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How do you find a true psychic/medium without getting ripped off?

Asked by gene116 (335points) October 12th, 2011
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With all the TV shows about psychics and mediums (specifically those that can contact the dearly departed) I’ve been tempted to find one for a reading. How does one find a psychic that’s not a charlatan trying to make a few bucks? Any ideas?

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Newsflash: psychics and mediums are not real.

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Assuming you believe such a thing exists, which I do not, I guess by reputation?

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Thanks, I’ll try Yelp…

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You can’t; there’s no such thing.

But you can find helpful advice in a magazine horoscope column, in a fortune cookie, and in a random conversation overheard on the bus or in the elevator, if you know how to recognize truths you need to hear. They’re everywhere in the world if you’re open to them and not just in places that pretend to be mystical and clairvoyant. If you’d rather pay someone to play psychic for you, pick one whose style you like and just listen for what pertains to you. Never mind about believing in it. Truth is truth, no matter where you find it.

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@gene116, the entire profession is a ripoff.

I seriously hope you do not believe in psychics because you saw it on TV.

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“True psychic” is an oxymoron.
Save your money.

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You can’t. All people that claim to be psychics (and charge money for their services) are out to make a buck by fooling people.

There may be some people that have extra senses that are not common to everyone, and I have heard of anecdotal instances of the police using “psychics” or “clairvoyants” but those people tend to offer their services for free, or just for the expense of their travel to get to a crime scene. They too, might consider themselves to be psychics, but their intentions are different. They have recognized that they have an acute ability to see things differently than your average person, they may be more creative in their thinking, or they may be able to perceive their regular 5 senses in a much more intense manner than the rest of us, but they’re not out there to make a buck.

But most people who are in the “business” of being psychics and charging money, are just really good at seeking out naive or vulnerable people, or people who are in dire straights or desperate situations, and people who need to believe in the supernatural so they can be OK with their universe, and they have learned that certain people are much more easy to read (because of their body language, they know that people inadvertently give details about their lives, and all sorts of other clues that trained law enforcement people use all of the time to try to get to the truth) If these people really did know how to tell the future, don’t you think that the government would be relying upon them to help us create a better society?

About 8 months ago, there was a few heated discussions about psychics and horoscopes and how those 2 things often seem really accurate. But then it was pointed out that most people only regard the things that are correct and disregard the rest. Almost any horoscope in any newspaper on any given day, if you were to read them, not knowing which one was yours, would have plenty of correct observations about you. That is because they are generalizations that could literally fit almost every one of us. Psychics do the same thing. Most people are going to meet a stranger, most people are going to fall in love, most people are going to come into money (whether it’s a quarter the find on the ground or winning the lottery, or simply doing well at work and getting a raise). Most people will have an interaction with someone who’s name has the letter “E” in it. Simply because these “predictions” are so common to everyone. Most people are going to meet somone with dark hair (because a majority of the people in the world have dark hair, and even natural blondes have darker hair than bottle blondes, so “dark hair” becomes a relative term). Other genera, relative terms: short, tall, large, influential, rich, connected, near by, soon, in the future, someone you already know, are all terms that can be twisted around by the client to fit his or her particular situation.

If you really want to get a good idea of what is in store for you in the future, look at yourself with a critical eye. Are you educated? Do you have enough money to take care of yourself? Are you attractive enough to attract a mate? Do you have a number of different skills and talents? When you answer these questions, you can have a pretty good idea of how your life is going to go, and you have a pretty good idea of the things that you can change about your circumstances, and which things you can’t. Knowing those things also gives you a good idea about how your life is likely to turn out, down the line. If it’s a health question, and you tell your doctor everything you can about your past health, current habits and medications and conditions and exercise levels, and whether you smoke or drink, or whether your family members have a history of certain diseases, they can give you a pretty good, realistic idea of how your health is going to be. You don’t need a psychic for that.

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I’m going to paraphrase something I read in a book once:

If there were real psychics, they would not be be trying to offer services over the internet to somehow improve your life. They would be carrying wheelbarrows of cash down the street at the Monte Carlo casino. The existence of roulette wheels is a disproof of the existence of psychics.

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You can’t, because there are none. It’s like trying to find a genuine King Midas to turn all of your things to gold, or a genuine unicorn. People do not have magical powers.

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I’ve never read such a contradictory question, no offence lol.

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Well, thanks for the responses (I think). There are certainly no shortages of opinions on this subject. Makes you wonder why the TV shows on this subject do so well, when nobody believes in this stuff…

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@gene116 Mass manipulation isn’t a radical notion. And you’re welcome :D

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I disagree with most of the answers here, and I will tell you why, a true “psychic” which is just as bad, and stupid a word as ‘witch’ by the way a true mystic, a truly gifted human soul would never take money from you for their services.

I do believe there are gifted people out there. I do not believe it is “supernatural” I believe it is the way their brains function and that they are evolved more than most people.

There is no blessing, not magic it is science, anyone can learn to do it, and the good ones, the real ones understand this and would never take advantage of you.

Most of these types are usually very religious, very pios and very private individuals that in many cases live a life of solitude.

Good luck with the rest of the idiots that charge you an arm and a leg… It’s bullshit.

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@GabrielsLamb, “they are evolved more than most people” is a nonsensical statement.

I suggest you actually learn how evolution works before you go around making statements like “psychic powers are science, not magic.” You’re speaking pseudoscience, which is magic wrapped up in scientific language.

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You cannot find a genuine psychic or medium, because such abilities do not exist. All people who claim to be psychics and/or mediums are amateurish frauds.

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