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If there were human species living in the ocean as smart as humans on land are, how would you imagine that world to be?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28863points) October 8th, 2011
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How would their civilization compare with ours?

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I’ll bet they’d have some great theme parks.

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Who knows that there aren’t? There’s ample evidence that whales and dolphins have at least chimpanzee intelligence, which is just a few notches below human intelligence. The biggest hurdle to living in the sea is not having fire. No fire means no technology at all, not even primitive medieval technology. And since sea creatures that exist now have no hands, they cannot manipulate tools anyway.

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I believe there already are… Only we don’t speak their language so we don’t know they are probably smarter than we are.

Octopus and encephlapods are extremely intelligent, brave, sturdy and defensive animals.

Basically, they just want to be left alone, but they will hunt other predators that believe themselves bad assed. *CHOMP!

I love that video… ♥ Sniff… You go Red!

I believe their world to be self actuating, self reliant and without any type of order or policing, or worries or concerns for what is moral or not… It’s all about being lunch, or avoiding being lunch.

Food motivates human society too… but all it does is make everyone fat (to an unhealthy extreme) complacent and sorry.

Idle minds are fast to running toward anything that is debasing and irrational.

I love the ocean, because it is probably one of the most foreign environments apart and away from what the human being deems… “Normal” I would love to be an Octopus!


It would probably be a society with a much healthier and fit population, with all the swimming they do. But I don’t think they would be as advanced, technologically, because it would be harder to maintain electronic stuff under water. I can envision people wearing wetsuits, like the henchmen in James Bond’s “Thunderball”, and not business suits——and instead of having to contend with the “rat race”, they would have to deal with the loan sharks and sea “snakes” who want to cheat them.

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@MRSHINYSHOES – Right. “Technology” means a lot more than just making metal objects and electronics. They’ll never have paper. So they’ll never have books. So they’ll never culture or a record of history. Although it’s common knowledge that whales and dolphins have language and communicate, they’ll never develop a complex formal language like human languages. They’ll never have commerce. They’ll never advance. Period.


@HungryGuy Although I’m sure you’d love to join Miss Little Mermaid in their undersea kingdom! I would. lol ;)

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Mmmmmmmaybe :-p

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Nothing is cooler than that. It makes its own rules and whatever threat you are to it, that is what preditor it becomes to you.

That’s awesome!

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I imagine it to be rather like Atlantis.

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