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I just thought of something. Why do some people end up walking out of comedy shows? I was under the impression people know the style of the comedian beforehand?

Asked by Blackberry (33949points) November 18th, 2011
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Whether the jokes are too offensive, get a little too critical of politics or religion or some other controversial topic. There are some people that leave, or keep a look of dismay. Are these people maybe dragged to the show by someone else that likes it or something?

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It depends on if the customer thought “hey, this comedian I love is coming to town, I’ll buy a couple tickets” or “we need something to do this weekend, and I heard this comedian is doing a show – wanna check it out? Might be fun.” It tends to be the second thought process that leads to walking out when things get controversial.

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Distasteful comedy is not like distasteful food. Though they are both subjective to the consumer, you can’t send distasteful comedy back for a refund. All you can do is swallow what you’ve digested, and leave if you don’t want any more.

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Too many people claim to have a sense of humor when, in fact, they do not.

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There used to be a comedy club in Memphis, and our group would go there on occasion. I’d go with my friends without knowing about the comedians performing. Occasionally, there was one whose humor was not to my taste. While I never walked out, the thought crossed my mind.

One year, the company I worked for hired a famous US comedian to perform at the annual conference. Some of the jokes targeted at our beloved president were so offensive that I did walk out. While I appreciate certain types of humor, his did not fit the bill.

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies You stated my feelings succinctly.

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They met someone during the show and left for a quickie?

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I went to see George Carlin, fully aware of his schtick, but his show was almost entirely him reading the paper, and commenting on it, and not very funny at all. I could have walked out, but I kept waiting for that golden egg.

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Personally I say ” Bravo!” to those that have conviction. I’d walk out too if the material is over the top racist, sexist, foul mouthed or otherwise offensive to the principles I keep.

I AM a VERY funny woman, and, one of my dreams/ goals is to write and perform my own standup comedy, and trust me, truly funny is not about degradation and insult and profuse profanity.

I crack people up every day, and am often told I am one of the funniest people anyone has ever known, all with a minimal amount of profanity.

True comedic genius is a rare bird these days.

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