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On a scale one to ten how would you score on my film concept?

Asked by Mantralantis (1502points) October 13th, 2011
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For the last two years I’ve been considering/developing a ‘magical realism’ screenplay about a hidden legendary gemstone that brings good fortune to those who bear it. After it is found in near present day China by an american archeologist, it finds its way to North San Francisco and is rediscovered at an international relics shop called Mantralantis. There and after, a beautiful rare book collector and a well-intentioned antiques opportunist briefly collide romanticly with the charm. Along the way, a bumbling petty thief follows them, waiting for his chance at his own kind of fate. All the while, a man of mystery, popping up seemingly at every turn, seems to guide them all towards an intertwining, uncertain destiny…including himself.

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Which of these folks is the main character, and what is he or she trying to do? What’s at stake, and what kind of obstacles are in the person’s path?

Without a sense of who it’s really about and what the main storyline looks like, I can’t rate it. You’ve given us a situation and some characters, but not a plot or a main character.

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5. I would have given you 6 but I get nervous about the bumbling petty thief.

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Yeah, the bumbling petty thief thing makes me think of Home Alone.

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Sounds kind of Da Vinci Codish to me.

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Reminds me a little of Indiana Jones. I’d give it a 5 not knowing the things Jeruba pointed out.

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Arggh, okay…The main character is basically the ‘well intentioned antiques opportunist’ (HE is trying to get past a botched burglary with regret…), however the overall feel towards the end will probably be more for the ‘man of mystery’ (HE is on a mission of ‘moving forward’) given he’ll be the one that moves the plot forward. But I will have designed each character with their own depth so its toss up. With the rare book collector, SHE is trying to find a way to be…not high standard. And the bumbling petty thief has a heart but he he just can’t get a break, as well.

The obstacles obviously are bad luck, or misfortune.

But I just can’t reveal everything (there’s apparent reason for that – its about a script!) but I understand you all wanting more than what I’m giving you at the same time…

You either rate it or you don’t, its that simple I guess. Thanks.

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I would have John Williams score it. He is really good at that shizzle.

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Ok, @Mantralantis. I understand why you don’t want to disclose much of your idea on a wide-open international forum. I wouldn’t either.

However, there’s still nothing to rate without a plot and a main character, so I’ll pass.

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Why do all the really cool Asian antiques always end up on the west coast?

As for the rest, I agree with Jeruba and it is a lovely concept… Good luck!

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I can’t give you a number because I think the success of this comes entirely down to the quality of the writing and a sharp execution. So I suppose I think it could be and excellent movie, assuming it is developed in a smart and unique way. I do think with the sort of magical madcap set up that the plot should be rich and you should be weary of letting that element of magic let things get too saccharine or pat.

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Oh yeah… It’s a great idea… I give it a solid 7 Denny because it’s got a great beat and I can dance to it.

*Dance Fever Joke… sorry, I’m old

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I’m sorry, but I can’t even sing Happy Birthday in a recognizable way. I could never score your film.

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I’d give it a 7 at least, but the writing could put it over the top. There’s potential.

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It reminds us of Romancing the Stone, my Precious. Yes, it does.

You’ve got yourself an interesting pile of Legos here. Much could come of it, in the right hands.

I would see about having the relic come from somewhere else. East Asian relics are old hat, and there are a lot of old cultures. Maybe make it Greek. Or African! Or it could be from Polynesia, or one of the Oceanic cultures! Or you could have it come from a Roman-contemporary Northern European nation. Or it might be pre-Islamic Arabic!
On second thought, nix the Oceanic cultures. Their art is too spooky.

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@Nullo Thanks for your encouragement! But if i’m not mistaken, isn’t African relics ‘old hat’ as well?

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Sounds promising!

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Thanks, A.

At times I do feel promising. :^)

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@Mantralantis Last seen in the 30s, I think. All that comes to mind now (at 5 AM!) is Sahara and King Solomon’s Mines, and maybe Tarzan. Don’t think any of those had particularly supernatural trinkets, though.

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