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Is there a way to put yourself out there, creatively, on the web, and not have it come back to bite you in the arse?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) November 14th, 2011
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I have an idea for a vlog. I want to have the freedom to have a creative and unadulterated voice, something of an stream-of-consciousness-type deal. But I imagine I’ll say some racy things. I was planning on wearing face paint to hide my identity at least a little bit. But I am weary. What goes on the web now seems to undoubtedly come back to you. It scares me. It keeps me away. And it kind of sucks, but ‘tis the breaks. I would also, of course, not have my name or anything on there. It’d be a character of sorts…something separate from me. Thoughts?

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Why must it be video? Grab an anonymous domain (and pay to have it private), and just host a good old Wordpress blog. If the stream-of-consciousness thing is what you want, can you record your stream and either convert to text or just post the audio after you modify the voice somewhat?

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The video aspect of it is something I’d just like…visuality is everything on the web, but you do bring up a good point. I guess the conundrum is that I would like to get it out there…but protect myself…

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ToddInTheShadows has a gimmick that works pretty well in concealing his identity, then again there is no secret that can’t be uncovered with enough tenacity. Not even a written blog for that matter.

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i guess in that sense it’s simply about standing by your work.

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@JonnyCeltics Yeah, in the end it all comes down to whether you’re ashamed of your opinions or not.

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Can you avoid including images of yourself in the videos?

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Are you really “weary” or are you “wary”?

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Gotta agree with @Thammuz here. You can conceal your identity, but if someone has the drive to figure out who you are, it can be done.

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Video fluther, eh? You’d need an animated avatar that would move in imitation of your facial muscles and expressions.

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Well no. you’ve much to learn about life

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the tongue-in-cheekness of this thread kinda stinks, but I do appreciate the feedback

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