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Please help me make a list of things to do before the baby arrives!

Asked by Cupcake (15502points) January 11th, 2012
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We’re scheduled for an induction on Monday. The nursery is ready. The bassinet has clean sheets and is in our room. The dogs have an appointment to go to the kennel. The car seat is in the car. I have jello and coconut popsicles. My labor bag is packed. My mom will come take pictures once I start pushing. The thank-you cards are filled out (I just need to write the addresses on the envelopes and mail them).

What do I do for the next (now slightly less than) 5 days???

OMG… I’m so excited and nervous and happy and terrified and excited…

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Supplies laid in? Tiny nighties and onesies and baby wipes and nipple cream (if you’re planning to breast feed) and emergency newborn formula if you are but for some reason can’t? Bottles and pump (again, in case of emergency)? All glass objects packed away so when you are squealing with delight there is no spontaneous breakage? A note written somewhere to notify Fluther that all went well, and mother and baby are fine (and any details we must know)? I’m very excited for you, I wish a speedy delivery, and as sucky as pitocin is, at the end you get to take home a baby! Oh, yeah, pack slippers, your feet might swell and shoes won’t fit after. YAY!

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I’m guessing this is your first child…even so, you’re way more organized than I ever was…just remain flexible, make sure your birth plan is added to your chart and do not let any doctor bully you into a c-section unless it’s absolutely necessary. Get a breast pump. Get a lot of diapers.

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@JilltheTooth I’m not thrilled about the induction part, but it’s a relief to know that he’ll be out soon! My doctor assures me that even with pitocin, I can labor in the whirlpool. And thanks for the reminder – I have to get my husband to look under the couch for my slippers since I can barely bend over.

@Simone_De_Beauvoir it’s my 2nd, but since it’s been 15 years and this time I’m a married adult… it’s a whole new world.

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Yay! I helped!

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Be sure to take your birth plan with you and don’t let the doctors or nurses talk you into anything you don’t want.

Sneak something with protein into your bag. They say “you shouldn’t eat real food during labor” but that’s a crock. If you get too hungry, your body gets weaker and it can be more difficult to push that beautiful child out. My mom snuck food in from the cafeteria and a few snickers peanut bars. It really helped.

Don’t forget about using a birthing ball when you’re out of the whirlpool.

A video of the birth is even more exciting than pictures!

Don’t forget to send food with your dogs, lol.

Don’t let the nurses keep the baby in the nursery if you’re planning to breastfeed; they’ll feed him sugar water to keep him satisfied and he won’t want to nurse.

Make sure you have plenty of those adorable newborn diapers!

Have an enjoyable, memorable, delightful birthing experience! I’ll keep you in my prayers, if that’s alright. Good luck, sweetie!

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I wish I could give you 20 GAs for that answer @janbb

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@janbb : That would be great advice if she wasn’t so excited… I don’t think I slept for a week prior to being induced, I was so excited!

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I recently watched my best friend give birth to a healthy 8lb baby boy. I was amazed at her labour and delivery. It started and stopped 10+ times. She was giving birth at home with midwives and they got tired of it and warned her that if things didn’t start happening soon they’d have to add pictocin. My friend stood up, walked around, called for husband and the baby was born 5 minutes later.

I tell you this because it is my experience that deliveries go like this in the hospital: induction, more induction, can’t take the pain and not progressing, more pictocin, epidural, more pictocin and probably a c-section and eventually baby. I don’t know if you’re wanting a natural birth but if you are make sure you advocate for yourself.

It sounds like you are all prepared. Try and rest.

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Tick for @janbb‘s sleep.

Other than that relax. Talk to your friends on the phone. Read that book you want to finish before the baby arrives. Make sure you have some photos of you in the days before your little one arrives.

Spoil yourself.

