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A tall Dutch pirate, complete with beard and bandanna has sailed his ship into the waters of 20K. Join me in lifting a flagon of rum? Ho Ho Ho?

Asked by JilltheTooth (19757points) January 23rd, 2012
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That’s right, Rebbel has crossed the equator! Avast ye maties and poop the decks!

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Congratulations Dude! Mr. Question man! Keep those questions and answers coming!

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Congratulations, Rebbel! You’re an awesome, cool, and funny member of the collective! Keep on keepin’ on! :-)

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Yay Rebbel!

You’re walking the plank now!
Party party, to a stellar contributor of the pod!

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Har har har me hearty, congaratulations on yer landlubbin victory!
Love you Ro :)

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What wonderful news about one of my favorite Jellies!!!!! Congratulations Rebbel!

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ConGORats @rebbel!

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Great! Love all the effort you put in to making Fluther interesting.

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I would like to write something rebellious, but I think I’ll skip it this time. Rebbel is honestly one of the brightest jellies swimming in our collective. Congratulations and ho’omaikai to a great jelly!

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Congratulations rebbel

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Congratulations @Rebbel! Love having you around to stir up the pot. :)

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Dude, I lurve you! Congratulations, friend. <3

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I like your humor. You are a thinker with a kind heart. Congratulations.

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Ah, Ro, you know that I love you. You are a vital part of the collective. Wise, funny, and darn good looking! Congratulations on an important milestone—20k lurve!

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Congrats Rebbel. You truly are a man with a cause. I really appreciate your views.

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Yeah! Congratulations!!!

Judi (39880points)“Great Answer” (10points)
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You always manage to lift the mood, congratulations!

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Congratulations!!! 20k hooray!!!

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As I said to @Fluther’ssmotherwiththewhip: These celebratory parties are truly great…, they give me a boost!
I thank you all very, very much!
For those that want a present in the form of a Dutch (sung) song…, check this question.
With a little luck all of the Dutch members on Fluther will post their favorite Nederlandstalige liedjes :-)
I already put one, so grab it while it’s hot!
But, of course I have a little something for all of you.
A personal gift for every Jelly in this beautiful thread.
For @saint: Especially For You!
And for @wundayatta I have this one >>>…, thanks man!
@mangeons Here, for you!
@Coloma, this one I handpicked especially for you!
For @MilkyWay it was a bit hard but I came up with a nice one too!
@Kayak8 I couldn’t find a Kayak song, like I did at 10K, but probably you’ll like this sweet song too?!
@SpatzieLover Hhhhhhhhhere, for you!
Thanks for coming, @Imadethisupwithnoforethought! Have a song!
@Hawaii_Jake I’m sorry, there was no Hawaiin version of this great piece of music!
Dankjewel, @WestRiverrat, dat je mee komt vieren! Take this!
@geeky_mama Hope you’ll like this video?!
@mommy @augustlan What would we be without you? You are the best, simply the best!
@bkcunningham Let me think about your compliment for a bit…., :-) in the meantime: Enjoy!
And another sweet @mommy @sister, err, @Marina: Thank you for everything! Here you are!
Hey @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard, nice of you to join in…, a superb bit of music, especially for you!
@Judi!! You like love songs? I hope so?!
Thank, @Keep_on_running, that is a sweet thing to say! Have this!
Hooray! Hooray! Thank you @shego! She have a present!
C’mon @chyna, hurry up, I want to know what sweet words you have for me :-) Grab a song!

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Trademark @rebbel humor ^^. Check those links out!

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Ahhh! @rebbel one of my very favorite Flutherers!
A big man with a kind heart and sharp mind, all wrapped up in lovableness!

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Ohh, @rebbel. I had no idea you felt that way about me. I feel so, so special. Thank you darling. lol ; )

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I guess if I want a song I need to post a post… Congrats, @rebbel !

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J. Edgar Hoover once said, “I’d sure love to put on a corset and be @rebbel‘s wench!” While I would perhaps not agree completely with the wording, the sentiment of appreciation is something I think we all share. Congratulations on the 20K, and have fun storming the castle!

