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Since it's Halloween, have you ever seen a ghost?

Asked by downtide (23815points) October 31st, 2011
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What was your experience? Do you have a true-life ghost story to tell?

I’ve never seen one but I have seen poltergeist activity; books and boxes flying off a shelf as hard as if they were thrown, and beer-glasses flying off a bar shelf to smash on the opposite wall. I don’t have a logical explanation for it at all.

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No. I have experienced feelings of hauntedness in certain places, but I have never seen one.

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Not that I am aware of.

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Never. For obvious reasons.
Also, if video games were realistic.

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I’ve seen and heard stuff I can’t explain. I don’t know what it was.

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In my old house, whenever there was bad whether outside, I used to see eerie figures go up the stairs (which was right outside my bedroom) and into the guest bedroom.
It scares the s**t out of me to this day thinking about it.
i have no guts

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[Waits for @Some_Ghost to show up]

Nope. My mom says she has though. I don’t know what happened to her, but I don’t believe in ghosts myself.

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No, but I stayed in a haunted castle once where the ‘blue lady’ was said to play the piano at night but I never saw nor heard the ghost. I was relieved and a little disappointed.

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I live in an area rich in history and several local old time establishments swear they are haunted by the ghosts of old Gold miners and other historic figures.

I also believe it is entirely possible that I have native american and gold miner/ 49er/pioneer graves on my property.

I cannot claim to have actually seen a ghost, but, I have experienced some very intense feelings wandering around my property, especially after dark.

I DID see an ethereal “vision” of one of my dead pets, near their gravesite one night a few years ago, about 3 months after they died.

One never knows. I don’t automatically discount anything, I think there are many unexplainable happenings that defy rationale and logic. Part of the great mystery. :-)

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Why would ghosts just all of a sudden be real since it’s Oct 31?!

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@Blackberry Ghosts have always been real. They’re just more active on Halloween.

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@Blackberry Oct 31 is All Saint’s Eve, a time of high paranormal activity.

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Yes, twice. I was awakened in the middle of the night and saw the torso of what I can only describe as a nineteenth century army officer floating beside my bed. It frightened me and I asked it to leave, which it did by floating through a wall. I call it nineteenth century, because it was highly decorated.

The second time, a disembodied arm and hand forcefully pulled down on my sleeve while I was in the same house actually causing me to stop in my tracks. It lasted for a good 15 to 20 seconds and then disappeared.

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@Hawaii_Jake More reasons to stay awake tonight….

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@TheIntern55 I love how you say that with such misinformed confidence. But we’ll agree to disagree :D

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Think I saw a ghost dog once. It looked like a german shepherd and ran directly in front of my car. I was going about 70mph at the time. I hit it, or I should have but there was no noise and nothing in or around the road where it should have been.
Only other time was late one night while studying, my grandmother said I looked tired. It was her voice and real enough that I answered her. She had been dead for about 7 years. Not scary, and kinda nice to know she still looked in on me.

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Can’t say that I have, no. I wish I had though, a happy drunk one who made me laugh perhaps.

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I think I have, once. When my grampa died, I wanted to see him so bad, to have something of his presence again. Studying in my bedroom one day, I looked up to see him standing in front of our closets that faced the bed. He was pretty solid looking, in color, detailed, dressed like he would normally be but instead of being happy, I was terrified to the point of yelling out louder than I think I ever had. As soon as I started yelling, his image broke/faded and I was all covered with sweat and goose pimples. I cried because I was more afraid than I wanted to see him. Who knows if it was real but it sure felt like it to me.

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I was visiting my then husband at work one late night at a warehouse. As we were walking around 1940’s style music started playing over the speakers. We went to the room where the speaker was and no one was in there and the door was locked. A little later I saw a soldier in dress uniform looking at me. I wouldn’t call it scarey or spooky, more really cool.

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No, and I don’t believe in them, so even if I saw one, I would think it was something else.

But a program I heard on public radio just as I was driving home this (Halloween) evening mentioned that according to a poll, one-third of Americans do believe in ghosts. I found that astonishing.

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It took a while before I got to believing in ghosts…

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Keeping my fingers crossed. Watching Ghost Hunters Live right now! :P

c’mon Steve, Tango and Joe. Don’t disappoint.

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@Blackberry it’s not that ghosts are more real on Oct 31st. It’s that Oct 31st is a night when it’s traditional to tell ghost stories.

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