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Do you ever feel like the collective is reading your mind?

Asked by Jellie (6492points) October 18th, 2011
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This has been happening to me for a couple of weeks now. I make a mental note of a question I want to ask Fluther the next time I log in and the next time I do, a question is asked that very day or something. And these are not opinion type questions but factual, real life problems that I am going through at the time. It’s been happened quiet a lot recently.
Ever happened to you?

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Damn you…, I was just about to ask this question :-)
Well, you probably have heard about “great minds think alike”?
Fluther is full of great minds?!
I do notice this phenomenon by the way, albeit not always spot on.
This morning in my job we were discussing paintings and forgeries, and what art (reproduced) we would like on our walls, and just minutes ago I read a question about what art would we like to buy…

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This has happened to me before.

Also, I will often read a question header and know exactly how I will respond. Then, I go through and read the existing responses and find that someone has already said exactly what I was about to say. Damn you, @aug, @Aneuf, @Blackberry, @Simone, @johnpowell, etc… It actually saves me some typing.

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I never ask what other people ask and I rarely say what other people say. Although sometimes I say what others say in a different way, or with my own particular experience related to it. But my questions seem to be an acquired taste. If you like them, you like them, and if you hate them, you generally hop on to tell me what a sucky question it is and how it never should have been asked. You would think people would have learned by now how to avoid questions they don’t like.

Anyway, you either love or hate my questions. No inbetween. Unless you just ignore them or are utterly bored by them.

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^^ How does that, in any way, actually answer what the OP asked?

This has happened to me before as well. Either I’ve been thinking about a certain subject, or I’ve been considering posting a question, then when I log in, I see a question addressing what was already on my mind. It’s disconcerting sometimes. =0)

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Not quite.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I was trying to explain why my questions don’t duplicate others’ questions, and the effect that has on people.

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Uhhh, that would be a “no” for me.

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@wundayatta Okay… but that’s not what she was asking.

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All the time. I’ve been on Fluther for 20 minutes and already 3 answers I wanted to say were stolen before I could finish typing.

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Nah. If someone asks something I was thinking of asking, I attribute it to coincidence, or the fact that I can’t possible be the only person to wander about something.

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Used to, but donning my aluminum foil helmet fixed that.

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It has definitely happened to me. I’ve even accidentally asked a duplicate question within days of it being asked the first time.

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