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Crap I’m late! Congrats @rebel! You’re the man!!!

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I see @rebbel typing…hit me with some nudes, hit me with nudes! Nuuudes! Lol.

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Yay @Rebel! You are one of the most interesting, fun, intelligent, funny people on Fluther. And great looking too!
Congratulations on this achievement! Let the conga line begin!

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So, for now I think I will have to go to sleep a bit, but not before I also thank @wilma I blushed…!, @JilltheTooth Noooo, I would have made a special remark for you anyway!, @SavoirFaire I think that those were complimentary words, right? About that drag queen…:-)
And @mazingerz88 Well, the man….., I come close, I agree ;-)
And Especially for you all I am shamelessy plugging a piece of music from a dear friend of mine.

@chyna chyna, chyna, chyna: I find you sweet! Please enjoy the same song as those four above you I am pretty sure you will like it!

Oops, forgot @mazingerz88‘s request: I found an underwater nude

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Congo Rats you wonderful jelly!

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@rebbel , aw, to sweet.

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Congratulations to you, sir! I’ve brought along a full ton of chocolate, and a hundred barrels of rum. I’m all about over-indulgence at parties, ya know? And several pretty serving wenches, to see to your needs.

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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

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Hey @rebbel , Congrats on the 20K! Take a celebratory walk around Amsterdam and window shop for me.

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This is all I got. Cheers @rebbel.

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I enjoy your posts. Congrats!

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@rebbel, @rebbel, @rebbel… What’s not to lurve. He’s funny, and good looking, and intelligent, and shares a first name with my wife (strange but true).

Congratulations to one of my favorite jellies.

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congrats fine dutch pirate!

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Gefeliciteerd, Rebbel!!

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Congratulations, Rebbel, my second favorite pirate!!

sorry, Jack Sparrow’s still first XD

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Shoot! I was out singing tonight and missed getting here on time. A little Handel, a little Bach. But I could sing Pirate Jenny for you to celebrate your 20 K. Best wishes and thanks for being here.

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Way to go Rebbel :D

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Shall I say “AHOY AHOY” OR “HOI HOI”?? Well done dear Rebbel!!!!!!!!! Keep on sailing through the seas.

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One of the loveliest Jellies @rebbel! Congratulations on your 20K!

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Congrats to one of my favorite jellies!

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Sorry I’m late. Congratulations @rebbel Now here’s a little Bowie for you. I’m here booty shakin’ in your honour!

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Eek, how did I miss this!!! My Dutch is atrocious, so here’s a little Welsh for you instead – Llongyfarchiadau!!! Pob hwyl i chi!

Whilst I’m not able to answer all of your questions, they invariably get a GQ for how you get me thinking! Thanks Rebbel! You’re TOTP! ;-)

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How do we like @rebbel?

We like him single
He’ll always mingle

We like him double
He’s never trouble

We like him trebble
His name is rebbel

Goed gedaan!

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Congratulations!!! I love your answers. You’re so witty and never fail to give me a good laugh!!

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I’m raising my mug to one fantastic Rebbel! Congratulations!

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syz (35649points)“Great Answer” (6points)
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I congratulate you, and I raise a glass at this Rebbelbration!

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I love this party!! :D

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Yar, my pirate!!!


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Fee-fi-fo-fum I smell the joy of a Dutchman one
Lurve for the pirate whose answers boom
Lighting a light, entertaining without gloom
A toast to a fluther, a glass please consume
Our great Rebbel into port has zoomed!

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CongARRRHtulations @rebbel !!

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@rebbel Thank You! Great tune!

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@rebbel: Personally I find you really annoying (although MIlo likes you,) What could be more vexing than your almost-perfect command of standard English, idiomatic English, idiosyncratic English, English vernacular, British English and regional English slang?

And don’t get me started about your sense of humor, your sense of the absurd and your sense of irony. (Go be clever in your own native tongue and stop setting the standard so high.)

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“Rebbel, Rebbel – how could they know?
Hot damn I love you so!”