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Things I would do 5 days before having a baby:

1. Get a pedicure (it’ll be a long while before you have time to take care of your toes – and it’s some nice pampering)
2. Go see a movie. Or two. Maybe one with my hubby and one with my soon to be a bit neglected girl friends.
3. If you have short hair or hair that is colored—now is a good time to go for a trim/color. It’ll be a while before you can do that again when you’re busy at home with a newborn.
4. Prepare meals in advance (to freeze) and fully stock the pantry and freezer.
5. Go shopping for cute socks. You’ll want them in the hospital to keep your feet warm. Preferably find some with rubberized polka dots on the bottom to prevent you from slipping if you wear them to walk around.

Do you already have birth announcements picked out? Just a could get labels pre-printed to make addressing and sending them easier.
I did that and also pre-paid in advance (a month ahead) all our bills because I’m our primary bill-payer and I didn’t want to have to worry about it for the first few weeks at home with the baby.
Do you have your bag packed with jammies / comfortable nursing tops / things you want to wear in the hospital? With each baby I treated myself to a one new set of PJs that were suitable for greeting visitors in at the hospital (ones with nursing tops and a jacket top to cover up).

..and finally, if there is some adult thing you like to do that isn’t easy to do with a hang out at the bookstore and sip a hot cocoa and browse the magazines.. now would be a good time to enjoy doing that.

Happy Baby Moon to you!

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Pack clothes to come home in that are NOT pre-pregnancy clothes. I thought I’d be able to get into something my original size right after the birth. I was wrong. I had to wear my night gown and sweater home. It didn’t really matter, but I was taken by surprise by my misconception.

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Clean the house.
Make a list of things your family can do to help while you’re at the hospital.
I’d go do a few things by myself, because I now know how precious alone time is. ;)

BTW: Whoo-hoo! Congrats!

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This is my favorite Q in quite a while!!! :-D

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@Cupcake, sweetie, he (or she) is more manageable right now than he’s going to be again for the next 18 years. So go somewhere and do something fun, a movie, shopping, a spa visit—anything you’d enjoy without having to worry about a babysitter or hauling along a suitcase full of gear and supplies. Relax and enjoy your time with your husband right now because in just a few days you will be moving on to a whole new, exciting, amazing phase of your life—but it won’t be like this one.

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@janbb I’ve been alternating between wanting to be manically productive (not like there’s much to do or like my body would let me) and wanting to rest/read/watch TV. I’ve decided to take off work on Friday, so tomorrow will be my last day of work for 3 months. Rest is certainly on the list!

@WillWorkForChocolate I love prayers – thanks!!

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@tranquilsea Thanks for the advocacy advice. I’m sure my husband will come in very handy in that department. I’m not thrilled about being induced, but it’s the best plan for the circumstances. My goal is to deal with the pain and avoid an epidural so that the labor can progress as quickly as possible.

@Bellatrix Great idea about taking more pregnancy pics this weekend!!

@geeky_mama I like the idea of picking out birth announcements. Maybe we can order them right from the hospital once some photos are taken. I was thinking this morning about a pedicure. I don’t think I can get in with my hairdresser, but I was planning on having my mom help with the baby so I can get a cut/color a couple of weeks after the baby is born.

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@Sunny2 I’ve only packed maternity/stretchy clothes since I have no idea what I’ll be comfortable in and know that since I’m being induced I’m at higher risk for a c-section.

@SpatzieLover That’s why I’m taking this Friday off work!!

@JilltheTooth Mine too, obviously!!

@Jeruba Great advice. I’m not comfortable going anywhere (you would not believe how huge my belly is… and I have almost constant contractions when I sit or walk), so I’ll have to brainstorm what hubby and I can do that doesn’t involve laying down… or maybe we’ll just do something laying down…

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I just read this. Check out apps to help the baby sleep? :-)

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I have no idea in the world why this showed up in my “questions for you” feed! I have never had a baby and am not particularly fond of the little creatures.

But I am so pleased for you, you sound absolutely ecstatic and that is how it should be. Your baby will be very lucky to have such well prepared and loving parents. And it sounds as if you are very well prepared. Good luck and keep us informed of your progress. Cheers.

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I have love and best wishes for your delivery!!!!

massage, socks, and love!

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