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It has been a while since the last Fluther Interview was published on the Fluther Blog. Are there no candidates left to question quite impossible, or is the interviewer too busy very possible? Care to deliver them some potentials by answering three short questions?

Asked by rebbel (35547points) November 11th, 2011
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We are obviously not going to shout out names of Jellies we would like to see interviewed.
Instead, Jellies who feel for it to get interviewed themself might want to answer three little questions (two of which I took from the interviews from the Fluther Blog) and give a little insight in who they are, thus potentially make themselves desirable for the Fluther Interviewer?!
Feel free to change one question into a question you rather would want to ask of yourself if you think that that way you will even be more desirable.
Feel free to answer whichever you want, or none, of course.
Here are the questions:
1. What is/are your hobbies/interests?
2. Your dream job is?
3. Who/what do you admire?

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I talked with Lisa (augustlan) about interviewing her. I thought it would be funny to do it Colbert Style.

She was game but I was lazy. I was thinking of asking questions like “rank the mods on a scale of Hitler to Pol Pot”

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Heck, why not.

1: Inventing, anything to do with electronics, such as soldering, tweaking things to do more than they were supposed to and bringing oln things back to life. More so, anything to do with computers, from setting up hardware from scratch to revive an old machine, to troubleshooting problems and making programs or usefull tweaks

2: Dream job would be to win the lottery, but still run a computer store, I may be close to having soemthing simmilar by getting a job at a good computer store, anything with working with computers makes me happy and I could do it all day.

3: I admire David Tennant/The Doctor, because he played it perfectly, and if the Doctor was a real person his views and ideals are amazing, it’s impossible to describe the respect I have for that character.

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Seriously.. She was cool with this. Send me a PM with your passive aggressive question and we can make this happen.

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I hope I get ranked at Robespierre or better!

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Actually, @rebbel, I would love to see a Fluther interview with you. I would even be willing to help Lisa out by doing it!

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I have been busy, but things are settling down now, and I’m definitely up for another interview (as either the asker or the answerer). Hopefully soon!

@johnpowell Get on it, mister!

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I would interview someone, but I’m pretty sure no one would be interested in the results. I can’t ask questions like are suggested in this question. I would hate to answer such questions, myself. I prefer to find out about people’s stories, not how they might choose to package themselves. I think that puts me way out of step with the times. The more fool I.

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I love the idea of interviewing that irritating Dutchman who speaks and writes perfect idiomatic English. What is even more annoying is his ability to make perfect puns in MY language.

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(And even more irritating is my inability to find a synonym for perfect.)

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@gailcalled, His pluperfect puns are more than perfect.

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I wouldn’t mind being interviewed by Wunday.

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Oh yeah, it’d be great to see more interviews. I love learning about my amazing fellow jellies!

As for your questions:
1. My main interests lie in technical fields; I intend to major in robotics engineering, and I luuuuurve math. I’m also a physics enthusiast but I have a lot to learn. I also have artsy fartsy hobbies though. Right now the big one is making jewelry. I’ve just opened an Etsy shop for that. It’s a blast!
2. My (virtually unattainable)dream dream job is to design rovers for NASA. My more realistic dream job is to contribute to the creation of surgical robots.
3. I admire Lisa Randall, a physicist whose work mostly lies in string theory. She is just ludicrously intelligent and I love seeing a woman make it big in this mostly male dominated field. Getting to see her give a lecture at a local college when I was 14 was what sparked my interest in physics.

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@gailcalled “Flawless”.

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1.Hobbies or interest. Hobbies are planting and baking and trying to make new foods.
Interest , Way, too many to list.
2 Dream job. Travel the world for the travel channel and report about the best hide-a-ways in the world while staying there.
3. I admire people who volunteer to care for the weak, sick and hungry everyday without ever expecting to be recognized for their charity. I’m not talking about the rich and famous who pop up and do fund raisers (although that is needed as well) but the ones who do these things and manage some how to help people with the very little they have. The ones who may be only slightly better off than the people they are helping and who have opportunity to leave but have so much compassion for others that they just can’t abandon the people they are helping. I knew a woman once who cleaned apartments all day for a living to pay her bills and then every day after work would put in another 4 to 6 hours helping in a hospice. When I asked her why does she work herself to the bone. Her answer was. How can I ever abandon them. There are so many who would die alone if she didn’t go, or who won’t be able to die with some dignity if she didn’t go. She said so many of them are already abandoned and that is why they are there. She simply couldn’t abandon them too because she was feeling a little tired.

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@gailcalled dead-on would be another synonym.

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Thank you all, who took the time to answer.
@marinelife and @gailcalled (Perfect = Excellent? ;) ) Thanks for suggesting me to be the interviewee I am pretty boring though…, I already start stuttering now :)
I couldn’t agree more on the suggestion to see @augustlan being the topic of an Fluther interview!
And for that matter, the Jellies who volunteered to be victims…., you have my blessings for what it is worth!

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Yikes! You, @zen? Extracting information from you is like trying to get the Earth to give up its molten core! That would be a challenge I don’t think I could actually meet. Your trick of constantly renewing your identity makes it hard to keep track of what I know already.

So what do you think of this for a title:

The Prickly Pear of the Negev

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1. What is/are your hobbies/interests?
Horror everything.

2. Your dream job is?
Being a millionaire who sets up kickboxing tournaments, and gets massages all the time.

3. Who/what do you admire?

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1. My hobbies/interests include going to the theatre/a concert, working with dogs, reading (when I get time), watching documentaries, travelling and watching good films.

2. My dream job would be working full time with dogs. I would really like to work with shelter dogs that need rehabilitation in order to make them suitable for rehoming.

3. Everyone on here must know of my love of Barbra Streisand and Cher. They are my “idols”. I admire lots of non famous people too, my dad especially. He is the most genuine, well mannered person I know and is liked me, pretty much, everyone (except my mum but that’s a different story!) My boyfriend has similar qualities to my dad so I respect and admire him also.

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Be on the lookout for a new post next week. Doing the latest installment of “Meet the Mods”!

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@wundayatta Not sure everyone would get it.

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@zensky: Milo here: I do, and I am the only one who matters.

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