I had a family emergency or I would have been rocking at your party sooner. Since I am too old and too far away to be your girlfriend and too young to be your Bubby, I will have to be content with being a Fluther-friend.

You are a dear person and a wonderful Jelly! So nu – have a baby and make me even prouder already!

Mazel Tov on the 20K!

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A real sweetie. Congrats!!!

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Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats!! :)

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Thank you all so much, for being here in this fun party!
And I especially would like to say that I appreciate all those sweet, complimentous words.
That really feels mighty fine!!!
Well, I can’t show up with Kylie and Jason again, obviously, so I now got you all some photos of the Top 100 Typical Dutch Things as listed by my favorite right wing morning paper ~!
So, here goes:

For @filmfann some mills!
What else for @WillWorkForChocolate than some hagelslag!
@digitalimpression You like spruitjes?!
Here, @whitenoise, have some pannekoeken!
I went, @LuckyGuy…, here are some (NSFW) pics I took!
@everephebe Thanks, have some music themed photos!
Art for @tinyfaery!
Stop it. stop it, stop it, @cprevite, that’s too much :-) Have a tulip!
Thanks, @bluezinh! A “colorful bunch of pics for you)&spell=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&fp=dfa861fc1c7f68f4&biw=560&bih=385!
@DaphneT A cuppa?!
Are you Dutch, @dappled_leaves, or am I wrong ? Sowieso bedankt!
@DrBill, You are a meatball You want a meatball?!
And you are my second favorite Zeeuws Meisje, @linguaphile!
Spread it, @Sunny2!
@FutureMemory, come with me, in my home on wheels
Ähoy!!!!!!, @ZEPHYRA!
Awwwww, you are lovely, @Bellatrix! Have some drop!
@ANef_is_Enuf, do you know this handsome, tall, bearded guy?!
Echo Bowie for you, @stardust!
Dank, dank, dank, @harple, a golden present for you!
@Stinley, I am touched by that! Have a million flowers!
Cheers!, @SuperMouse!
Thanks, @syz!
Let us have some bitterballen with those drinks then, @picante!
@Seaofclouds, for you a few dikes!
Yououououou are so close to your 10K party, @jazmina88!!!
Boom, bume, boom, boum, I can’t rhyme. That was a great poem, @smilingheart! I can only give you some whites and bluems in return!
Harrrr Harrrrr Harrrr! Thanks, @erichw1504!

I’ll be back!…....

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@rebbel Hey, what am I chopped liver?

janbb's avatar

@Adirondackwannabe Then I must be gefilte fish! But he did say he’ll be back.

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Congrats @Rebbel! Awesome work.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@janbb I got the same word. It’s just his responses are so cool I was really looking forward to it.

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I like you too Milo!
@gailcalled From that second sentence I only understood the words English and British.
So much for my almost-perfect command of it, eh (the English)?
The second part of your reply I can only agree with :-)
But serious now; your praising words (always) make me feel grand!
Sometimes they make me wonder if you are not kidding with me, but I know you to be sincere so I believe you.
A big thank you, gail!

I can only wish that your family emergency was not too dramatic and that all is well, @janbb.
The pirate party is of course futile in the light of such things as personal misery, although it would have been nice to have you around, if only for the reason you wouldn’t have had the tsores.
You are here now, and I thank you much!

Here, @Jude, take all the sweeties you can grab!
Thank you, @Lightlyseared!
And I thank you as well, @MissAnthrope, with some beschuit met muisjes!
@downtide Really nice that you hopped in too! Thanks for that!

Well, that means I thanked everybody, right?

Oops, there is of course one Jelly that deserves a special little gift; @Adirondackwannabe, Thank you for showing up thrice :-) and sorry that I forgot you in the first batch…
A music video of a band from someone that is close to me my lil’ bro: >>>>!
Hope you like it!

Bye bye, all!

