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What were you doing when you heard about Gaddafi's death?

Asked by Jellie (6489points) October 20th, 2011
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I’m curious, where were you and what were you doing when you heard of his death?

I was sitting on the toilet browsing on my phone.

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Having tea and watching t.v.

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Reading this question.

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Lying in bed, listening to NPR.

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I guess I was reading this question, and about to seek confirmation.

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Eating cake with my dad in the cafe at work.

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Ordering a breakfast taco on my way to work.

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Procrastinating at work.

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Had just tapped in when i “heard it here first” (take THAT CNN)

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Eating, listening to NPR while also doing laundry. Although I wish I could say I’m somewhere in the middle east as a Navy Seal hunting terrorists when I heard it. Lol.

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I was no where near the man I swear!

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Scanning my emails. Got to my CNN breaking news: I said “What?...Yeah!

Seems like my entire life he was terrorizing someone.

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Not caring. @YoBob A breakfast taco? Please, do tell…... :)

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Reading the news, go figure.

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I was also Fluthering. I read the question about news headlines and I found out, then I went to a news website to confirm. (Not that I don’t believe you guys and all…)

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@Blackberry – You know, it’s funny how the regional foods one takes for granted are totally foreign to those that don’t live in your immediate vicinity.

Around these parts you can’t throw a rock without hitting a “Taquiera”, which is basically a food truck that generally serves breakfast tacos in the morning and other tex-mex street fair for lunch.

A breakfast taco is basically a tortilla, either flour or corn, your choice. (Funny how most of the Mexicans choose the traditional corn whereas we gringos tend to go for flour) They are filled with the ingredients of your choice. Most common are eggs, bacon, chroizo, potato, beans, cheese, etc….

My favorites are:

“migas” and cheese (Migas are basically scrambled eggs with bell pepper onion, a bit of diced tomato and left over corn tortilla.

Bacon, bean, and potato

Chrorizo (spicy Mexican sausage) and egg

All of the above are to be topped with a generous helping of pico de gillo and salsa.


(sorry to be off topic, but @Blackberry asked…)

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Sitting on a BART train to get to work. I learned from twitter.

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@YoBob I never do this, but I think it’s that time: THAT SOUNDS SO GOOD!

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@Blackberry I’m think along the same lines.

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Taking a dump
So I guess I did give a shit, literally!

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I was scooping poop out of the cat box, then I heard my Dad run up the stairs. My Dad has a very hard time walking as it is, so I figured something important must have happened, especially since I heard the TV on downstairs.

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Fluthering in my family around with MSNBC on in the background.

So, what is the better spelling Gaddafi or Khadaffy? MSNBC is using Khadaffy.

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@JLeslie The best spelling is probably Gaddafi, as the “g” represents the change from /q/ (uvular plosive) to /g/ (voiced velar plosive) in Libyan Arabic. I believe in Arabic it is written with two symbols that correspond to /d/, so the “d” would be doubled, not the “f”. But I’m not sure.

OT: I was on my computer getting ready for class and when I saw it all I could think of, was: it’s about fucking time.

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Apparently fluthering and talking to my oldest about calculators. He’s dead?!

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I was looking for updates on the OH animal case when the news “broke” on CNN. I was struck by the images of celebration in the streets, particularly the young people who’ve never known any other regime.

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@JLeslie Gaddeadfi.

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^Best spelling yet. I suggest we add that to our dictionary here in Fluther

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I was on the computer reading threw fluther questions!

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Fluthering. There was a question about it so I looked up the news story.

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Reading Fluther (this question).

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@mazingerz88 We should have a thread where we come up with different ways to spell Guhdahfee.

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@Blackberry You just hit one right there with your post, a Starbucks drink named Ice Cold Gudoffee.

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Reading this question, getting ready to watch Modern Family with some chips and dip.

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fapping, I CAME!

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I just found out when I saw a fluther question about headlines and looked at my Yahoo news feed, a few minutes ago.

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I was leaving my US History class with a few friends, when our student teacher motioned us over to his computer with the big news.

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A sunny spring day Listening to the radio on my cellphone, pruning my apple trees with one hand and scratching my nuts with the other.

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Driving home from work. It made it into the news bulletin. I was not surprised to find that I didn’t really care.

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