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Have you ever heard the name Curtis DelRay?

Asked by mowens (8403points) December 12th, 2011
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My dad had his 40th Birthday in the late 80’s. During the party (which was filmed, I was like 6 or so) someone called the house, and asked for Curtis DelRay. (pronounced Dell Ray) My dad thinks it was a joke, but doesn’t recall who Curtis DelRay was supposed to be.

My question: Any idea who that was making fun of?

Also, How would you spell the name sounding like Dell Ray?

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Del Rey, as in Marina Del Rey.

Sounds like a wrong number to me.

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I’ve never heard that name as a joke. Now Phil Macrakin and other funny names I’ve heard of but can’t seem to see why Curtis Del Ray would be funny.

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No, have you ever heard of the name Sidney Crosby?

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If your father was in the US Air Force, and someone called asking for Curtis LeMay, then that might have been a prank that at least made some sense.

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@CWOTUS He was in the Navy in the 70’s for like 2 years…. but not at the time of the call.

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I lived in Delray Beach FL. Delray is an American, or English spelling of Del Rey, which means “of the king.” I don’t know anyone names Delray though. Probably it is used as a surname.

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I think @zenvelo has the right answer.

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