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Why do you love Halloween so damn much?

Asked by Jude (32162points) October 7th, 2011
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I love everything about it. “Creepy masks”, candy, decorations, macabre stuff, blood, caramel apples, horrors movies. You get to be ridiculously creative. I get to dress up as a guy. :)

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I think for me it’s the opportunity to be a kid and play pretend. Dressing up, and watching the wee ones eyes light up.

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It’s just an excuse to dress up and party. Other than that, Halloween sucks.

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Doesn’t mean much to me now that the kids are grown. Never got into the adult celebration thing of it much.

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Like you, I love everything about Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday by a landslide. I love dressing up, I love dressing the kids up, I love taking them trick-or-treating, I love the decorations and the gore and the fact that it is perfectly okay to be shocking and disgusting. It’s just fun.

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Why do you assume I do?

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I like to see the kids having fun. We used to have 35 to 40 kids from the childrens center come through our building each Halloween. I’d be the one setting on the floor at the kid’s level. Sadly the center closed this summer.

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This is why.

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Well, everyone, but, loli!

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As a kid I liked it because it was a time to get a lot of candy (duh) and now that I’m older, the candy factor is still there but there’s the added bonus of alcohol and costume parties :)

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I love the cool breeze. I love the smells of people baking and having their fireplaces going. I love decorating spooking and dressing up creepy to give little kids just an edge of scared when they come for candy. I love drinking hot mulled (spiced red) wine and nibbling dark choclate dipped orange rind. I love carving pumpkins into lanterns. What’s too bad is I’m usually working until very late and miss all the fun.

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the costumes, candy corn, horror movies, and paranormal shows being shown all month long early in the morning. My favorite holiday.

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Who doesn’t like dressing up and being silly?

I’m going for sexy mother goose this year. ;-)

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Dressing up is my favorite part! Even if just for the trick or treaters. :P All the dark and gloomy decorations. Gah just thinking of it gets me so excited! :3

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Costumes! Candy! TCF classic horror movie marathons!!!!! Kitschy Halloween decorations i.e. anytime decorations! Cheap ‘Halloween themed’ make-up i.e. all the time make-up!! Halloween episodes of everything (my favourite time of the year to watch tv, even the shows I don’t like that much)!

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@erichw1504 Don’t forget this for the ladies…..

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@Blackberry I think I’d run screaming if I saw that coming at me

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@Blackberry You do have big nuts!

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I almost want to buy that now.

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NSFW: @Blackberry The 3rd Leg and the Snake Charmer are pretty funny, and a little less in your face

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Actually I’m not a fan of Halloween.

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Love it! For the same reasons as you do.

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NSFW: @Blackberry There is always my fav SNL song made into a DIY costume, too

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It’s the only time of the year that I buy Mounds™ bars and hope I don’t get kids showing up at the door. Well, I hope I don’t get kids showing up at the door at any other time, either, unless they’re related to me.

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Halloween is for kids, young ones and old ones. Enjoy it as long as you can. Personally, I have other fish to fry. (Unless I get invited to a costume party.)

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For the first time since I had kids I will be living on a street, instead of out in the countryside. Therefore I’m already stocking up on chocolate ghosts and pumpkins for all the Halloween visitors

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Good question. I have no idea why you or anyone else gives it a second thought. I thought it was one day for kid fun. Turns out it’s a month long holiday.

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Because it’s fun and there is candy and it’s the only time that real people actually look one another in the eye anymore. Even if it’s only for 15 seconds.

I like it because you get to peek into people’s houses and see how they decorated.

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I love Halloween! Love the opportunity to dress up and adopt a completely different persona for the night. I’m going to embrace my gorey side this year.

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I used to really make a lot of money making costumes for people, so it was one of my best seasons. Of course, Mardi Gras was much more lucrative because the costumes were more elaborate (expensive).

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The Charlie Brown Halloween Special was exactly how Halloween was for me and my brother and my friends in our neighborhood growing up. So I’ve spent the rest of my years trying to re-live that feeling. Now that I’m an adult, I want to give my little nephew that same type of wonderful experience. So far, he thinks Halloween is the best holiday of all, even better than Christmas.

I’m not thrilled with the ascent of the slutty adult costumes and having Halloween kind of confiscated by adults and turning it into yet another reason to drink, but the kid stuff, the carnivals and parties and trick or treating and the candy and the costumes and the ability to spend a night feeling “scared” without being in danger is priceless.

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Ok…I understand now. Halloween is a female thing. Never known a man, including me, who gave it a second thought other than trick or treat night.

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It’s not one of my favorite holidays so I don’t love it that much but it is entertaining when it comes to parties, creative costumes, and an overall festive atmosphere.

I used to like it for the candy part too….until I was diagnosed with diabetes. That was a real downer.

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I like the part where I hide in a bush or a tree with a hose waiting for trick or treaters to get their trick.

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I don’t.

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Because I love Baby Ruths and Banana Laffy Taffy!
I love getting the jeebers scared out of me! LOL

’cept when the grab my feets : ( i don’t like that

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It isn’t. We don’t celebrate it here really. If we did, and my kids were little, I think I would love it because they would find it so much fun.

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@plethora On the contrary the men in my family are the most enamored of the holiday. This is because they participate in a Halloween Scare Factory as cast members and on the security detail. They have been for the past 8 to 10 years. They can hardly wait for Halloween.

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@YARNLADY Know of any other men who are so enamored of it? I don’t. Not a single one. Guys tend to roll their eyes at it unless they have young kids. I was just wondering why, and noting by the comments on here that they all are coming from women. Must be something about it that attracts women and not men, for the most part. It’s neither good nor bad. I was just curious.

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Halloween is immoral.
It encourages young impressionable children to conceal their identities, form small squads and perpetrate extortion against unsuspecting citizens with the threat of unspecified negative action, most likely vandalism and psychological terrorism.
Those criminals should be arrested and put in jail.

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Hahaha! Ragingloli u mad bro?

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