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Why is Windows update killing my computer? (Asus Mobo)

Asked by XOIIO (18328points) October 28th, 2011
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Alright, so I finish a fresh install of Windows 7, customize it, install programs, update, and then bam, goes straight to loading files. Tried again, same thing. Tried one more time and got rid of all the motherboard updates and driver updates I could see and BAM, again! What the hell is going on? I’ve heard problems with the AHCI on these Asus mobos, but I un-clicked and hid that update. AAAAAAARGGHHHHHHHHHH what do I do?

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Me too. I faced this too. I have disabled windows update for that matter. Now, it’s okay.
And, one of my friends also faces the same problem.
I don’t know the reason exactly, but I tried the other way, disabling the updates.

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The problem is that its a totally new install, I haven’t even gotten to the service pack yet. I was to have it fully pdated then I disable it.

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Hmm well it might be similar to a problem I read about Macs first installing LION OS X. People were complaining that their fans were on high, and their Macs and Macbook Pros were heating up. I read the source of this problem is that all the drivers are still loading/syncing. Although theres no actual load box for them.

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The temperatures are all nominal

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Is it a crash during the update? What do you mean by goes straight to loading file? Quick screen shot perhaps? I would install one program at a time upon the fresh install of Windows 7, followed by one update per program. Restart your computer after every new program + update installed. Good luck

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@whitetigress Update goes perfectly, I restart when it says and it goes right to the windows is loading files next time. I’m reinstalling now, but like I said, its totally screwy. I know almsot everything about computers, windows isntalls are the basics but these updates are wierd as hell.

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How long are you letting it sit on that screen? Try letting in run overnight and see what it says in the morning. Sometimes things take a long time.

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@johnpowell I have let it through and it attempts repairs, then doesn’t know what happened, sends info, tries again and does nothing, 3 out of 3 times, and all repairs like rebuilding the BCD and fixing the MBR don’t do anything.

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Same problem here.

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