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What are some different uses for GPS?

Asked by ganti_x89 (375points) October 10th, 2011
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I know they are use for tracking but what are some other uses for it?

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If you want to tear the bottom out of a ship, you can set a course that ignores shoal water and rocks, and attempt to sail straight through. Marine GPS systems don’t follow navigation “roads”. You need to manually program in way points that can be traveled to in a straight line. (And you have to set the way points a bit “off” the channel markers, or you’ll run into them.)

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Geocaching, bomb guidance, hiking navigation…

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Apple is using GPS in iPhones for location-based reminders. So you can create a reminder to call your wife when you leave work, and your iPhone creates a “geofence” around your work, which triggers the reminder alert once you cross the geode center threshold. Pretty nifty.

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Farming, soil samples are taken and marked according to GPS and then nutrients are added only where necessary in the field.

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Correct time, distance measurement, stop watch function.

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Literally anything that would need a specific location marked down, anything you can think of that would need to know where soemthing is/was/will be.

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