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Is there a forum where I anonymously write things and have people criticise them?

Asked by Blackberry (33968points) October 19th, 2011
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Just a place where I can write some pretty deep thoughts and see the reaction from some semi-normal/intelligent people.

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Isn’t this it?

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Yeah, but people already “know” me here. :/

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I don’t know if livejournal is the same thing, but why not start a blog?

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Or how about getting a new user so people won’t “know” you.

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If it can be done in the form of questions, you can definitely use an alter-ego account to do it here. As long as you don’t use it to stir up trouble and you don’t lurve yourself, we allow people to have more than one account.

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When you say “writing”, what exactly are you looking for critiques on? Spelling/grammar? Style on a micro scale? Style on a macro scale? More philosophical disagreements? People poking holes in how well you present thesis/argument/evidence? How interesting your writing is? Are you looking to “college it up”, as it were, just in an anonymous forum?

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I was going to say fluther, but then I noticed you cited “semi-normal” folk, stopped me in my tracks so it did ;¬}

YoKoolAid's avatar has tons of forums, most movie related but there’s a bunch of other general categories like politics, science, books, philosophy etc. I believe there’s also two boards named “the soapbox” and “the sandbox” which is pretty much a free for all to talk about whatever you want. If it’s a reaction you want, guaranteed you’ll get it there.

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Philosophical and soapbox.

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@Blackberry – [from details] ”...some semi-normal/intelligent people.”

What exactly IS semi-normal to you? And can one’s own personal humor actually be a part of that so-called intelligent collective?

Without ever having to be anonymous, Albert Einstein’ s quote below was very important and humorous…possibly more than he could have realized, I believe:

“Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them.”

My point being about of all of this is that Intellectuals do have some very good…well, points, but I believe they can get ahead of themselves (I should know, sometimes invariably being in that mode) being, at times, too critical and prideful and forget what it really means to be compassionate to those that are not…intellectual. And although some of those “geniuses” do themselves try to prevent problems (or indirectly remind them, the intellectuals) they themselves, in turn, can be a bit humdrum and tedious, adding fuel to the not-always-neccessary intellectual construct, as well.

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@Mantralantis Yeah, I was just referring to places that don’t have yahoo answers-type people lol.

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@Blackberry – Um, okay. Because I didn’t catch that ‘Yahoo! answers-type people’ anywhere before.


Or is that like saying ‘some yahoo’s’, as in ‘they don’t know what there saying’ type people?

Because if so, that would be hilarious.

Oh, well. I’m rambling. Be Good, Blackberry.

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@Mantralantis Oh, no I just mean some forums don’t seem to have very insightful people on them.

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@Blackberry – Gotcha! ;^) Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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@Blackberry… or anyone here…

Here’s something for ya’ll:

“What kind of Insight can I get for you, hun?” Asked the Forum Diner waitress.

The sometimes Philosophical man, with the blue-rimmed glasses, peered up at the prompt woman.

“Um, yes, hi there. I would like the Freshly-Brewed cup of coffee, please. Thanks.”

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@Mantralantis I don’t get it. :/

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@Blackberry – That’s okay. I’m not sure I get any of this either.

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