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Can you guys please tell me what my dream was telling me?

Asked by ninjanick (54points) December 6th, 2011
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Okay. So I had this dream that my “used to be” best friend was talking to me. Then I go with my other friends to have a good time like to laugh, hang out etc. Then I turn around and he looks sad, then he starts to walk away.

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The details probably don’t matter; what kinds of emotions did you have when you woke up?

(You meanhim your “former best friend”?)

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He is still on your mind, and you are wondering if you did the right thing to end the friendship.

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It means you think he’s sad that he’s no longer your best friend.

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edit: (Sorry. Typing too fast. You mean your “former best friend.”)

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There’s a part of you that you like but are leaving behind. Probably something you used to do that you enjoyed, but now have put down in favor of other things. Your mind is reminding you that you enjoyed that activity and it is sad that you won’t do it any more.

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“Freud says that when you dream of flying, you’re actually dreaming about having sex.”
“Really? And what does it mean when you dream about having sex?”
Dream and Rose Walker, Sandman, Doll House

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No one knows what your dreams mean.

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@Blackberry The Shadow knows…....!

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Your dreams tell you nothing. They’re just an exercise in unconscious thought and association. At most, the fact that you projected sadness on this fellow, means you imagine you imagine that he is sad. Whether or not he is is indeterminable.

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That’s a sad dream maybe he feels sad for you he is walking away

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You are either missing him, or wondering if he misses you, or perhaps feel bad that you might have hurt his feelings.

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Sounds like you’re feeling guilty about ending the friendship. Not sure why you’re not friends with him anymore but talking to him might help you get closure.

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In dream symbolism, old friends represent sex.

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@filmfann: In dream symbolism, doesn’t everything represent sex?

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I believe that according to Freud everything comes down to sex…..... and cigars. Or is that redundant Bill?

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Wait. I forgot to mention that I offered him to come with us but he said “no thanks” then he walked away.

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