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When chat is empty have you ever dropped a joke and run?

Asked by Dog (25152points) October 6th, 2011
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Today I dropped into chat and found this

It gave me a great laugh.

Have any of you ever done that? Wouldn’t it be a great tradition to leave a bit of humor for the next jelly to stagger in?

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Thanks for posting that, @Dog , and a special round of applause to Spatzielover who just made my day with that…. still grinning

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LOL no I haven’t but I love that @Spatzielover did. It would be a great tradition. Good idea. We might all log into chat more often if we knew there were likely to be little, unexpected gifts such as this.

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You caught me ;P
I ding dong joked the chat room.
I was bored…and chat sounded fun. The room said @snowberry was in it…alas she was not. No one was on the playground to play with :/.

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Haha. That’s awesome. :)

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No but I should do it too ^^

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More often than you think…

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@erichw1504 That’s because you are my adopted son ;)

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@SpatzieLover ~gasp!~ Oh my God… ~tears~ this is the most amazing news of my life!

~friend emails me~ “hey have you seen Scarjo’s leaked naked pics? here’s a link.”

OK, nevermind. this is the most amazing news of my life.

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