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When do I accept that my phone is lost?

Asked by girlofscience (7553points) December 18th, 2011
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My phone has been missing as of Saturday morning. (It is now Sunday evening.)

My husband and I attended a function on Friday evening, and we definitely had my phone on the ride home, as we used it to help direct us.

Saturday morning, I noticed it was missing. Logically, the only possible places it could be are his car or our house, right?!

I have searched both his car and the house as thoroughly as possible over the past two days and… no phone. There’s not really any more looking I can imagine I could do.

I need to have a phone, so at what point do I give up and pay the ~$200 deductible for a replacement iPhone?

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This may sound silly, but did you check the ground between where you parked the car last night and you front door? What about all coat pockets/purses? Have you tried calling it?

If you’ve checked all of those and you are ready to say it’s definitely lost, I’d say it’s time to go ahead and get the new phone. I think I’d wait about 2–3 days at the most without a phone before getting a new one, but that’s because we use our cell phones as our primary line.

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@Seaofclouds: Yes, to all. By the time I realized it was missing Saturday morning, it was already dead, so calling it wasn’t much help. I even have the Find My iPhone app set up, so I tried to use my iPad to locate my iPhone, but since it is dead, it cannot locate it.

We don’t even have a landline, but I don’t feel very out of touch with all of our other technology and his phone, but we’ll be traveling for the holidays, and I’d really, really like to have a phone during our travels.

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Have you tried Find My Phone?

I just did it for my iPod Touch and it was pretty damn close and that is just from Wifi and not GPS.

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@johnpowell: Yeah, but it doesn’t work if the phone is dead. :(

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@girlofscience As soon at is is recharged and turned back on though, it should show up. Granted, it may not if it was wiped, but I know few crackheads that have the presence of mind to do so.

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This may be silly but what is the color of your phone?
Also think of any place you may have stopped along the way.
Did you pick up your mail.
Did you go to the fridge or put groceries away?
Did you go to the bathroom or sit on the sofa?
Did you undress and change and throw your clothes in the hamper or laundry room?
Did you go out on the porch or garage?
Did you put the garbage out?
Did you change your pets litter box or something that would involve you bending and dropping the phone into something on the floor that is cushioned and may hide the sound of it dropping?
Did you go to your computer and maybe put some papers over your phone?
Or bring bills in and lay it on top of your phone?
Did you look in between the front seats of your car from the opposite side of the seat. I have found things there after looking overhead from the opposite direction. Sometimes things fall and wedge in really well and you don’t see them unless looking from the opposite direction.
Did you look in the closet you hung your coat or pants?
Did you dump your purse Out?
Oh, as for the color thing, look at all the places that your phone color can best camouflage with.

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Could you check your call records to see if someone has been using it? If there are numbers on it that you know you didn’t call and the times of them possibly the police could find out who it was or you could call the hell out of those numbers until you piss off someone.

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I always find it the day after I replace it.

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Did you look in the refrigerator or behind the toilet? I often find mine on the garbage can in front of the toilet because I set it there when I go running into the house. Also make sure you check your coat pockets.

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Bathroom drawer. Look now.

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If it will only cost you $200 to replace it, I think you should just go for it! If/when you find the old one you can sell it for much more. Also you could probably get one with more space, which you need!

You could also try all the suggestions in this thread, which had a happy ending.

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Car, left or right sides of seats. House, couch area perhaps? Ergh, good luck. Try taking a nap and visualizing the whole scenario all over again. You used it to direct you, you were through with it, found your destination, you pulled it out of the car…

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Have you checked the garbage disposal? I lost my keys when they slipped off the counter and into the sink when I wasn’t paying attention. I never used the disposal so it was a long time before I discovered them. Now I always check there first.

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Call your phone number and search again. Keep calling until you locate it.

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@john65pennington: How does this help me if it is dead?

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@girlofscience possible someone found and recharged it thats what @john65pennington thinks it could help :]

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