see what Google Plus is like. I never use it. From a report on Google Plus, they last had 10 million users. Facebook has over 250 million users. With the way Facebook is going with their constant changes, I’m sure it won’t be long until people get sick of it and migrate over to Google Plus.

I don’t have any personal information about me on any of my social networking profiles, except my name. The less the internet knows about me, the better.

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Google + hasn’t won me over yet but maybe it’s because I’ve not figured out how to use it. Years later with my facebook accounts, I’m still trying to figure out things before they change or add stuff I’m not at all interested in. I’ve got this feeling I’ll be ignoring Google + as I ignored/abandone my friendster, myspace, twitter, stumbleupon, etc.

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No, I don’t think they’ll ever match Facebook. This isn’t what Google is good at, and they have a strong tendency to run over people’s wishes to institute changes to their products, which is exactly what turns folks off about Facebook. Google doesn’t like to give its customers choices, and it doesn’t listen to feedback. Facebook is better at this sort of thing than Google is.

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@Paul I know but people always try to reinvent a lot of things.

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