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Why do we love @Rebbel so much? Because when we throw him a party, he gives everyone a gift! Thank you sweetie!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! The longer I’ve been here, the more I’ve noticed your presence. You are a wonderful member of the collective and I’m glad you’re here. :D

blueiiznh's avatar

Thanks @rebbel I have always wanted a mindmill. You F’ing rock!

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@rebbel That is some awesome stuff. Well worth the wait. Thanks.

AmWiser's avatar

pant, pant, pant! Sorry I’m so late to the partay. Moocho Congrats @rebbel. Happy to see you move up another milestone.

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I’d like to take this opportunity to commend you on your cunning wit and and citrus intake ensuring no one will every mistake you for a scurvy dog.

Kick back and sample the fruits of your labor on The Good Ship Venus. NSFW

Dog's avatar

@fundevogel Scurvy Dog? ;)

@rebbel What can I say? From the time you used to lurk in chat ominously to your clever and educated responses and questions you have been one of my favorite jellies!

I raise a special toast of honey mead and the finest cheeses and bread to our Netherlands Pirate comrade!

Dog (25137points)“Great Answer” (5points)
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@Dog How’s your citrus intake? ;)

Dog's avatar

@fundevogel Now that you mention it, I will have a Mai Tai with salt on the rim and then I will be a Salty Dog! ;)

Dog (25137points)“Great Answer” (5points)
fundevogel's avatar

@Dog I’m a greyhound girl myself.

Earthgirl's avatar

Congrats, Rebbel !!!!! I always remember how you answered my question about ice skating, You keep it interesting around here, for sure! I love your questions.

digitalimpression's avatar

@rebbel Why yes. I do like Brussels sprout. Why?

gailcalled's avatar

@rebbel: Thajnks very much for the Brel; I had all his stuff on vinyl and love his songs and his voice. Next time can I have this?

@Stinley can spare some, right?

9doomedtodie's avatar

I am very late here. It’s better late than never. Congrats on 20 K!

harple's avatar

Ooh, chariots of gold! Why thank you kind @rebbel :-D

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Happy 20 million buddy! Lurve ya. Don’t forget to host my 10k party.

harple's avatar

@zensky There’s going to be a real Jelly fight to host YOUR 10K!

flutherother's avatar

20Kongratulations @rebbel

zensky's avatar

@harple I’ve promised to stick it out this time til 10k – and Rebbel has first dibs.

janbb's avatar

@fundevogel You’re a girl ? When did that happen?

marinelife's avatar

@janbb @fundevogel has always been a woman.

janbb's avatar

You know, I think I keep relearning that and being surprised anew.

SpatzieLover's avatar

I learned that same thing on this thread @janbb. Avatar psychology is something I’d like to study, now ;)

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Still people enter the after party I see?!!
May I thank you latecomers ;-) also very, very much?
Thank you!
Thank you!

I picked some, random, Dutch bands for y’all, as a small gift.
Enjoy it! check out the right side of the screen too when you watch it!

   (2)                                 @zensky

                      This              space
 work                                                      hard
                           better                                          trick…....

Ah, @zensky, I am honored to host that unique 10k partay!!!
I keep an eye on your Lurve amount all the time (but man, does it go slow…..) ;-)

flutherother's avatar

@rebbel Hey, that’s nice.

Blueroses's avatar

@rebbel , rebel

How could they know?
Hot tramp! I love you so.

Congrats on your big mansion move! I straight up adore you, man!

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Congrats man!

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@rebbel You can look for my buried treasure any time.

rebbel's avatar

@janbb Will 3 AM suit you ;-)

@Blueroses Wow, that is sweet of you! Ik Wil Jou!
@King_Pariah I am still searching, and I made a song about it :-)

Thanks guys!

janbb's avatar

Whenever you can “make it” darlin’.

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I’m late! And for one of my favorite jellies!
Congratulations, @rebbel. Well done!

rebbel's avatar

Thank you, @TheIntern55, that is kind of you.
Just for you, from my collection, a hand-stitched photo of a sunbeam!

TheIntern55's avatar

^Oh how pretty! Thank you! But wait, shouldn’t we be giving you presents?
RIght back at ya with twice the fun!

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