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Would you contribute to a spontaneous Fluther mini-blog?

Asked by zensky (13418points) November 6th, 2011
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Look at the blogs. N00bs – it’s up there where the buttons are – near contacts and stuff. Yeah, there. Click on it.

The blogs used to roll in infrequently – all about meetings and secret handshakes at the Fluther HQ in San Fran.

There are great interview blogs.

There are Founder stream of conscience blogs.

Now – it is silent. We are on our own, and it’s quiet around here.

No-one chats, no-one writes anything controversial.

No-one hums anymore. It’s like the proverbial churchmouse – only deader.

So what’s on your mind?

Blog – for those who do not know – is “short” (there’s a fancier term – and no, it’s neither an initialism nor an acronym) for WEB-LOG. Weblog. Blog.

Stardate 711011: Is there intelligent life in Fluther now that the Creators have abandoned ship? Are we drifting aimlessly in space online?

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I really am enjoying the lack of a basketball season this year. Keep it up, greedheads!

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So are we – i.e., those teams who have adopted a few NBA stars – go Jordan Farmar! He helped kick some Real Madrid butt on Saturday. What a game

Here’s an article.

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Trying to rescue my rusted JavaScript skills with a so-so program.

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I have been informed that some topics are simply too controversial for this site. I avoid them now. You figure it out, cuz I’m not bringing it up again.

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Yes. Yes I would.

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I have a bad itch to write a review on Super Street Fighter IV…jess sayin.

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I don’t understand what a mini-blog would be about, nor how anyone would contribute usefully. I never read the other fluther blogs and am a noob as far as knowing where they are or even that they exist. Not sure I wanted to know they exist. I shall soon forget.

I’ve been having a difficult time understanding what a blog is. It seems like a kind of public diary, which generally seems to have some kind of focus. Or obsession. I have no obsessions. Maybe that’s my problem. I’ll do almost anything once. I do almost nothing twice.

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Blogs don’t have to be obsessions. Although they can be, if you want em too.

Blog about your day, blog about a hobby…if I had a blog, it would be about horror movies. People blog about anything. It’s almost crazy. But they’re not always obsessions lol.

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I have a lot of interest in certain subjects, but I too, really don’t understand exactly what a blog is, or what the purpose is. I can’t imagine that anyone on Fluther would want to read any more of what I’ve got to say than they already do on any particular post. I’ve never read anyone else’s blog on Fluther, and until @zensky mentioned it, I had really never actually looked up there and noticed the word blog, or if I did, the fact that I don’t understand what they are for, made me not bother to look. I know what chat rooms are, but I avoid those too. The idea of all of us shouting out random sh*t at the same time doesn’t make any sense to me. Fluther’s regular old Q and A format works pretty well for me. Except for the fact that I’m spooked to even post a link right now.

I know a lot about cooking, but if I’m not supposed to post links to other people’s recipes on actual cooking sites then that is going to limit the amount of information I’m going to be able to share with people. I don’t like the idea of telling people just to “Google It” when I know of a specific site where a fanastic recipe exists. I have a whole file of recipes saved in my favorites on my computer just for that reason.

With blogging, I just can’t wrap my head around the concept. How is blogging different from what we do here on Fluther, everyday? The only thing I can think is that a blog is a very self centered form of telling other Jellies what we think, rather than having a discussion.

That being said, I know that some of the cooking sites that I have linked, are blogs. Go figure.

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@Kardamom The Fluther blog is news, events and other stuff posted by the staff. It has member interviews and all, but really, it could sum itself up to a ’‘what’s happening’’ section. It doesn’t really act like a blog, otherwise. And us members can only post replies to main entries, we don’t have our own blogs.

Blogging is different because it isn’t a Q&A site like here. You put one up, and talk about whatever. In places like Blogger, the only forums that exist are for technical advice and help. Blogs exist to share whatever you want with whoever wants to read it. They can be helpful, funny, depressing…in a place like here, I agree it would be odd for every member to be able to have a blog. But then again, not really. Lots of communities have them. But in lots of places, we have to remmeber, blogs aren’t really about live discussion much. I guess the purpose is to share shit and voice yourself, for those who wanna hear.

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@wundayatta You probably won’t be reading this as you do everything only once, nothing twice, however, should you by chance read this – you should know that you answered your own question: one cannot write a blog and make only one entry. It is a public diary of sorts, like this thread, and you must keep contributing to it to make it work.

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Kinda like an article, which doesn’t have any consistency beyond what it presents; unless it’s someone’s blog lol. XD

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Like the title said: spontaneous, mini-blog. Mini. Spontaneous.

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Combustion is awesome.

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I am in awe of people who work all day, and come home to work on projects.
I work all day, and I come home exhausted.

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Here’s my attempt at a mini-blog: First of all – hiya. It’s me, zen; zen_, _zen, zen again and all the other zen plus something lurking around the past few years. Fluther has changed, and continues to change. I’d say grow – but I have to see the numbers. I think as many leave as stay – i.e., noobs that stick around – not passersby.

To ask a question isn’t always easy – and it would be difficult to ask one just for the sake of saying something about fluther. There are the odd META threads – but not every one gets every old thread – and I figure there isn’t that much searching going on. What’s at the top gets looked at – and the rest end up in Flutherwaste.

Sometimes they are rescued, rescusitated momentarily – and perhaps with a GQ or GA on it – they get a brief rejuvenation thanks to the Comm. News on the side. But not for smartphoners.

To answer a question it has to be pertinent and relevant more or less.

To write in the blog you have to be Lisa or a Founder.

So I thought I’d start a quick, mini-blog – insta-blog if wou will – in the shape of a question – and see if it didn’t get modded.

That was my entry.

Anyone else want to contribute: what’s on your mind, your fluther mind, or anything else.


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Hey! I still write for the blog! I’ve just been busy. <hangs head in shame> :(

Things should settle down a bit, now that marching band season is mostly over, and I’ll be posting a new entry soon.

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I said: To write in the blog you have to be Lisa or a Founder.

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Yeah, but you also said “Now – it is silent. We are on our own, and it’s quiet around here.” I felt bad. :’(

Kidding! Kinda’.

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I’m kind of like @Kardamom , I don’t understand how it works and I’m not sure I can keep up.
I like to read about others perspectives but that could be habit forming.

What is this about not linking? Did I miss a new rule or something?)

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I don’t personally like the idea of blogging. I type my thoughts occasionally in a word document when it really bothers me, but that’s some pretty personal stuff. If there’s anything I really want to say, I just do it in my answers.

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Sorry, no. I already write on fluther more than I am writing on my own. Gotta get my discipline in order again.

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LOL, well I am incapable of blogging without launching into rambling rants, but if you want that…

I think it’s a cool idea.

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Actually, aren’t these questions with multiple answers a mini-blog? The question sets the tone of the blog and the answers keep to the subject but have the freedom to branch to related subjects and opinions. It the answers get moderated out they have the opportunity to start another question and answer string. We even have the ability to point towards pictures and other opinions that strengthen our positions in the discussion. There is also a great system where readers rate the question and answers. Sounds like we don’t need anything else added.

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