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My former best friend was waving hi to me when I was walking by his house,but I ignored him. Did I do the right thing?

Asked by ninjanick (54points) December 8th, 2011
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So I was walking home from school about a week ago and I have to pass his house to get to my house. We haven’t talked for about 7 months and he was trying to say “hi” to me, but I ignored him and kept walking. Well I chose not to be his friend because he would ignore me when he was with his friends skating or smoking weed. He really didn’t think I was cool enough for some reason. Then I got popular so he wanted to hang out with me again. Like he saw me doing better than him and now he just feels like talking to me. Why could it be? Why does he want to talk to me now? Why do I chose to I ignore him?

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Nothing wrong with a wave. Try next time :)

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No. He was being friendly, there was no need to snub him.

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When is ignoring a person who’s being nice to you ever right?

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Sounds like you’re being petty.

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It bothered you enough to ask about it. Now that you’ve gotten it off your chest – do the right thing next time.

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I guess it depends on how bad your falling out was.

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It costs you nothing to be kind, what could you possibly lose?

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Depends. Was your falling out over something small and stupid, if so, then too bad you can’t work things out, and to not reciprocate a truce gesture is immature on your part.

f the “friend” did something really bad, lied to you, abused you in some way, stole from you, you get the jist, then, no, it wasn’t rude. You shouldn’t keep people like that in your life if they do not sincerely apologize and show they understand how their behavior effected you and the trust of your friendship.

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