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When was the happiest time of your life?

Asked by RedmannX5 (814points) December 17th, 2011
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I’m curious about what makes people happy, given that happiness is so subjective. When (and I’d like an age if possible) were you the happiest that you have ever been? What was in that experience or moment in time that you were happy about?

Or have you even had one specific time in your life that was happier than all the rest?

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To answer my own question:

I’m 22, so I only have a limited amount of years to choose from, but I would certainly say that my freshman year of college was the happiest time of my life. I think that that year was just so packed full of novel experiences; I met new people, moved on from a girlfriend, started taking classes that I actually liked. I would say that one thing that can facilitate happiness is change.

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Now is pretty damn good and has been for the last 12 years. For me, it is all about the people around me. I know I can be myself. If I have a dream, my partner supports me in going after that goal. He is funny and kind and just brilliant as far as I am concerned. My kids are healthy and well. It isn’t always perfect. I have problems. I have down times but overall, during the last 12 years I honestly am the happiest I have ever been.

I have had bad times in my life, some really horrible times, so I really appreciate where I am now. I sometimes stop and wonder, far out, I am so lucky. I’m not rich financially or anything like that. I just have beautiful, loving people around me. (Feeling a bit like Pollyanna!!)

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I’ve learned to be at peace with myself. That’s made me happy.

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There were many, getting married, giving birth, but the best time was when my husband and I retired sold our house in Westchester County New York and hit the road in a brand new fifth wheel RV ,pulled by an F450. We travelled around the country for about 3½ years. What fun and what an experience. Before that I worked hard to send my kids through college,etc. Now it was my turn. Hubby and I had a blast. And, what a beautiful country to see up close and personal. My neighbors from Westchester were horrified. You bought A truck? An RV? You’re travelling and living in it? You asked my age, it’s 75.

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@comity That’s a wonderful story, I can only hope that I can experience something similar in my lifetime.

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My early 20s. I was thinner than I am now, and I was a social butterfly. I was single (mostly) and really enjoying myself. I don’t know what the magic was, but I had managed to really squash my OCD and depression for a stretch, there. I was a really happy person. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to pinpoint what I was doing so right, just because I want to replicate that healthy, happy version of me… but I don’t know what it was. Maybe it’s just that age.

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My early 30’s for about 3yrs. I had a great partner, great job, lived in one of the world’s most fabulous cities and I thought everything was going up, up, up.

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When I first spotted my wife in a downtown department store. From that time, until 10–11-1965, was the most perfect time in my life. We dated for six months. She went to all of my rock concerts and helped me setup my drums, well… was just pure old love for both of us. She was my handy man at the concerts and still went to many, until she was 6 months pregnant with our son.

By the way, 10–11-65, was our wedding day. Big church with all the trimmings. Wow!!

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After college I picked up and moved to California for no real reason. I loved living in San Francisco and had a great boyfriend and cute apartment and a job I loved that paid me well. So, 22–23.

So far 27 has been pretty great too.

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Living in the dorms at university.

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My 25th birthday. goes to her happy place

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When I stayed with my dad as an early teen. I know it was the happiest time of my life, because I never felt the need to question it lol.

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