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Did you vote for Obama or McCain as the lesser of two evils?

Asked by Brian1946 (29573points) September 23rd, 2011
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If so, what were your reservations about them? Otherwise, for whom would you have voted?

If you voted for Obama as the LOTE, are you satisfied with what he’s done so far? If not, why?

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I was initially torn; I had always respected McCain, and came to admire Obama as the primaries progressed. I found I was actually pleased, more so than in any election in my adult life, with the candidates.

I came to like McCain less and less during the election cycle, and felt very good about Obama in the end.

I have not been 100% pleased with Obama since taking office. Most of my criticism is based on his continuation of several of the policies of the previous administration limiting free speech and expanding government police powers.

I do not hold him accountable for the economy he inherited. I do hold him accountable for the prosecution of whistle blowers.

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I voted for Obama.
I didn’t like Obama to begin with (too moderate.) but he was leaps and bounds less frightening than Lizardman and The Airhead Wonder.

And since his election… yeah. Too moderate. Too willing to stand back and let the conservatives dance on the poor and working classes.

All of this is said knowing full well that the President isn’t much of anything but a figurehead and a squawk box in this country. He can’t write a law, only sign or not sign one. So he’s kind of forced into “do little or nothing” at this point. Unfortunately, “little” is insulting and “nothing” is a slap in the face. So, there you go.

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I voted for Obama. I was very enthusiastic for what he could bring to the Presidency.
I am disappointed, but I would vote for him again today.

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I exercised my right to abstain from encouraging either of them.

Don’t vote; it only encourages the bastards.

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I voted for McCain and I’m not completely happy with what Obama has currently achieved in his presidency. If he’s not re-elected, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. I don’t have anything additional to add to my answer at this point in time.

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Didn’t vote for him, he has done just as a crappy job as I thought he would do and still will not vote for him next time.

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My vote for Obama was a vote against McCain. I don’t know whether or not the president will receive my vote again in the 2012 run, but I won’t hold my breath for a better candidate.

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I voted for McCain, primarily out of loyalty. He suffered terribly for his Country and his love for it is obvious.

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I wanted Hillary the extreme L betrayed her.
I was sicken by how dumb Pallin is and would never vote for a Reactionary women like her.
I would vote for Buffet or Schultz head of Starbucks.
The extreme R and L disgust me.
The R Scape Goats Unions for the lousy Economy. The L placates Terrorist. None of them care about America.
When Bill was President everyone had jobs. He did not oppose research. The Budget was balanced.
I can not support anyone who opposes Stem Cell research on the basis of what a small Minority want. They should rule in Iran. They are immoral Fascist. I can not support anyone who will not to do research on Alternative Energy and who prefers to support Exxon, BP and OPEC. Fossil Fuel is not the future and we should be leading the way to finding new Energy sources. This would help our Economy.
I want Tax increases for the wealthiest. It is morally right.

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I voted for MIke Huckabee, partly because he’s a Christian, partly because he ran a series of Chuck Norris jokes in a campaign ad. (I had decided earlier in the year that I was going to vote for whoever made me laugh the most, see.)

I voted against Obama later on reasoning that McCain probably wouldn’t be as liberal, and he knew a thing or two about war – which I felt was something that the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces ought to have some experience with considering that we were (and still are) actively involved in combat. Didn’t much like the guy myself, and I thought his people were delivering all of the wrong messages during his campaign. Yes, he’s a veteran who has suffered for his country. No, don’t talk about how he can’t raise his arms over his head, that just makes him look weak and is only good for eliciting pity.
In the year since I’ve poked around some on the more conservative parts of the web, and learned that McCain is just as undesirable as Obama, though for different reasons. And I’m kinda glad that the economic crisis landed in a known liberal’s lap.

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I voted for Obama, positively and enthusiastically.

I am not greatly disappointed in him, although I do wish he’d been tougher at times, but I am greatly disappointed in the impatience of some and the obstructionism of others. I have sat on project teams that couldn’t deliver a single software product in a year and a half with a team of fifteen cooperating teammates. WTH can it possibly be like to try to lead an obstreperous country through times like these? And why are so many willing to sacrifice the health of the country for the sake of opposing everything on principle rather than on their principles?

I would vote for him again and will vote for him again next year.

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My voting history:

McCain (Hillary Clinton supporter)

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But, all of them in Florida, so might as well piss into the wind.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I think it’s interesting how Democrats seem to always be turning up extra votes. That even happened here in (very blue) St. Louis in the House elections – when it was looking like Carnahan was going to lose, someone ‘found’ a bunch of as-yet-uncounted ballots. He lost anyway, but damn if that wasn’t suspicious.

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@Nullo :: It works both ways.

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I liked Obama until he became the Democratic nominee, and I learned that he voted for FISA and didn’t say one word about protesters and journalists (including ABC journalists) being arrested (and beaten) during the Democratic National Convention. After that, I realized he was same as the old boss.

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@johnpowell It’s always more tempting to cheat when you see other people doing it.

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I was too young to vote but my dad voted for Queen Elizabeth.

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Bonus points for that answer, @King_Pariah, you cheeky thing.

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I will not say for whom I voted, but yes, my vote was distinctly about the lesser of two evils.

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I voted for McCain simply because he wasn’t Obama. I will do so again for whoever is running against Obama. It was obvious to me in 2008, that Obama was going to be a disaster for this country and he hasn’t let me down. I’m not sure the country will survive another term.

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The R is way more guilty of narrowed mindedness than people in the center. I am an Independent Obama has not been effective but Bush is still responsible for the Economic down turn. Both parties are responsible. Politicians don’t care about America. Their concern is their own interest
Voting for a Reactionary who thinks allowing everyone but the wealthiest to be exploited will hurt America. They put us where we are.
America must invest in creating all kinds of new Technology, manufacturing and research. We must have foresight. This requires thinking outside the box. This will improve our Economy.
We certainly don’t need someone like Perry who wishes to use our Tax dollars to educate illegal aliens.
Four years is not enough time to recover from what Bush did to America. He allowed our jobs to leave. He gave our Smart Bomb Technology to China. He did everything he could to enrich his family and friends. At the expense of everyone but the wealthiest. I hope we can recover.
Greedy selfish people have No morals.They can hide behind Religionists BS but I am not fooled. Their hypocrisy is very funny. No God would condone this.
The way Elitist like Ryan see it those born into money are Royalty and everyone else should be their slaves. I know people who were born into money. I went to city collage and they went to an Ivy League schools. LOL they all marry people who achieve wealth on their own. Many depend on their parents, wife or husband because they are actually not successful. They became my family through marriage.
I am amused by their lack of intelligence. I avoid them because laughing in their faces is not polite.
I laugh at all the BS the R Wing and L hand out. Moderation based on documentation is most effective. A lack of moderation and clear thinking is why America is in trouble.

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I was not thrilled with McCain but totally turned off by Obama. I voted for McCain. Although I thought he was too old and had a silly running mate, I wish he had won, as this country has been taken down the wrong path since Obama came into office. I will vote for ANYONE running against Obama in 2012.

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