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What type of fringe (bangs) are best for a round face?

Asked by RosieP (48points) December 16th, 2011
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I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow and I’m not sure what to get done. I have a roundish face, dark eyebrows, blue eyes and pale skin. What would be the best hairstyle for me?

Cheers x

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Hi @RosieP! Welcome to Fluther!

If you’re looking for some ideas for a specific cut, you would have to provide more information.

How long is your hair now? How much of a change in length are you willing to try? How long are you willing to spend daily styling your hair? Are you willing to get it cut frequently to maintain shape or do you generally go a while between cuts? Do you tend to be more wild or conservative in appearance?

As a generalized suggestion, I would recommend some face hugging layers starting just under the cheekbone. It will give your face a more oval appearance that tends to be ideal.

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It’s much easier to guess with a photo. Side swept bangs are usually recommended for round faces, but, as someone with a round face… I find that I look best when I embrace my broad cheekbones. Some of my most flattering haircuts have been exactly the ones that accentuate the round shape of my face.

The thing with bangs is that they are easy to comb around once they’ve been cut. If you get side swept fringe, then you can play around and see how you might look with straight bangs, and vice versa.

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Go with the side swept bangs and long layers. I have a square/ heart shaped face but have the fringe that is cut straight across that I can push to the side.

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i also have a round face and i have a box fringe, it looks really great and it hides my zits and pimples on my forehead. hope this helps you.

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If you want to elongate your face, then sideswept bangs are best, but if you are comfortable with your face shape and want to embrace that, blunt-cut, chunky bangs are really trendy right now.

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