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Would you like it if the NBA adopted the ABA's 3-D Rule?

Asked by Pheasant (195points) November 1st, 2011
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The same way they adopted the three point line rule from the ABA. 3-D rule is, from (season starts in a few days)....

The 3-D Rule light is On when… The offensive team loses possession of the ball while the ball has backcourt status
The ball goes out-of-bounds after touching the frontcourt (or a player or official in the Frontcourt)
If the offensive team does not establish ball control in the frontcourt, the 3D Light will remain in effect.

When the 3-D Rule is on, an additional point is added to the point value of the field goal. (i.e. two point (2pt) baskets count as three, three point (3pt) baskets count as four)
3-D Rule remains on until the team scores, attempts a free throw for a personal foul; or the other team gains control of the ball.
When the defense commits a foul with in 3D, the number of free throws will be increased by one.
When the defensive team receives a technical foul in 3D, the 3D light remains on following the Free Throws

They also have a 4-point rule. It’s awesome.

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What is the point? Don’t they score enough points already?

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@wundayatta Heavens no. Points are like money, in there is no such thing as enough or too much. Get as much as you legally can.

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Naw. I think points are like inflation. We used to need 100 points to win. Now we need 150. The victory is still worth the same thing. Oh well. Who cares about defense?

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No, Wilt Chamberlin didn’t need that to drop 100 in a game, why do these prima-donnas need it then?

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