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Which singers, bands or acts will survive another decade or three?

Asked by zensky (13418points) November 4th, 2011
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There are very few really good acts that have survived decades – The Stones come to mind, as do the Eagles and a few others.

There are some that stay together and fly under the radar until they do something newsworthy, or another album.

There are the 20 year reunion bands.

But all in all – only a handful – and not all really that great, eh?

Are there any from the last generation that you would look forward to seeing in 20 years time? Which might survive?

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Looks like Pearl Jam is on track to make 30 years or more. Very hard to predict this of bands that only have a few years under their belts… or even a decade, I think.

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I think Guster will, but they haven’t made it quite to the top. But I’m not too aware of any other newer bands.

How about Wilco or Coldplay?

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I think Bj√∂rk has said she will always be making music, and considering she started when she was like 11 and she’s still making music in her 40’s…

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Wilco – thumbs up, though will anyone but Tweedy last that long?
Coldplay – no, please no. <shudder>
Bjork – thumbs way, way up.

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The Beach Boys and their music are legends. They have survived and their music sounds as good today as 30 years ago. They will survive.

Chicago will survive and their music.

The Four Seasons are still out there and will survive.

And, lets not forget Roy Orbison. His 30 year old music is as good today as ever.

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@john65pennington I agree about Orbison, but this isn’t really a question about all the 50’s-80’s acts that have stood the test of time (there are quite a few – sadly, many are dead) – but rather, acts of the last decade which will survive in the future. What will be the next generation’s Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel is what I’m asking.

It’s more of a speculation type qustion.

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GQ. I imagine Coldplay will last for at least another ten years, and the same could go for Death Cab and maybe Gorillaz. I hope pray that The Shins will last for a while, and am convinced that They Might Be Giants will never die.

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I’d like to think Guns n Roses would reform when they’re well into their sixties.
A rebranding may be in order though, starting with a more suitable name for the band…....
Stairlifts n Dentures has a nice ring to it.

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I would guess Josh Ritter has that kind of staying power… and I think his popularity will continue to grow over the next decade. Helpfully, he has very broad appeal.

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I’ll say Disturbed. They have pretty awesome lyrics for most songs and the instrumentals are really good. We’ll just see in time if I was right.

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The Mountain Goats.

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Dave Grohl.

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^Good one.

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i’m on the radiohead wagon as well

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I would be very thrilled if Radiohead keeps making music. They’re fucking brilliant.

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Conor Oberst. He’s been making music since he was 12, and I don’t see any sign of him slowing down.

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Jack White


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Dave Matthews

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Oh yes.

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I would love to say Sonic Youth (who have been around since 1981), but since the announcement of Kim and Thurston’s divorce, I don’t know what will happen.

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