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How can I turn off advertisements on my blog?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37330points) September 24th, 2011
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I have a small blog on Wordpress. I use it to tell a very select group of friends and family what’s going on with me. Very recently, advertisements have started appearing on my blog when others read it. I don’t see them.

Is there a way for me to stop this?

I remember when I started the blog, they asked me whether I wanted to “monetize” it, and I deliberately chose not to. I don’t want my few friends and family who read the posts to think I’m trying to make money off them.

Now, suddenly, there are ads.

Can I turn them off?

Yes, I’ve searched the site’s back end and been to the help section of Wordpress.

On the back end page, there is a new selection called “store” and one of the new things you can buy is the ability to turn off ads. It costs $30/year. Am I stuck with ads?

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You are stuck with ads. I’m pretty sure the ads “others” reads pertains to your blog in some way. However, the trick with blogging professionally is to buy the costs. Then select your own ads so they can make you some money. Try going to Blogspot. It’s adfree.

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Here is what wordpress says on the subject. So yes… you are stuck with ads if you don’t pay. Alternatively, you could use any of a thousand other blog software that do the same job without ads.

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You already pay for hosting. Why not plunk this blog onto your hosting? Man, I can help you if you want to install your own wordpress installation into something like

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@johnpowell : The nature of the blog is very private, and I don’t want it linked to my other site. However, thank you very much for the offer.


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If you want I can host it. My server is barely used. You would just need to buy a domain name, That is 12 bucks a year. You would have control over everything. And I am drunk all the time and would forget that I even host it in the morning.

And I my server has excellent back-ups. We have been down about one hour in the last year.

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How about change your site to make the blog? Wordpress is known for having a lot of adds that are really annoying.

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