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Will you share something wonderful about your day?

Asked by stardust (10552points) October 8th, 2011
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That’s the long and the short of it:)
Why are you happy to be alive today? What beautiful things are happening in the lives of my fellow flutherites?

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I enjoyed the dog agility course I assisted with this morning even if it is starting to get too cold to stand in the middle of a field!

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I enjoyed waking up this morning to a cool breeze and gorgeous leaves falling off of my trees. Autumn is absolutely wonderful! After I get my morning chores done, I’m going to treat myself to a day at the movie theater and the coffee shop.

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It is my weekend to have the kids.

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Waiting…waiting…any moment now…

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My day just started. :P It’s only 8:13 AM. :D
Gross, it’s Saturday, why am I up?
Well, I think today will be a good day. I’m buying a new camera, later. Then buying birthday presents for my sister, and my friend Corey. :) Then going to Corey’s bonfire. Sounds like fun to me! :)

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It’s a beautiful day in the neigh-borhood!
9:27 am on the west coast, woke up to a brisk and sunny morning, right now the light is illuminatiing all my exotic grasses that are tasseling out and casting a lovely light on their dewy pink tassles.

I am sitting at my frint window with coffee and contemplating meeting friends for a car show at our local private airport this afternoon, with live music and other entertainment. It’s going to be an amazing, perfect, 75 degrees today. Yes, it’s all good!

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I went for dinner, and gave most of my food to a stray dog I saw outside. It was an open restaurant so some people sitting around us made ‘eww’ faces.
My dad had to physically stop me from bashing their fucked up heads.
But knowing that the dog is going to have a good night, now that she’s not hungry, gives me such happiness and satisfaction, I can’t get doing anything else!

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My sweetie’s bday is today, mine was yesterday and we feel so lucky to be able to not only have each other but also celebrate so much together. We found each other in what we each have called our 2nd leg of dynamic but often turbulent lives. We’re often amazed we can now enjoy and appreciate so many things together that before seemed like “not the right person, not the right time”.

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Todays award for decent human being belongs to you!

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A guy in a hard hat just showed up and asked whether he had my permission to take down big dead trees and tilted branches, chip them and remove punky logs around the power lines.

Free tree work? Less chance of power outages this winter? Be still, my heart. At least I know where some of my very large expenses for the electric co. are going to.

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@Coloma Thank you. That’s sweet!

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Nothing “Wonderful” usually happens to be.

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@GabrielsLamb: Instead of altering your day, change your vision.

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@gailcalled In order to do that, I would have to have every idiot in my scope of view *Addition afterthought: HYPOTHETICALLY labotomized so that they might be able to think for themselves instead of on what they feel they think has a right to effect my life.

*Not meaning here… Just that’s my personal situation is all. It’s true.

But I don’t see that happening any time soon so. Many against one is the name of the game.

Bullies gotta be bullies. Lot’s of people have slapped me with ther own monikers to accuse me of this or that as a justification for their own bad behavior… and it’s funny how knowing that every single one of those things they judge me for, *With the exception of a racist because that’s just outright bullshit…

Every other thing they put on me, actually serves me to better stave off their garbage so.

They Keep hitting… and I will keep fighting them back.

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And you, having free will, get to decide your manifest destiny, no matter what anyone else’s behavior

Lobotomizing your enemy list is useless since there will be another platoon who steps up to the front line.

Many against one is not the name of the game. Change the game for heaven’s sake.

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Hypothetically of course… That’s mild compared to some of the things I have heard people want to actually DO to me. Ever have a random death threat thrown at you in public while you were shopping with your kids? It’s not plesant the way idiots amuse themselves.

And all of this “Change” that people want… Who in the hell are they? That’s nerve for days, and I don’t lean myself in to anyone else’s event of bullying with of course the best intentions in mind. I don’t have to change. I need to be what I am, left alone.

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I managed to drink a whole bottle of Ensure!

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Had an awesome day at work and now enjoying my evening with our new puppy Tanner that we just picked up last night and my two girls. So enjoyable!!!

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I’m feeling jubilant! I have just completed a walk of the 0.8-mile Redwood Trail here, where the walks among the colossal trees look like this in October and smell heavenly with the spicy fragrance of the bay laurel leaves pressed underfoot.

That may not seem like much—less than a mile on a soft woodland path—but it’s been two full years since I managed this walk. In fact, the last time was when I took those pictures. In December of that year I injured my foot, and I was in a cast for 13 months. When I attempted the walk one year ago, I made it only to the second bench, in great pain and using a cane, and practically had to be carried out. Today I made it on my own two feet!

It hurt a little, but it was worth it.

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@Jeruba; For you, dear heart

(And a treat for me, I might add. I have had to stop all exercising due to flu but only for two weeks. Keep on increasing your distance, bench by bench.)

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Thank you, my dear! That was glorious.

