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How many miles can a Astro Conversion Van last?

Asked by muffin16 (63points) November 26th, 2011
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I’m looking into buying a ‘92 Astro Conversion Van and it has 87k original miles on it already. How long does that kind of van usualy last?

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My buddy has one with 370,000 miles on it. The engine runs great with never any problems. He has had trouble with suspension over the years but considering the miles it’s nothing too bad. That V6 engine is pretty bullet proof.

I think the AWD version is built a little heavier duty than the 2WD model.

He’s got a little rust but those vans are so rare now that every time I see his it looks very cool. Keep in mind that my friend takes extremely good care of his vehicles. Most Astro Vans seen from the early years are crappy looking. His is the best I’ve ever seen aside from the wild custom restorations.

He told me he’d sell it for $1100 if you’re interested. It’s located in St. Louis MO. I’ve never seen a nicer original… White AWD with larger tires so it looks like a little urban gorilla.

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I can’t find one on Google that looks just like my friends… But imagine this one in white with a taller stance and slightly larger tires. I love those snubby little vans… built like a hockey puck.

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So 87k is nothing for an Astro then huh?

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He is offering $2100 for it but the breaks need to be rotated. Is that a good deal?

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Sellers don’t offer… they ask. Buyers offer.

Do you have anyone who can help you with this purchase?

Here’s a 1997 Astro Van in Las Vegas for $1600. Much newer but with 180,000 miles.

Always check Craigslist in your area… You’ll also have auto classifieds to make comparisons with. Should be able to pick up an auto classified at any service station.

Craigslist Astro Vans for Las Vegas

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If no one can help you check out this vehicle, then contact AAA in your area and they’ll check it out for you and make a recommendation as to whether the vehicle is in good condition or not.

I’d offer your seller $1800… then $1900, and hope to settle for under $2000. But the $2100 doesn’t sound bad as long as it’s in very nice shape… and the brakes (not breaks) only need rotation and not a full rebuild.

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Thanks for the links but the one I found looks realy rad so I want to stick with that one. My boyfriend is coming with me to look at it tomorrow. The owner said $2100 firm. So far it seems to be in great condiction and he said he has put a lot of new parts on it lately.

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Get the list of parts with receipts. If what he says is true, that will be your only way to get warranty repair on them.

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Oh good idea! Thank you.

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It’s still a very, very good idea to have the van checked out by a mechanic. That should cost you about $100 and is well worth it. While, apparently, the ‘92 Chevy Astro Van as a make and model can be good with high mileage, with any individual vehicle it is a matter of how well the vehicle was maintained, whether or not it was involved in any accidents and whether it was properly repaired if it was, those sorts of things. A vehicle that old, a ‘92, with 87,000 miles is no longer just a generic vehicle, it is a ‘92 Chevy Astro Van with 87,000 miles with it’s own particular history. It could be a great van that could provide many years and many more miles of service but I would make sure I had it looked over by a mechanic before I bought it.

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Those original cool little snubby Astro Vans are still a favorite of custom rebuilders.

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The v6 AWD version only gets around 12mpg city and 16–18mpg on highway… with the wind at your back at best… The 2WD models gets a bit better mileage and doesn’t have the AWD mechanism to break.

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Is 12mpg bad?

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The Mini Cooper gets 50mpg or so.

Drive it gently and the Astro Van will be ok on gas mileage… better on highway. Worse in start/stop traffic. A fresh tune up will help a little. Use good quality gas. Keep tires with proper inflation. Make sure steering alignment is good and straight… no pulling, no wobbles. Get a new gas cap. All helps to maximize gas mileage.

So think about the distances you need to travel… 50 miles a week? With gasoline at $3.25 per gallon, and average 14mpg… You’re spending $10–15 per week.

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Thats not bad. Thanks alot :)

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To add on to @RealEyesRealizeRealLies’ last comment, that rig would not make sense for someone like me who puts on 50–60 miles a day and doesn’t need the cargo or passenger space.

My little $300 Craigslist Corolla gets almost twice the MPG of that Astro and I am still spending well over $200/month on gas.

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Be sure to have a mechanic check the axles, undercarriage and transmission. Any damaged parts can be replaced, but you have to identify them first. The extra weight of a conversion causes the transmission to wear out faster.

Buy the Carfax report.

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