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What if everything had to be recycled?

Asked by ninjacolin (14243points) October 4th, 2011
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So.. no new products. Only recycled, refurbished, repaired products could be made legally.

What would the world be like?
How would it affect the economy, environment, etc?

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We’d have pretty much everything we have now (as long as consumer demand is there at the increased cost), but most things would be much much more expensive.

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That would be dope.

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Ewwww, recycled water just doesn’t sound good to me.

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We recycle human fecal waste here in my area and it costs no more than regular fertilizer.

Alas, like @HungryGuy said, in most cases things would cost more.

We try to but things that either have already been recycled, or can be reused or recycled in some way. If they can’t be, then we make our purchase last as long as it can.

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THere might be more decent jobs and a better environment… But that being said, there would as well, be more crime, because when we set up any condition in life to correct anything, there will be people unwilling to participate and laws need to be created to force moral “choice”

Hence bigger and more filled up prisons for stupid reasons. *Which also creates more jobs essentially too so…

We suck it up cupcake, and learn to swim!

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What would we do with all the people that dig the ore out of the ground? How much will it cost to retrain them or feed and shelter them if they go on unemployment?

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@YARNLADY then you need to think a bit from where does you water come from ^^

Anyway a world where things can be reused would be a better place but let’s not go there and say condoms will b good for a reuse or wipes or similar things.

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@YARNLADY most of the water is recycled now. On a river, the town upstream purifies and uses the water, treats the sewage and returns it to the river. Then the next town down the river does the same.

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I’m for it. Why not?

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how resourceful.

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I love the idea. After working for a company that heavily supported recycling and focusing on purchasing recycled products, it became a part of life. Some of the creations that are being made by individuals and companies are just brilliant. May we all get to the point where we not only recycle but purchase and support recycled or green products.

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The thing is we keep getting better at it. Innovation makes things, like recycling, cheaper and more beneficial the longer we invest time and money into it. The We can recycle plastics discussion on ted from yesterday is awesome.

I bet even announcing the prospect of government bans on non-recycled product development would spurn a lot of creativity and development in recycling methods and systems. We would find ways to make it cheaper and realistic. Industry can teach their workers to use newer systems.

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@Hibernate @WestRiverrat Ha, ha, I knew that, but MY water comes directly from the high Sierras.

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Then it’s fresh !! [sorry :P ]

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