Now I can say there have been two wonderful things about my day.

Keep mending, @gailcalled. We need you back at full strength.

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When I was originally starting my walking program, which I then did outside, I increased it telephone pole by telephone phol. The important thing was not to get irritated or impatient or cross at my progress.

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I just got a free $10 to spend in exchange for buying $75 groceries.

I just got news that my DIL (the good one) got a job * Y * A * Y *, one down, two more to go.

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I got a platinum trophy on Alice the Madness Returns. It’s the trophy you get for obtaining all other trophies, and I worked like mad to get it, so now I’m all happy.


I didn’t get 100% completion though, as that requires the trophies for the original game, who’s trophies just happen to be included with the sequel’s trophies…and fuck that game, it’s nigh unplayable. Still, platinum! w00tz

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Cashing this week’s income via two requested, separate bank checks just to avoid a $3 fee…and, of course, being home alone for a chance. Ahh..the privacy.Yep. Say…what about you, Ms. Stardust. What about your wonderful day? Hmm???

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@Symbeline I love that damn game!

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@Jeruba I used to live in Burlingame as well as San Mateo, The redwoods were my favorite place to visit as a kid!

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@GabrielsLamb Dude you played it?? The first or second lol?

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@GabrielsLamb If you played the original on PC, can you tell me how the hell I’m supposed to kill those blasted banshees? Having a really hard time with those.

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It was a glorious day here, just a bit of chill in the shade, but warm, almost hot in the sun. The best part was watching my 8th grade daughter play soccer against a tough team, she played well this week. Good game that ended in a tie.

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@GabrielsLamb I grew up in Burlingame too, went to Mills High. It’s a lot different from when I lived there.

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I went to see the Arctic Monkeys and the Smith Westerns tonight! Great show, and it was the Monkeys’ first show in the area.
I actually think they might come back, because the show sold out and the crowd was good – pretty much everyone was singing along to every song, lots of enthusiasm and dancing, etc.

Found out that Peter Murphy is coming here soon too, but I’m not sure if I’m going to go because it’s pricey and I’m trying to get to New York soon.

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@mangeons’ 16th birthday was Friday, and I got her a print by our jelly artist friend @pupntaco. She was thrilled! On Saturday, my husband made her favorite dinner, which was just perfect for a fall day. Pork loin roast and gravy, rice, fresh green beans, and caramelized apples. Then I introduced the girls to scary movies by watching Poltergeist together. A great day!

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Yikes. :(
My day sucked.
I did buy my new camera though. That’s wonderful! :)

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I got to spend the whole day with my boyfriend doing “normal” stuff (shopping, walking the dog, having lunch). Sometimes not doing anything in particular is as fun as having major plans when you’re with the right company!

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I’m playing Build a Tuxedo online at Men’s Warehouse for our groomsmen’s suits. Fun stuff!

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My fever has dropped to almost normal and I can stagger about for a while before collapsing. Had my first shower in six days this AM and can go outside with only one eyeball aching.

The flu is finally abating; the day is balmy and clear; I still have tomatoes ripening on the vine; two friends hauled a 30 lb. bag of catfood from store to my garage yesterday and I can eat salad, which no longer feels like chewing on steel wool.

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@gailcalled Glad you’re finally starting to feel better. :)

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I downloaded a new game from the PSN today. It’s called Trine. It’s a game based on physics and puzzle solving, and some fighting. Fighting isn’t really major, at least not where I’m at, which is area 4 out of 15. Prolly gets moar hardcoarz.
It’s medieval based, you switch in between a thief, a wizard and knight. Ya gotta work em together to get ahead based on their abilities, collect shit to get trophies and head onward ho!

Thief has a grappling hook, bow and arrows and hot legs, wizard has a witch hat, can create blocks and move shit with his mind, knight is retarded but strong as twice the Devil, and he has a heart of gold. And if he gets pissed, he says, fuck the sword, I’m throwing shit at peeps.

It’s so really super fun though lol, and really charming. It’s a serious game, but the story and characters aim at humour. Not as much as Bard’s Tail but it got me laughing. :) And laughing was a good thing for me today. Because I’m an alcoholic who wants to die, so laughing is always a better alternative, yea?

Plus the music is so cool, it reminds me that I have an actual beating heart! :D All the music is like this in this game. I wasn’t expecting such a neat soundtrack.

Also lotsa shit to collect in this, I love video games that have me running around looking for crap all over the place. So playing this is what was great for me today. I’m only posting about it here cuz I’m too drunk to concentrate on the game at this actual mo lol. Got five trophies already though!

But come the morn…if a morn there be! The undead must be stopped, we must press on! Sleep is for the weak!

(this game also has a buncha walking skeletons with swords, which is probbaly the only reason I like this, at least on a subconscious level)

Thanks for your time. ’‘bows, trips and smashes front choppers on the paved pavement’’

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