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Pressure on my eyeballs?

Asked by xivvy (33points) November 8th, 2011
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Recently I’ve been experiencing discomfort in my eyes. It feels similar to the feeling you get right when you’re about to cry, and it’s not particularly painful, just really uncomfortable and annoying. I’m thinking it might be sinus pressure, as I do also have a runny nose, but the pressure isn’t in the area around my eyes, it’s my actual eyeballs. Should I consult a doctor or just see if it goes away on its own?

Oh, and I’m a 16 year old female.

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It sounds like you might have allergies.If you can use Benedryl you might want to try it, see if it helps.

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I have allergies and they effect my eyes. It feels like they are shrinking into my head from the pressure. Yes, I think it is allergies and sinus pressure.
Try Mucinex and some allergy eye drops.

Also moist heat helps and cold packs to relieve sinus pressure.

Apply hot washcloths or soak your face in the bath and then use a frozen gel mask after. It helps.

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If your eyesight is affected I think you should go to the doctor. If not maybe see of it goes away in a few days.

Did you tell your parents?

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Sounds like it is sinus related. Doctor time!

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If allergy medication does not work, it would be best to see a doctor and then an ophthalmologist if the doctor does not help.

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It is a common symptom of irritated or infected sinuses; cold, flu, allergies, garden-variety headache.

Personally, I would never use any of the OTC remedies. A rinse with warm water and a little salt ( in a rubber baby syringe) can clear things out temporarily. Or even a hot shower will help.

And I second the moist heat packs.

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Go to a eye doctor as soon as possible.

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Personally….don’t mess with your eyes…. Go to a doctor and be sure, probably something so simple… If you do not have medical insurance aI am sure there is a local clinic you can go to… Or I have been fortunate enough to sometime talk to a pharmacist and they have made Great suggestions such as GO TO A DOCTOR ! You do not want to mess with your eyes…

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