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Is it still considered self-promotional if I ask you about it?

Asked by Nimis (13255points) October 29th, 2011
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I know we’re not supposed to ask self-promotional questions. But is it still considered self-promotional if I’m the one asking?

I bet there are a lot of cool projects that you jellies have your tentacles into. Anything you’d want to share with your fellow jellies?

Blog or Twitter?
Etsy or eBay shop?
Flickr or deviantART account?

Your own website that you created?
Or something gasp not online?

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Mmmm… I wrote a pretty kick-butt song for my band, and as of 10 minutes ago, I think I found our new drummer! :)
That counts right?

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Pending associates position with Legal Shield rep. It worked for me so I am spreading the good news. If I can turn a buck off of it, it is win-win. Got my neighbor in on it. :-D

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Well, most everyone here already knows this about me, but I’m a writer of [NSFW] erotic/horror stories, and am developing an online game/sim of a [NSFW] Edge Play BDSM nightclub.

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I’m running a brand new jewelry shop on Etsy.

Yay, creative jellies!

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I’m beginning NaNoWriMo on Tuesday! Woo!

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Ok. I’ll bite. What is NaNo..etc. Etc. ?

Someone drop me a clue, please?

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@Buttonstc National Novel Writing Month. Write a novel in one month.

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